old victorias secret

The reason women like Dita von Teese so much? Because no one ever doubted she was doing all this corset and Noir and fashion stuff for her own personal edification and satisfaction.  It was all about  what SHE liked and got off on.

She forced men into simply being supporting players in her fantasies.

And that’s empowering.

anonymous asked:

So,I know we don't really know about his life and it's not our place to question it. But the truth is harry has only dated models. Like for real,that's all he knows. My only hope is that he doesn't end Up looking like a joke when he's 40 and still dating 20 year old victorias secret models like leo di caprio who is just sad now. It hurts me to say it, but harry wouldn't even dream of dating a regular non model girl. This doesn't make him a bad person, but that's just how it is.

There is so much wrong with this message I don’t even know where to begin.

Leo is one of the few men in Hollywood who has not been accused of sexually assaulting someone lately.  He’s a top box office star.  He does more for the environment than most people.  He’s not running around with his dick out.  He’s a decent human being who still does things like bringing his mother with him to the Oscars.  He’s one of the more quiet stars in Hollywood.

Yet you’ve reduced him to who he’s dating.

Harry spends his life asking people to be kind to others.  He also lives this mantra.  He’s not flashing his relationships in our face which I imagine is out of respect for those he knows have problems seeing it.  He’s sweet.  He’s fun.  He puts on a great show.  He implores his fans to feel good about themselves.  He works his ass off to keep us happy.

Yet you’ve reduced him to who he’s dating.

I sincerely hope you see what is wrong with this outlook and that you do something to correct it.  This is the problem with the lot of you who spend your days worrying about who he’s dating.  You can’t see past it to the phenomenal human being who isn’t afforded the same treatment from his fans that he gives to them.  It’s abusive towards him.  I wish y’all could see that.