Ch 12: The Old College Try [A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood]
The legendary Gene/Alex/Craig/Smashley foursome—a screwball sex comedy in which Smashley enjoys the attention of three strapping young men, Gene is hella gay (but a team player), Alex is a raging bisexual with a filthy mouth, and Craig is the world's most open-minded cinnamon roll.
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I don’t know about anybody else, but I found it deeply reassuring to learn that the reason many old buildings have such beautiful and elaborate arrangements of columns and buttresses is because their designers screwed up their math and got the stresses all wrong, were forced to slap on additional supports mid-construction in order to prevent the stupid thing from collapsing under its own weight, then ornamented the hell out of them and pretended they’d meant to do that. It’s like vindication in architecture form.

Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle. It’s Week in Review.

What a wonderful world

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No good, horrible, bad days

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A conversation I’ve had with many people many times when they find out I’m 33. The old ladies where I grew up always said “There comes a time when a woman has to choose between her body and face. Be slim and have the ideal body, or put on some weight and have the ideal face”. That’s an old fashioned beauty tip for you right there.




(All credits are going to Old Xian for that beautiful work of her <3 I made only a “quick” redraw…) We can say, it is the 2nd part to the Drawing before :) I was to lazy to draw the arms… ~_~ Old xian. What are you doing to me? Hm? I need a CLEAR THING HERE! ARRR what means “I know.”? Hm? HMMMMMM?? Tell us! As soon as possible ;_; ~