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Prison Break thoughts 1x0


I feel like we are gonna say that every time because every episode is better than the one before


-Also they kill Paul my man :( 


-The leader of the terrorist; a pain in the ass before and after death 

-A&W and Van gogh are still annoying af







In the beginning I was gonna be like “I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt” and you i’m like NO BITCH NOW MISA CAN BE TOGETHER BECAUSE YOU ARE A TRAITOR.


-And next week’s episode looks even ore intriguing if possible


Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)


All steven universe season 3 summarized by spongebob

EDIT:Beach city drift

The most unrealistic part of Broadchurch S3 was the small fishing and boating supplies shop being run by a young man. I know he said it was his dad’s shop but I have never been to a ship’s chandler’s without being greeted by a small but enthusiastic octogenarian with a bald patch. I don’t care what part of the world you’re in, you have to be an old man to work there. Some of them were probably young when they turned up to work that morning, but THEY AGED 60 YEARS IN THE SMELL BECAUSE THAT’S THE RULES. 0/10. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

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Imagine Tyler and the reader are dating, but there is a significant age gap between them and Teamiplier likes to poke fun at them for it like calling Tyler "Old man" and "Grandpa" and saying that he's a cradle robber, and Tyler is annoyed by it, but knows it's all in good fun so he laughs along with them <3

A/N: I hope y’all don’t judge me too hardcore for this one and remember it’s just fiction.

Title: Age Is Just A Number

Warning: Age gaps? Is that a thing I should warn for? Reader is 18+ so we should be *okay hand emoji*

Everyone knows the rule for dating a younger person - Half your age plus 7 equals the age of the youngest person you can date, according to society. Tyler had always been one to follow the rules…until he met you.

“Wait, they’re how old?” Mark asked, whipping around quickly from his desk in the team office space. The tips of Tyler’s ears turned red and his entire face felt flushed.

“Nineteen…” He said, pressing the heels of his palms into his eyes. God, it sounded so awful, almost a ten year difference.

“Dude, that’s younger than me.” Ethan laughed and proceeded to make a series of ‘grossed out’ faces. Tyler hurled one of Chica’s toys at him. “What, it’s the truth!” Ethan cried as he threw his hands up to protect himself.

“They turn twenty soon.” Tyler said but it sounded like he was trying to justify asking out a nineteen year old. Tyler ran a hand through his hair. “They work at the gym and looked the same age as the rest of the trainers. I just assumed they were my age…”He confesses, still slightly embarrassed. He hadn’t learned your true age until he looked you up on Facebook.

“Talk about robbing the cradle.” Amy giggled from her spot on the couch.

“I’mmm Tyler and I’m robbing the cradle.” Ethan said.

“I’mmm Tyler and I’m going out with a teenager.” Mark added.

Tyler sighed heavily and plopped down onto the couch. Kathryn came over and stood next to him as Mark and Ethan continued their antics. “Don’t worry about it Tyler, just go on your date and have a good time.”

Amy nodded in agreement. “Mark and Ethan just giving you a hard time right now. Mark’s older than me, he really doesn’t have room to talk.”

“I’mmm Tyler and my date calls me Grandpa.”

“I’mmm Tyler-” Mark was silenced as Tyler pelted him with the throw pillow from the couch.

Pastel Edits in Real Life! |drabble|

Just a baby Drabble (not a oneshot) for y'all because omg ily guys sm and ugh thanks for everything. happy v-day!!

 Summary: the aftermath of the pastel edits video on Phils channel!!!! TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF !!!! —— 

      “Oh my god.”

Phil stuffed his blue wig into the bag and glanced up at Dan who was looking at himself in the camera. He laughed at his boyfriend who looked shocked to see himself actually.

“You don’t like the gray hair?”

“I look like a fucking old man.” Dan whipped the wig off his head and flung it at Phil.

Phil grabbed the wig and put it in the bag. He sighed and scooted closer to Dan. He gently reached over and touched at Dans hair softly. It wasn’t like he did in the video where he poked at it. No this was more intimate and it left the tips of Dans ears pink.

“I like your hair like this.”

Dan who was a master at using shitty humour to get out of anything stumbled out, “What? A gigantic curly blob?” Phil smiled and ran his fingers gently through his boyfriends curly brown locks.

“It’s a gorgeous gigantic curly blob and yes I love it.” Phil pulled back his hand and instead leaned in to kiss Dans cheek.

Dan leaned in for the kiss but pulled back and said in his typical Dan manner, “This videos made you a even soft, sappy mess then you already are and I will not support it.” Phil rolled his eyes and shrugged. He moved away and was about to start cleaning up again but he felt a hand on his leg.

Phil turned back to Dan who glanced away as soon as he did. However Phil caught the way his eyes flickered back to him. He sighed and he leaned over and pressed his lips against Dans cheek which warmed under his touch.

“And I’m the softie.”

Dan threw one of the flowercrowns at him before getting up and cleaning off his tattoos. He was gross and sticky and ugh he really wanted to lay on the sofa right now. He came back with no tattoos and took notice of how Phils “room” was back to its normal AmazingPhil setting.

For some reason he missed the pink sheets.

“You’re still wearing your outfit from the video.”

Dan glanced down at his clothes and noticed that he was in fact in the dungarees and baby pink jumper. Phil who put the wigs and flowercrowns in the box at the end of his bed walked over to his dresser. Dan hummed and walked over to the mirror.

“I oddly like it.” Dan admitted after staring at himself for a bit.

“What? Really?” Phil asked in surprise as he came up behind his boyfriend and stared at him through the mirror. Dan nodded and touched at the dungarees straps.

“The jumper is fucking soft as hell and the dungarees make me feel like I’m not even wearing trousers.” Dan said in amazement. He spun around and faced Phil who was grinning.

“Why you smiling like you belong in a mental asylum?”

Phil reached and grasped Dans straps. He grinned even wider and dramatically whooped, “I’ve completed my life goal.” Dan lifted a brow and let Phil tug him closer.

“You wearing something that isn’t white, black, or gray and liking it! And I have you admitting it off camera so no way your ass is saying it for the viewers.”

Dans jaw dropped and he scoffed, “You’re pathetic.”

Phil smiled smugly and tugged Dan closer one last time. Their bodies came flush with each other and Dan slid his hands around the older mans waist. He placed them on the lower part of Phils back.

“You’re going to be wearing all sorts of pastel colours in no time! Baby a soft purple? Maybe I can order a baby blue jumper? What about a soft yellow?”

Dan mumbled fuck you before pressing their lips together.


Dan pulled back from the kiss and sighed, “Yes, Phil?”

Phil let go of the dungaree straps and placed his hands on the boys shoulders, he lightly dug his fingers in. “The outfit suits you and you look amazing in it so I’m glad you like it.” Dan felt his ears tint again and he forced himself to roll his eyes and pull out of the embrace. Instead he grabbed Phils hand.

“Let’s go watch some fucking weird anime and order pizza before you give me a toothache, you spoon.”

Astor Fiedler RP Hooks, Info & Connections

Common name: Astor (surname unknown)
In-game: Astor Fielder
Race/Nationality: Highlander Hyur - Ala Mhigan
Occupation: Astral Witch for Hire

The following is IC knowledge and information about Astor that most people with a decent awareness of the related areas or in general can know! Rumors abound, so feel free to use any of this in RP for scene/encounter hooks (or distort it, depending on who they might have heard it from).

Gridania/The Shroud:
Some might find it strange that an Ala Mhigan would linger in the Shroud. He’s a common haunt seen at the edges of settlements or slipping through Gridania, often vanishing into the thick forest and not emerging until many bells later. He’s never been known to ask for succor or assistance from any inhabitants. In fact, reports say he always has a little offering for the elementals and other spirits before he descends into the Wood. Whether they’re approved of… is another matter entirely. Certainly not by many of the locals who view him as an intrusive interloper.

Even so, his effective witching work speaks for itself. Though they’re secretive about it, a fair number of Shroud dwellers seek him out for wards, poultices, charms, and even delving deeper into the more dangerous parts of the forest where most of the smallfolk dare not enter. Some would consider his actions brash and disrespectful, even blasphemous, the actions of a presumptuous and invasive outsider going where he should not be permitted. Despite a lack of evidence, murmurs that he steals children for bizarre stellar rituals or desecrates sacred places cling to his heels.

The various authority figures of the Shroud – whether Wood Wailers, Twin Adders or Godsbow – tend to keep an eye on him when he’s about due to his reputation, the superstitions for the doings of a known witch, and a general dislike for Ala Mhigans. Rumor has it whenever he kills a Redbelly or poacher, he leaves the corpse with a Nymeian lily between the teeth. The strange, blood-stained sword and compact astrolabe at his side support the beliefs that he is a man quite capable of violence.

Here Astor’s services range from anti-theft wards for market stalls to charms for a restful night’s sleep to aid rich, restless merchants. However, he’s just as often seen in the darker alleys leeching poisons from winners of deathmatch ring fights, selling salves to courtesans in brothels, and imbuing various items for people of less than ideal repute. Though he’s yet to be arrested, Astor has been detained several times by the Brass Blades or Immortal Flames after unfortunate incidents. His heritage does him no favors as some suspect him of anti-monetarist and anti-Sultanate sympathies, even possibly working to undermine them.

Though not intended, the reputation of a skilled witch and the ability to provide have earned him clients with ‘unusual’ requests… whether just for increased stamina or more obscure 'interests.’ After all, why ask the local, well-known physicker for the perfect potion to make your feet temporarily bigger and hairier when there’s a witch skulking abouts. Surely no one would believe a Mhigan if he tried to tell tales. Who knew the fetish market in Ul'dah was so robust? (Everyone.)

Known to the Immortal Flames due to an association alongside his mentor, Volgeant Castellaine, both vanished during the Battle of Carteneau and were declared “Killed in Action”. When they reappeared about four years later, having the status rescinded caused several issues and Astor’s own reputation in the city has further tarnished his standing with the Grand Company.

General Info/Rumors/Knowledge:
At 5 fulms and 8 ilms, Astor is a near-slender man with lean muscle and could be mistaken for a Midlander from his stature. There’s extensive scarring on all visible portions of skin, most appearing to be old and likely from whips. He’s draped in an impressive array of jewelry and charms, simpler in design and enchanted for practical purposes. Tangled waves of light champagne hair reach his waist and are usually left loose with scattered metal clasps and the occasional braid. The dark circles about his eyes are stark while bruises and scrapes litter his knuckles. His voice is a low, lilting tenor with a very apparent Ala Mhigan accent and a faint rasp in his throat. An odd but subtle reverb is just barely audible when he speaks. The hum of a two-tone, noteless song seems to follow him.

Outside of the cities, he’s been seen in ruins, at old librairies and nearly anywhere else with an abundance of aether and aetheric activity. Voidsent and other dangerous beasts seem to have little deterrent to him; one would assume he’s fairly adept at defending himself even though he does not appear to have much physical strength.

With a decent grasp of both Doman and the Xaelic tongue, the witch has likely been to the continent of Othard in the past. He also has been witnessed providing assistance to the refugees at Little Ala Mhigo, though it seems he did not arrive at this region of Aldernard with them or any of the others. However, he had been seen at the fringes of the ill-fated Ala Mhigan Resistance group before the slaughter at Baelsar’s Wall.


(Unfinished) portrait art of Astor courtesy of oboon, painting of Astor courtesy of vlada-artblog, used with permission!

Usual Playtime: 6-12pm EST
FC: <<ESO>> Esoterica

Looking for:
Everything and anything! 

