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“i support ALL WOMEN because GIRL POWER!!! and in my feminist lifestyle i will NOT let my defense of women stop ME from bridging the wage gap by working with a KNOWN PEDOPHILE and abuser of women, the revolution and future is looking VAGINA- I mean FEMALE! Grrrl Pwr! Rawr!” all your fave feminissmsts when they hear old man woody is hiring

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I hope you dont mind if i just flood ur askbox! Ur honestly my fav ow imagine blog! (๑>◡<๑) So hb Mccree, Reyes, 76, Hanzo and everyone's new fav Sombra where they're in a heated argument with another agent and when their S/O steps in to break them up they accidentally shove/push them to the floor? Thank you!



  • Older Jesse has more control of himself, but I think Blackwatch Jesse would not hesitate to get physical if one of the other agents was giving him a hard time. Growing up in a gang environment kinda makes that normal.
  • “Jesse!” “Not now, sugarplum,” he’s gritting his teeth when you try to stop him verbally. The boy arguing with him is grinning smugly, and curious bystanders have started to notice, as it’s definitely going to end up getting physical.
  • So you decide to step in before that can happen. But neither you nor McCree were counting on the fact that you stepped between the two boys exactly when Jesse was taking a swing. He hesitated enough at the sight of you to where he only pushed you rather than sock you in the face, but that didn’t stop him from giving his opponent a good one.
  • After speedily giving the other boy a bloody nose, Jesse is kneeling right beside you, all apologies and sweet nicknames. “Darlin, i’m sorry, I-I won’t fight again-” a pause. “Okay I can’t promise ya that but ya can’t do that again sweetheart!” You’e not mad at him; it was an accident, after all! But he feels absolutely horrible and buries his face in your hair once he helps you to your feet. 
  • “If you stop getting into fights, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening again, you know.” “…Y/N, shut it and let me kiss ya.”

Gabriel Reyes: 

  • You, being a friend to both of them, also have a pang in your heart seeing them go at it again. So you decide to do something about it since you’re there.
  • “Gabe,” you say his name as you approach. Jack hears you, and looks behind Reyes’ shoulder to see you. He looks away guiltily. Gabe, however, didn’t hear you, and takes Jack shifting focus as a sign he’s not listening.
  • “And there you go! Ignoring me again, just like how you did when you took the damn position!” Those words send you into action. You know how much Jack surpassing him hurt Gabriel. You’d stayed up at night soothing him countless times. Your goal was to stand between them and plead with Gabe to calm down, but just as you reached them he shot his hands out in an attempt to shove Jack.
  • Jack is the one to help you up. Reyes is still shocked, and looks at his hands in horror that they had hurt you. You whisper to Jack that you’re able to handle things from here, and he reluctantly leaves the two of you. “Gabe.” He doesn’t look up. You sigh, stepping forward and cupping his cheek as he stares at the floor. He lets you, but doesn’t make any moves himself. You take the initiative and pull him into your arms. Only then does he respond, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tightly to express both his remorse and his need for you in his weak state.

Solder: 76:

  • It’s kinda funny; young Jack would be able to keep his cool, but 76 can be ticked off enough to tousle. He’s not the golden boy he used to be.
  • It takes a whole lot for Jack to lose his cool, though, so this person would have to be doing/saying some seriously bad shit. Like, really bad. Bad enough where I’m sure you end up being just as pissed as your lover is.
  • But you also know that arguing with this person won’t get you two anywhere, so after thinking on what the best course of action would be, you head over. But you got there as Jack pushed the guy with a growl.
  • They pumped super soldier stuff into him years ago, so a shove from Morrison can send anyone tumbling. Both you and the asshole that he meant to hit fall onto the floor, with you quickly sitting up and rubbing a spot on your head.
  • 76 is beside you in seconds, speedily helping you to your feet before pulling you away without so much as a word to the other human he knocked over. Once you two are far enough away, he practically tears his visor off and kisses you, running his thumb across your cheek as he does so. “I’m sorry…I let my anger get the best of me back there.” He rests his forehead against yours, and when you tell him you’re not angry he just chuckles and wonders what he did to deserve someone like you.


(◕д◕✿) This request is turning out a lot more angsty than I thought it would be…

  • I can only see him going as far as physical blows with Genji. If anyone else bothered to start anything with him, he’d be able to simply walk away and meditate on his thoughts to let the anger fade away. But considering his voice lines to Genji in-game…yeahhhh.
  • Hanzo doesn’t see Genji as his brother anymore. Er, at least, not the cyborg one, anyway. His Genji died years ago, and his guilt won’t allow him to accept another. So, it’s likely the two would be in a spat because the younger one tried to reconnect with Hanzo yet again. 
  • “You are not the Genji I knew!” “You are not the Hanzo I knew, either, brother. We have gro-” “You are no brother of mine.” A statement, spoken as though it were fact. It was this that alerted you to their current conflict, and at his shout you quickly made your way over.
  • Genji is reaching out to put a hand on his brother’s shoulder when you get close. In a flash Hanzo’s eyes are narrowed, and he tries to shove the cyborg away. …But you take the blow, not wanting either Shimada hurt.
  • And you may have saved Hanzo from physical injury, but the minute he sees you lose your footing his emotions are a wreck. There is so much guilt swirling through him, and it’s just worse with the extra that being around Genji entails. Speaking of which, he left you two, knowing Hanzo needed a moment with you. The archer is just kind of stuck in a stupor as you pull yourself to your feet. “Hanzo..?” He blinks and looks at you, the emotional whirlpool evident in his eyes. You take his hand in yours softly. “It’s okay.” At the sight of your warm smile, he pulls you to him and settles his head on your shoulder, breathing in your scent to calm himself down as you reach up to run your fingers through his hair. 


