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Hello Loki
(created May 2012)

After posting the illustration of the Hello Kitty design in Loki armour, fellow costuming friend and Tumblogger, With Eyes Like Stars, said she wanted one “for reasons”. So inspired by that I decided to make one for her birthday. She is a massive Tom Hiddleston and Loki fan and is also a Lady Loki cosplayer.

Helmet and chest armour are made of 4mm EVA foam. The chain mail is a woven place mat. The hardest part was finding a decent small sized Hello Kitty plush toy to build on. It was quite the bizarre experience ironing that tiny little cape I made too.

Hardly accurate to either the real costume or the design by Joseph Senior, it was certainly a lot of fun to make.

With Eyes Like Stars’ post is here

Original design and illustration by Joseph Senior. To check out more of his HK designs check out Hello Kitty Pop Culture Series


Dr Zoidberg from Futurama (2007)

The very first costume I made was a result of insomnia. I sculpted the head out of clay and then decided to make a mould and slush-cast a mask using liquid latex.

First time I ever made something like this. I could barely see out of the plastic eyes and the latex tore after a few hours but it was fun to make and to wear.

I want to remake this again one day and make the rest of the costume much more accurate.

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Kroenen from Hellboy
(first worn 2009)

Strangely, I had not heard of Hellboy until the film was released and I found Kroenen to be a really slick character. The mask fascinated me and this one in particular.

A very simple vacuform pull once I figured out how to make the positive mould (I learn as I go along). I also assembled the leathers for the rest of his costume from the opening scene of the film. Fans that are aware of it will know why I don’t wear this costume out in public anymore.

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A few selected photos from other people around Facebook of my costumes at AVCon 2012.

I went as Master Chief and Iron Man on Saturday and then ended up dressing up as Iron Man for the Sunday cosplay competition as my original idea fell through.

Thank you to everyone for the photos. I had so much fun! ^_^

Photos courtesy of B. Rogan, T. Markie, C. Scholz, H. Salehhudin, I Got Superpowers, AT Images


Just a small sample of my own photos from AVCon 2012 here in Adelaide.

Big thank you to barbieswithbettyfinn and Maddie for their help with getting armoured up each day and to Toddifilms for inviting me to be part of the AVConTV live stream. Also a thank you to all those that helped and supported me along to way. Not sure I would’ve had as much fun as I did had it not been for everyone’s encouragement.


Spartan Helmet from 300

This helmet was made for a friend’s ‘Mad Hatters Party’. It was finished in less than a week and was one of the first projects to use resin. Made from cardboard, a builder’s hard hat and Trowel-On 60.

Hardly accurate, hardly the point. There is no way I am making the rest the costume until I lose all this weight! :p

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Free Comic Book Day 2012 - Part 1 (by igotsuperspowers)

Myself and a few friends pop up in this cool video. :)


Magneto from X-Men 2
(first worn October 2011)

I never wanted to make a new costume for Melbourne Armageddon Expo 2011 but that soon went out the window. This particular costume was done as an encouragement project. It’s also one of the more inexpensive creations.

I’ve wanted to do an X-men costume for a long time but originally I had an idea to try and create a Beast costume but with the time I had remaining Magneto was the easier choice. With my love of suits I was told this was perfect for me as essentially that’s what it is. The only thing remaining was which version?

The choice was between Ian Mckellen’s version from the first two films (the third film was slightly different) or the Michael Fassbender version from ‘First Class’. What settled it for me was the discovery of the jacket on my weekly op shop visits. I found an almost perfect jacket for $2 on their 'Monday Madness’ rack. It’s such a great jacket I didn’t have the heart to alter it to make it accurate.

I then went and tried to match the colour for the cape as well as the lining. I went with the half-cape from the second film simply because it would use less fabric. As always I cut out the pattern and my mum helped sew it all together (I am learning on my own sewing machine these days :D )

The helmet was a pepakura build, coated in resin then the face piece was wrapped in 2mm foam and the main portion was coated in builders bog and sanded.

The only expenditure on this were the jacket and the fabric, everything else I already had.

Now I understand the reason as laid out in one of my favourite films, 'The Incredibles’, in regards to capes BUT THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN TO WEAR!!!

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Photos courtesy of C.Scholz


Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat
(First worn 2009)

Mortal Kombat has always been my favourite video game and Sub-Zero my favourite character.

Originally made for a 90’s themed party I thought instead of dressing up in the fashion of the time I would go as my favourite character from the time.

Inspired by, but not totally accurate, to the 1996 movie version I had help with making the tunic (I still cannot sew as of this post) out of PVC material. The mask is cardboard and resin and the forearm and shin guards were made using a home made vacuformer.