Astor performs a variety of witchy services from commissions for charms, wards, spellwork and rituals, to hunting down beasts and relics, to astral 'fortune’ readings and so on. I can do entirely organic card readings (I have several physical decks I use) or ones entirely manufactured to push forward your own RP plots or ideas. I’m always happy to help you expand on something or further your own RP with Astor’s work.

Socially, Astor is quiet but very genial and even a bit of a flirt at times, prone to wandering and able to run into people in nearly any circumstance or location, though he’ll be slightly less inclined to show up at the nicest of restaurants or areas. He knows a wide spread of people from various backgrounds.

Wanna be racist at an Ala Mhigan? Awesome! Got a law-enforcing sort and you wanna harass/detain/question a Suspicious Undesirable? Hell yeah, let’s do it! Underground or criminally-related RP? Sure! I’m very open to conflict RP; I’m playing an Ala Mhigan witch, after all. XIV is a setting full of prejudice, racism, superstitions, crime and corruption; those themes can be interesting to write when everyone is OOCly okay with it.

Limits: Given inconveniences for RP, I prefer to avoid the loss of limbs and death. Content wise, I don’t have any particular triggers but for pete’s sake at least be respectful of sensitive topics.

Any of this sound neat? Drop me an ask or message on tumblr, a tell in-game or discord info! I’m always looking forward to meeting new people for RP or starting up stuff!

Sam Winchester is fifteen years old. He’s whip smart and dangerously clever. He’s a damn teenage tease and ruiner of big brothers everywhere (except really only his big brother, unless all the guys who get ruined by Dean for even looking too long count, too).

He’s fifteen and he looks all kinds of innocent right up until he doesn’t, when he takes innocent things and makes them fucking sinful, the more witnesses the better. Dad makes for the best audience because Dean can’t do shit while he’s watching and Dad can’t say anything either, not unless he wants to acknowledge that his youngest son is being deliberately provocative and why? The only ones who see him are his father and brother.

But Dad’s not around, holed up somewhere three counties over with Caleb hunting God only knows what, so it’s just Sam and Dean and a greasy diner off Route 66. Sam had batted his pretty boy lashes and played it up for the middle-aged waitress who seemed taken with his soft voice and good manners.

She left the bill on their table along with two knock off tootsie pops, refilling Dean’s tiny diner mug with coffee before going back to the counter. Dean only takes his eyes off his brother long enough to fish the cash out of his wallet, but as he returns it to his back pocket and looks across the table, Dean almost chokes. His mouth waters instantly and he pushes a harsh breath out his nose, his lips pursed together firmly.

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This question might seem a little silly but,, is Fresh's sprite final? I just want to make sure, I really prefer that design of him over the redesigned one with the gold tooth and fanny pack. It's the classic one, after all.

It’s not a silly question! Actually, it’s not final - it’s an old prototype version @ilexdamenshi whipped up last Summer. Fresh will go through a redesign and he’ll be made much taller to fit his redesign. We’re going with measurements in Sans’, with Fresh likely being 2 Sans’ tall.

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*squeals excitedly* For the 5-sentence fic: whipped cream

I thought about going the obvious route with that but nah


It’s Hanzo’s guilty pleasure nowadays, for when little pleasures are hard to find: one medium mocha from the coffee shop on the edge of Gibraltar, nonfat for a nod to his health but with an inch of whipped cream to forget it entirely. He’s always had a sweet tooth, which never even slightly abated with age, and now, well, he’s a nearly-40-year-old man ordering whipped cream on his chocolate coffee. 

McCree declares it “way too sugary, good god, that’s enough to kill a horse,” but that doesn’t stop him from stealing a sip of it anyway. 

“It is not for you, Hanzo reminds him, eyes riveted to a spot of whipped cream that has stuck itself to the corner of McCree’s mouth. McCree starts to say something else, but Hanzo interrupts him with a kiss, and thanks the universe for life’s simple pleasures.

