old transport

luke resting his head on bodhi’s shoulder. the only light is a large moon overhead. luke’s talking quietly about tattooine, about slaving and moisture vaporators and the local gay hang out, tosche station. about miles and miles of nothing but sand and scavengers. he finishes and runs his fingers over bodhi’s palm.

“and jedha?” he says after a moment. “if you want to.”

and bodhi tells him. tells him of markets and laughter and a walkway of glass and the sour flavour of fruits handed out by passing monks, of vibrant life crammed into a city and sand control staff and old transport ships being sold as reshaped utensils.

“of course that was before,” he says.

before it was all gone. before the empire.

“at least you dont have to live with the sand anymore,” says luke, attempting to lighten the mood.

bodhi snorts. nods. “i dont like sand,” he agrees.

“its coarse.”



“gets everywhere.”

luke kisses him.


Caption: “A pair of photos of an interesting CTA fantrip 5-28-73, using all three classes of CTA’s PCC-derived rapid transit cars: 6101-02 (one of two sets of 6000’s that kept their original dual headlights), a 1-50 series car, and ‘Jitterbug’ articulated car 53. Seen here at Armitage on the North Side mainline.”


May 28, 1973

Purchased dupe slides, photographer unknown (collection of John Smatlak)