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'Power Rangers' Director Explains Why Romantic Scene Didn't Make Final Cut
Love was in the air for a pair of Power Rangers — until test audiences said no.

They cut a heterosexual romance because it didn’t fit the story, and because including it did a disservice to the female character’s individual narrative arc.

sorry but your faves literally would never



*silence* what’s up, witches?

So we just moved into a new house, and I finally put my altar together. A new house is a new altar, and I didn’t feel like I could just recreate the old one. I incorporated the herbs Alex and I gathered for Lammas in this setup, and I couldn’t be happier with our haul!!!

Although we’ve been just swamped with moving, cleaning, and our day jobs, we’ve still generated plenty of wonderfully witchy content. The one thing we haven’t gotten around to is posting it!!! I solemnly swear it will be up in no time.

PS: The bottom pic has been my summer reading obsessions. Highly recommended!!! 

Until next time!



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