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entry for @saveerasezine! the endgame of undertale’s mercy run was by far the most impactful part of the game for me, so i tried to portray at least a small impression of it.


I made a zine documenting my trip to Puerto Rico and I’m really proud of it.

F I V E  D A Z E:

Five Daze is an ongoing travel zine, documenting the 5 days I spend anywhere each time I travel. 

I spent 5 days in Puerto Rico.
This is what I saw.

Slowly getting into my old/new groove of zine making and overall output for people to interact with+buy. My online shop is so neglected and full of cobwebs- I’m gonna open a fresh new store very soon with shirts, zines, packages, and other items that will actually be in stock lol. Also I’m so sorry to folks over the years who’ve asked me for tattoo drawings that I’ve kinda just flaked on- as my art practice evolves so do my habits and work ethic. I’m getting my shit together as we speak.

anonymous asked:

what do you mean you're too old for zines?

idk i just feel like i should be a Professional so that when i’m trying to apply for grad school and get professor jobs i can be like “ah yes, my poetry is published in these great lit mags” instead of being like “umm i printed some of my poetry out on the printer in my bedroom and mailed it to people on etsy.” maybe i should be less worried about my stupid Literary Career In Academia but i’m obsessed with it because i’m boring and a sell out :/ 

With the rediscovery of my old zine-making supplies (longline stapler, I have missed you), I’m thinking of putting together some small-run, low-cost booklets and zines. I have some topics in mind, but I’m curious as to what folks might be interested in, pulling from my background in conjure/rootwork, general folk magic, polytheism, and vodou.

What have you wanted to see available in a small, low-cost physical format that you haven’t been able to get your hands on before?

ive been writing poetry again but i cant decide how to share it… i dont like posting it on tumblr, and normally i would make a zine, but am i too old for zines now? at what point do i have to grow tf up and try to actual publish my poetry like an adult? but is poetry ever really an adult thing? also, who made the rule that publishing is the way to go anyway? i don’t wanna write for lit mags or money, I don’t wanna write polished poetry, i just wanna express things and sell them in inexpensive mediums so that anyone interested in my work can easily access them, but no one random could just type in a URL and see them 

Asexual Kobra Kid headcanons
  • He enjoys some physical intimacy (hugging, cuddling, etc.), but it gives him strong emotional feelings rather than sexual ones.
  • The occasional quick kiss is fine, but full-on making out makes him cringe. To him, it’s two people slobbering on each other’s faces.
  • Seeing Killjoys desperately try to hook up at the bar makes him privately glad to be asexual. When someone tries to pick him up, he just laughs good-naturedly.
  • The high prices people pay for pornodroids baffles him. Why would anyone pay 1,000 carbons for a short, one-off event? For that price, he could buy 500 comics that he can read over and over again.
  • The guys try to explain it to him, but he doesn’t understand sex in advertising. Risque city advertisements leave him unamused at best, and repulsed at the worst.
  • Sometimes people donate old ‘zines that they couldn’t sell, since the brothers love to collect 'zines and make collages. If they get a porn 'zine, Kobra just passes it along to Ghoul.
  • Kobra skips the sexy parts of novels and fast-forwards through smut scenes in Better Living books-on-tape, which Ghoul doesn’t appreciate. “Dude, you’re removing the context!”

 a firebug is a Starfire fan. an old APA zine cover of mine from the 90′s. (in colour for the first time) what’s an APA? read this brief history of pre-internet Titans comics fandom to learn how we survived before the internet, yet were still able to share our fan art and fanfic: https://wonkeaux.tumblr.com/post/154953138127/a-little-bit-about-the-pre-internet-history-of