Bucky THORt wrong (Part 1)

Bucky x Female Reader

Requested by anon: Please do a Bucky x reader, where the reader is from Asgard and is one of Thor’s closet friends, but Bucky thinks you are both in a relationship and starts to avoid you, causing you to turn to Thor for help, fluff at the end please

Sorry if my Thor/Norse gods stuff is wrong, my knowledge is sketchy of this stuff! This is kinda a filler/intro as I will be making a part 2 that is much more Bucky-centric! Ps the title is the WORST pun i have ever made and i’m not! sorry.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1k

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood


“Heimdall.” You smile fondly towards him, stepping up on to the Bifröst. “How is your sister? And the universe?”

“Lady Sif continues to stir up trouble in an otherwise peaceful realm.”

“I should hope so. And Thor? I’d like to visit him and meet the humans he finds so fascinating. His tales of Earth never fail to make him smile.”

“Of course.” He lifts his sword but hesitates. “Y/N, be wary. You may find more than you bargained for on this journey.” The sword is plunged down and the portal opens before you can question him further.

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honestly even if the mystical “community elders” said that the q slur has been fully reclaimed or whatever, that doesn’t mean cishets don’t use it as a slur?

i’ve seen so many “older” lgbt people on here be like “the people who say it’s a slur are probably like 15 so who cares what they think” as if homophobia and transphobia are over and how could these kids POSSIBLY think they understand what it’s like?

how many people have to say “this word was used violently against me and i am uncomfortable with it” for it to be taken seriously, and why is someone being younger than you a legitimate reason to discount their experiences?

like i understand why people feel as strongly about this as they do, i understand why people who have reclaimed the word for a long time don’t like feeling like it’s being demonized again. but that’s exactly the problem. for a lot of people, especially people in more conservative areas, it’s not being used as a slur AGAIN, it never stopped being a slur in the first place.

idk it just feels really disgusting and fucked up to me to see these supposedly mature 30-something year olds whipping slurs at children and then discounting their discomfort BECAUSE they’re children. so they either must think that 1) homophobia and transphobia are long gone, 2) kids can’t experience homophobia and/or transphobia, or 3) that their own wishes and experiences matter more, and the experiences and comfort of kids matters less

any of the options say a hell of a lot more about these “community elders” than about kids who just want to fucking feel safe. just my opinion


Why Bismuth is bubbled theory

There’s been a lot of speculations as to why Bismuth is bubbled in Lions mane. The one I’ve seen most often is that Bismuth was enjoying the war a little too much, and Rose had to bubble her. They’ve used the part of Lapis’ flashback from same old war to give the theory credit. 

This picture shows a Gem, who looks like a Bismuth, poofing Lapis. Many have said this is our Bismuth, which i completely disagree with. 

We have seen that there is multiple gems that share the same gemstone. Even in this same episode there of more Jaspers. No one thinks these Jaspers are our Jasper, so why is this for sure our Bismuth?

This Bismuth is very pink-grey based while ours is very colorful 

We’ve already seen that the same type gems can have different color palettes. Like our Pearl, Yellow Pearl, and Blue Pearl.

Therefore i don’t believe the Bismuth that poofed Lapis is our Bismuth.

Why i think Bismuth was bubbled

We know that Rose desperately tried to heal hurt and corrupted Gems and that she could only save a handful of her friends when the Diamonds caused the corruption with her shield . We also know Rose had healing tears that could heal cracked gem stones, but those tears don’t work on corruption. 

I think something happened to Bismuth, I’m not sure what though. Maybe she was hurt beyond the repair of Roses’ healing tears.

That’s where the bubble comes in 

In ‘Secret Team’ when Amethyst caught Pearl with Gem Shards in a Rose Quartz bubble and asked her what she was doing she said:

Pearl: I… just wanted to see how the shards are reacting to Rose’s bubble. And it’s none of your business.

I think Roses’ bubbles can heal gems. Over a long time i think the bubble has healing powers that can heal Gems that are badly hurt or even corrupted.