old woman josey


If you’re not drawing WtNV fanart, you have no idea how much fucking fun it is. Yes, I put the angels in Utilikilts because why not. Also, I didn’t give Kevin the exact same body mods as Cecil because I’m assuming that since they don’t have identical voices, they’re not COMPLETELY identical in appearance. Not to mention Kevin said nothing about Cecil having black eyes or an ear-to-ear grin, although we all know Kevin’s not the most reliable of narrators. And Old Woman Josey is the only citizen of Night Vale I probably won’t draw with tattoos and shit, even though I love older people with tattoos and shit, since I saw this old woman at work last week and I just thought, “Oh my god, Old Woman Josey.” For some reason, her face clicked in my mind with Old Woman Josey. So I stole it. Sorry, Old-Lady-I-Saw-At-Work.