old west


The Bridgeport Rig,

The Bridgeport Rig was a special holster developed in 1882 for the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army.  A special screw was added to the pistol and the pistol was then inserted in a special clip.  The purpose of this rig was to allow the user to point and fire the pistol without having to remove it from the holster.  Instead the user just simply tilted the pistol forward and fired, making it the perfect accessory for any quick draw gunfighter.  Made by Bridgeport Co. of Pittsburg, Texas, only 500 rigs were produced.


Ah the reveal of my new personal project! Robin Hood set in the Wild West! 

Honestly this project is so special to me. First of all, I think Robin Hood is a timeless story of doing the right thing for people even if it’s not right by the ‘law’ and helping the people who really need it is SO important! 

And second, the setting and location has a lot of meaning to me because my family has deep roots in the UT/CO area of the west and I actually have Native American heritage and really wanted to learn more about the time period and pay homage to a great genre - Westerns!

I finished my characters last month, doing environments for the next few weeks, then props, story beats, and onto the next project…I hope you guys enjoy these sketches/line up for now!

Also let me know if you enjoy seeing the project broken out like this or if I should hold off until I finish the whole portfolio and post a few of each thing like I did with my Goldilocks project? Not sure which is more fun to see!


Elfego Baca and the Frisco Shootout

In the 1880’s Elfego Baca was a deputy sheriff in Soccoro County, New Mexico and was determined to clean up the town of Reserve.  In 1884 a drunk cowboy named Charlie McCarty ambled down the streets of Reserve, shooting up the town, yelling, hooting, and causing a ruckus.  Baca arrested the drunk cowboy, much to the ire of his fellow cowboys.  The cowboys tried to jump Baca, but he deftly fended off the attack, wounding one cowboy in the knee and shooting the horse of another, the horse falling on the cowboy and killing him.

William McCarty was taken into custody and later held for trial.  A very large gang of cowboys attended the trial, all eyeing up Baca with obvious evil intent.  McCarty was fined $5 and released.  Immediately Baca hightailed it out of the courtroom, taking refuge in the house Geronimo Armijo.  Around 40 heavily armed cowboys surrounded the house and opened fire.  Over the next six hours the cowboys fired over 4,000 rounds, eventually disbursing when they ran out of ammunition.  Baca, however, remained unscathed as the house he was taking shelter in had a floor that was lower than ground level, allowing him to take cover.  During the shootout, Baca killed four cowboys and wounded eight others.

After the gunfight, the cowboys turned to the law the get back at Baca, claiming that he had murdered their four fellow comrades in cold blood.  However the townspeople produced the door of Armijo’s house, riddled with 400 bullet holes, proving Baca’s innocence.  Baca would later become sheriff, deputy marshal, and an attorney.  He died in 1945 at the age of 80.


Set design for Sheriff Notham’s jailhouse. At one point in my retelling of Robin Hood, Robin finds himself behind bars!

I’ve included two detail shots and the local color as well as a night color shot. 

Hope you guys enjoy seeing this, sorry to disturb the inktober posts.