One of my favourite easy costumes to wear…

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AVCon 2012...

It was convention time again in Adelaide and this time it was AVCon 2012.

This was my fourth year at AVCon and it was amazing. I had so much fun in cosplay as per usual, catching up with friends, and just piss-farting about the convention centre.

Despite many setbacks and disappointments in the lead up to the weekend it was just wonderful to let go and have a good time.

I also won first place for ‘Best Male Cosplay’ in the cosplay competition with my rather battered about Iron Man armour (last minute change from my original idea), which really just made all the struggle worth it. I must be honest, I had to hold back a few tears at the closing ceremony when my name was read out (I think I was able to hide it by going into Tony Stark mode LOL).

At the moment I am going through photos and trying to find what I can.

Princess Peach and myself as Master Chief. Photo courtesy of B. Rogan


Marcus Fenix from Gears of War 3
(first worn 2011)

I normally prefer to work alone but when my best friend at the time found out my plans for AVCon 2011 she asked if she could join me in the build as she wanted to try out making armour. I thought that was a wonderful idea and could not say no her.

After my previous attempt at Gears of War armour I had always wanted to remake this costume. When the first photos of the Gears of War 3 surfaced I decided the new version would be a cool way to go.

All our previous foam work was a practice run for this armour. Very early on we tested different ways of cutting, sealing and painting the foam, based on the advice found on the forums as well as our own observations.

After all the research and hunt for reference photos we could get for an unreleased game we needed a starting point and fortunately a 3D mesh of Marcus Fenix’s armour was made available online but at this time no pepakura version was made yet. So for the first time I went about creating a template suitable for foam. I only created a template for the chest place (which was reused for Anya’s armour but smaller) and the back was cobbled together thanks to reference photos from the game and of the Limited Edition statue.

I love LEDs and I knew that my stocking up of portable battery operated Christmas lights would come in handy. To light up our shoulders and back we used two sets of fairy lights (20 LEDs each). A portion of them would be inserted in an array in the shoulders while the rest would be placed in the back.

I forgot to mention in previous foam builds that EVA foam needs to be sealed before painting because without it the foam with just act like a sponge and absorb the paint making the final finish look a lot more dull than expected. In the US, costumers like to use Plasti-dip but we don’t have it readily available in our hardware stores here in Australia. After some experiments we simply settled on liquid latex. Sometimes that latex is mixed with PVA glue to help make it last and to provide a slightly more firm finish. The latex can wear away if the coating is too thin but then it will just handily look like battle damage.

Click here to view the Retro Lancer I also made for my friend.

The scar on my face was thanks to the help of a solution called ‘rigid collodion’. The tattoo was done by printing onto a plastic sheet and pressing it against my skin before the ink dried.

And after 11 years I decided to shave off the facial hair just for this cosplay contest. The trigger was my friend bleached her hair for the part so I just had to. I had never done that before because I had become quite attached to it but it was sort of liberating and scary, especially as I didn’t have a mask this time.

We ended up placing third in 'Best Group Cosplay’ in the AVCon 2011 cosplay competition. And I was quite proud of that as we went up against some amazing cosplays that day. Watch a video of us on stage here.

Like many of my costumes there’s a lot missing; the undervest, the logo on his bandanna, a few pouches, etc. Also, I know I don’t look the part but like most of my costumes it’s a lot of fun to make and wear and all the more enjoyable with someone else.

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Photos courtesy of P. Sonthavong (Old Trenchy), C. Scholz, M. Ooi, EmAn’s Media Page, I Got Superpowers, fly high photography 101


Skull Pirate
(first worn 2009)

I must confess I’ve never been a massive fan of all things piratey. So it would seem odd that I would make a such a costume. This was created for a friend’s ‘Horror vs Pirate’ birthday party (because she could not settle on a single theme) so I decided to at least make a pirate costume interesting enough for me by combining the themes.

The skull was sculpted out of clay, a mould created from silicone, and then slush cast using polyurethane resin. The jaw is separate from the rest of the skull and moves when I talk. The clothes were from an op shop or the back of the cupboard and the pistols and the belt buckles are toys from the bargain bin.

The skull originally began with an eye-patch bolted on and was inspired by Christopher Plummer’s character, General Chang, from Star Trek VI. I would later remove it to help make the glowing green LEDs look more effective (these were added much later). In the eyes I’ve simply used a very sheer black material to cover my own eyes but also allow me to see past the LEDs.

I don’t know why but once a costume has little lights in it I seem to like it just that little bit more! :p

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Photos courtesy of S. Scholz, C. Scholz, K. Carlisle, and E. Photakis.