old winnie the pooh

we as ELFs let suju get away w so many things like these boys are 30 years old and have stuffed giraffes in their rooms and use Winnie the Pooh bowls in their dorm and we don’t even judge them

Presents and Playtimes

Title: Presents and Playtimes

Drabbler: @outerspacehowlters

Doodler: @gilove2dance

Beta: @fringegaps

Warnings: none

Summary: In which 6-year-old Dan and 10-year-old Phil exchange Christmas gifts, complete with plenty of smiles and giggles.

Word Count: 1000

A/N: Guess who’s back with yet another plp fic!! I actually had tons of fun with this one, it was really cute to imagine dnp as little kids! :) And of course, a huge thanks to my lovely beta and doodler, they both did absolutely fantastic jobs and I couldn’t have done this without them! I hope you enjoy!!

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When it’s the last week of classes and I put on a Disney film

Students have been like:

I have been like:

So we put on Disney, and we’re all like:

I’m like, “There is still a worksheet”:

Students are like: