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In honor of Memorial Day: Capt. Oliver Burgess Meredith, United States Army Air Force during World War II. Photo taken at US Army Headquarters in London, June 10th, 1943. This is a photo of Burgess before his assignment to the 8th AF. Notice his Aviation Cadet wings. 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

1943: Burgess explains how an English pub differs from American saloons. This educational documentary (which was narrated, written, and co-directed by Burgess) was made to introduce American soldiers to Britain during World War II. 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

Fanfiction Recommendation

5/21/17: So I am a failure once again, but I promise I am about 200 words from posting the next chapter of A Little Too Real, I PROMISE. Until then as usual here are the recommendations for the week. I love you and Enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendations

My Materlist

Dean x Reader

Sam x Reader

  • In the Still of the Night by @sometimes-iwritee - Dirty Dancing AU. You and your family go on vacation to a lakeside resort owned by one of your father’s old friends. When you meet the resort’s dance instructor it leads to a summer you’ll never forget.

Cas x Reader

Crowley x Reader

Jensen x Reader

  • The Spark Next Door by @iwantthedean - There’s always been a spark between you and the guy next door; when life takes a rough turn, things between you accelerate. 

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

  • Swept Off My Feet by @waywardmoeyy - After an embarrassing medical mishap at a Supernatural Convention, Misha rushes to your aid. Then, much to your surprise, he tries to get closer to you.

Bucky x Reader

  • I Will Protect You by @buckywintersoldierbarnes2017 - “Can I request a Bucky x reader? Reader is under the protection of the avengers because of an attempt on her life by hydra agents. So she’s kept at the compound with most of the team. While there, Bucky flirts and uses his old 40s charm on her cause it makes her blush. When she can’t sleep she meets him in the kitchen and he finally asks her out and they end up making out half the night.”
  • The Crown (Series)by @marvelous-fvcks - When a new claim to the Crown threatens your ascension to the throne, Parliament reinstate the law that declares you must be married before you can become Queen. Given you only have 30 days there is only one option; an arranged marriage. But what happens when feelings start to grow between you and the man trying to steal your Crown? Does your duty stay with your people or your heart?
  • Selfless Love (Series) by @redgillan - A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Tony x Reader

Pick Me Up (Drabble)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky uses his old 40s charm on reader, but she’s not amused. So Bucky resorts to trying out the modern pick up lines.

As requested by anonymous: Do ‘you know what this is made of *grabs shirt* boyfriend/girlfriend material’ with Bucky pls and thank you.

Bucky Barnes was completely smitten with you. Everyone saw it except you, of course. You, honestly, thought he was just getting into your pants. You saw how he was with other girls, so you just figured it was the same case…it wasn’t.

Bucky was frustrated. No matter how hard he tried, he could tell you weren’t interested. He knew he should’ve stopped..but he just couldn’t. He wanted you to see how much he genuinely cares for you. So he went to the one person he thought he’d never go to for help: Sam Wilson.

Sam laughed at Bucky’s proposal. After catching his breath he asked, “Wait, so you want me to help you win Y/N’s heart? What happened to that ‘forties’ charm’ you always bragged about?”

Bucky glared at Sam, “This is different. She’s different. How can I get her to see that I really like her?”

Sam shrugged, “Try stupid pick-up lines. I overheard her and Stark laughing about those once.”

“Okay, but I don’t know any stupid pick-up lines!”

Sam smiled mischievously, “Oh you will.”

The next day, you had your papers spread around the kitchen counter. Sure, you were an Avenger, but you were also a college student and finals were kicking your ass. You were stressing out and you felt like your head was about to burst.

When Bucky walked into the kitchen, he saw you there: hair tied up messily, frantically scribbling words into a notebook, and muttering facts to yourself to help you remember. You looked a mess. Bucky suddenly felt doubtful about going through with his plan. He then watched as you groaned and dropped your head onto the counter muttering, “I can’t do this.” Bucky then decided he should go forth with it because, maybe, just maybe, it will lighten your mood.

“Hey, Y/N?” Bucky walked up to you.

“Not now, Barnes.” You mumbled to him with your head still resting on the countertop.

“But I really need to ask you something.”

You lifted your head and looked at him, “What?”

He offers you the hem of his shirt, “You know what this is made of?”

You gave him a confused expression, “I don’t know. Cotton?”

Bucky shook his head, “Boyfriend material.”

You blinked at him then a chuckle left your lips paired with a smile, “Good one, Barnes.”

Bucky shrugged, “I saw that you looked pretty stressed. Figured you might need something to cheer you up.”

You nodded, “Mission accomplished. However, that doesn’t get rid of all of the work I still have to do. But thanks, anyway.”

“How about I help you?”

You cocked your head to the side a bit, “Really?”

“Yeah. I can help quiz you or something?”

You crossed your arms and looked at him suspiciously, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch, I just want to help you out.”

“I’m not falling for your little tricks, Barnes. Don’t think you can just smooth talk me, flash a smile, then I’ll suddenly let you into my pants like all the other girls you mess around with.”

“Wait, what? No! I swear! I’m just trying to help you, ‘cause I like you a lot! Plus, there aren’t any other girls! You’re the only one I’ve had my eye on!” Bucky then facepalmed realizing what he just said, “So much for being a smooth talker,” He mumbled to himself, “Nevermind. Forget I said all of that. I’ll just leave you to your work, sorry.” He spun around to leave, but your hand caught his arm.

“Bucky! Wait! Don’t leave. I, uh, I’d very much like for you to help me study.”

“You’re not gonna laugh at me, are ya?

You shook your head, “No, ‘cause I like you too.”

Bucky suddenly straightened at your words and smiled, “Well, I guess we better get to it, then.”

Time to put on my old lady hat for a minute

I’ve seen on my dash some people commenting that ‘well, yeah, the show gave us permission to have our fan fiction, but we didn’t need it.’

You’re right. They can’t stop you from thinking creative thoughts inspired by your show and your ship. They can’t stop you from writing them down or drawing them and sharing them with your friends. Even if the Copyright Fascists seize power and take everything off the Internet with even the slightest potential to infringe, you still have pencils and paper. You can go back to ye olde school fanzine, where someone collects, copies, and distributes fanworks and there’s not a lot they can do to stop it. (My first contact with fan fiction was just like that - a fanzine for Pern that a friend’s roommate submitted to.)

So, yeah, permission to ship? Eh. Maybe not so big a deal, from your perspective. But really, with my old lady hat on, it was huge. 

The show ACKNOWLEDGED THE EXISTENCE OF AT LEAST TWO AND POSSIBLY THREE SLASH SHIPS. And the show welcomed them. This is new. This is big. Slash used to be the dirty little secret of fandom. This absolutely would not have happened back in the day. This probably wouldn’t have happened ten years ago. It might not have happened five years ago. Even if TPTB of a particular property was aware of fanfiction (not a given) and approved of it (even less likely) there was still this attitude about slash: 'why do you have to make them gay? can we pretend this doesn’t exist and hope it goes away? or at least shove it over into a corner and make it clear that it’s icky?’, often even from other fans who were writing gen or M/F fic.

For TPTB of a TV show to be okay with slash - that’s new. 

For TPTB of a show to ACKNOWLEDGE IN THE SHOW FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE that 'yes, we know fans - not the crazy ones, the well-adjusted ones - are writing stories featuring our characters as M/M couples and we value it as an expression of your love for the show’? I think I need the fainting couch. 


Even for the Express, this one is a bit….out there. Bring back the Imperial system and old money to terrify immigrants and discourage them from coming to Britain.

Oooooookay then Terence.