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               “Kaagaz Ke Phool"   /   1959   /   My Screenshots

Accidentally, Shanti has walked into a film studio, right in front of the camera. - Made in the late 1950s, "Kaagaz Ke Phool” is a period drama whose storyline starts circa in the mid 1930s. All technical equipment that can be seen in scenes like to above is vintage  All the people portraying the film crew are real life filmmakers, from director and cinematographer to spot boys.

Source: “Kaagaz Ke Phool - The Original Screenplay”, Om Books 2014


“ADR session: 5 hours of yelling Old Norse while flashing my favourite StarTrek t-shirt and swallowing ginger tea. #chilloutbro” — Alex Høgh Andersen via instagram


just posting some of my old art works for VK;)

I am from the Chinese fandom and I finally created my Tumblr account lately. It’s very nice to see some of you reposting them, I’m soooo happy that you like them!!

btw two weeks later I will arrive in the US to study fine arts XD looking forward to my college life and hoping to know you guys more!

*you can call me Haze if you want


Yesterday, heading to Gloria for J-rock Finland’s old school vk party. Haven’t had such… an emotional night in a very long time, haha.
Won a free drink (good thing I found my way back home in the end) for having one of the best outfits of the evening (the coat is handmade, strongly inspired by Kamijo in Lareine’s Metamorphose). Wooo! Thank you J-rock Finland! :D

Also, thank you, sweethearts, for sharing your time and giving me all these chances during these past weeks to slowly come out of my shell. *hugs*