old west


The Bridgeport Rig,

The Bridgeport Rig was a special holster developed in 1882 for the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army.  A special screw was added to the pistol and the pistol was then inserted in a special clip.  The purpose of this rig was to allow the user to point and fire the pistol without having to remove it from the holster.  Instead the user just simply tilted the pistol forward and fired, making it the perfect accessory for any quick draw gunfighter.  Made by Bridgeport Co. of Pittsburg, Texas, only 500 rigs were produced.

Just remembered this moment from last game, so I drew it real quick. 

Rhos and Zira went all out with shopping for Old West stuff, while Galerna was on the fence about getting a fan…after this, she bought one.

- @adriana-likes-tea