  • Sombra seems to me the type to brush off any harsh words said in her direction. If someone were to actually upset her, I think they’d have to be talking negatively about a cause she’s passionate about or a person she cares for.
  • Say someone was talking shit on omnics or something. I believe she likes them, especially after her Los Muertos days. So if someone didn’t shut up after she told them to shut their mouth, then she’d actually be bothered to argue. 
  • The few times Sombra gets heated, she get heated. Like, burning. She can completely flame people’s lives in seconds. And while you agree that this person is a dick, you don’t need Sombra causing a scene and attracting attention to herself. You know she wants to avoid that, so you chose to stop her before she could regret anything later.
  • She was getting awfully close to this guy, and he was being a jerk. “What, you’re gonna hurt me? Psh, just try.” “You asked, gilipollas.” You know you don’t have enough time to stop her when you get there, so instead you jump between them, taking your girlfriend’s shove rather than letting the dude do so. 
  • “Y/N!” This just makes her more pissed at the guy, but for your sake she leaves him with only a glare before attending to you. “Lo siento, Y/N…” She helped you up, but kept her gaze from yours in a sheepish display of guilt. It was actually kinda cute, and you smiled at her as you said it was fine and that you weren’t hurt. No one meant for that to happen, least of all her. At your response she sighs with a smile of her own, before laughing softly and shaking her head. “I am lucky you’re mine.” “Very lucky,” you joke and she can’t help but laugh and kiss your nose. You’re such a cutie!

Yes hi hello this is a gift for @thatoverwatchgirl because she is amazing and a sweetie and deserves only the best. Plus it’s summer so her favorite trope, (beach dates), is very fitting. And without further a-do: beach-y headcanons for her favorite Overwatch babes

Gabriel Reyes:

  • Dates with Gabe are always fun tbh. Like he’s just fun. He’s pretty much up for any beach game/activity you can think of
  • Very much approving of you in a bathing suit, and not shy in telling you just how much he likes it
  • Definitely whispers compliments in your ear, and not necessarily sexual ones (GET YO MINDS OUTTA THE GUTTER-)
  • He brags about how, back when he was younger in LA, he was a badass boogie boarder; best in the neighborhood. At your ‘oh really?’ look he strives to prove himself…and let’s just say he’s lost the spark. He fails, rather hilariously, and watches with a pout and blush he denies as you laugh.

Jesse McCree:

  • dORK
  • he’s just,, such a dork
  • DEFINITELY poses in his swim trunks and is all ‘eh? eh? ya see all this?’ He pouts a little when you laugh but isn’t upset at all since your laugh is one of his favorite things in this world
  • He’s partial to playing with the sand. You know, castles, being buried/burying, etc. Sometimes kids see how good he is and ask for help/advice, which is so fucking adorable to watch like holy shit
  • Frequently whistles at you and winks because damn you look hot in that suit darlin

Soldier 76:

  • The least playful of the bunch. He’s too old for that shit. (Well that’s what he thinks anyway)
  • Really likes the idea of a walk along the beach, with the waves lapping at you guys’ feet as you go along
  • Sorry peeps, but he keeps a shirt on the entire time. So no 76 chest for you. However, that doesn’t mean the shirt he wears isn’t fucking fitted as all hell and outlines everything like christ man why bother covering up-
  • Be warned, he is not one to stray from a splash fight. At first he shrugs you off with a smile or laugh and tells you to stop. But he does have a breaking point and when you reach it, it is war. Granted, a fun war filled with you two laughing like the adorable giggly lovers you are, but war nonetheless.


  • Seriously though he loves having fun with you so really anything is fair game 
  • Fair warning: he loves picking you up in the water. The lifeguards may not approve but they’re not about the stop a guy as big as Rein from carrying his love around on his shoulders! (They just don’t know he’s a sweetie~)
  • He is all laughs and as carefree as usual, but he keeps more of an eye out for you. It isn’t noticeable to anyone but you, really, and you squeeze his hand to let him know it’s appreciated.
  • Honestly Reinhardt can be competitive sometimes. And we all know he loves carrying/holding you. So a game involving both competition and you on his shoulders? Sign him the fuck up. If you are with friends he is all over playing chicken with them. (Here’s an explanation if you don’t know the game)


Just…just imagine them playing volleyball like that scene in Top Gun. Just do it. You won’t regret it. I know I’m not.

basically! this is a callout for everyone involved with taking and woody-ing reese puppyhats urls as well as talking shit about him and his art

a couple months ago some of reese’s old urls were “woodied” by mir and others and you can read the whole thing in the screenshots below (provided by anonymous):

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