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Looking south. Maintenance of Way camp cars on siding.

Forever My Mate *Derek Hale Series Part 3*

Macy’s POV

I woke up with a dull ache in my head and groaned. I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times, trying to clear my vision. Once I could see clearly I looked around and noticed I was inside what seemed to be an old train depot, considering I was sitting on a makeshift bed, inside a train cart. I started to panic as the memories of Derek and Scott and those two other teenagers came swarming back into my brain. I quickly got up and peeked my head outside of the train cart. I didn’t see anybody and decided to walk out. I stood and looked around for an exit when I finally spotted an exit sign. I ran towards it and was almost there when a strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. I turned my head and saw Derek. I quickly tried to get out of his grasp but he wrapped his other arm around me, and threw me over his shoulder. I squirmed and tried to free myself, but he was so much stronger than me. I gave up and felt tears slide down my cheeks. ‘He’s going to kill me. He wants to hurt me to get to Scott.’ These thoughts kept going through my head until I was back in the training cart and set on a seat. Derek then got on his knees, in between my legs and rested his hands on my hips. His hand reached out to wipe my tears but I just smacked it away and he sighed.

“I know you are scared and confused but I am not going to hurt you. You are my mate and I care for you. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will only protect you and love you.” I glared at him angrily.

“If you cared about me you would let me go home!” I exclaimed.

“As long as you are with me you are home.“ I looked at him as more tears fell.

“Please?” I whimpered. He shook his head and I looked down at the floor, wiping my tears.

“How about you tell me your name?” He asked and stroked my hair. I shook my head angrily. He sighed and stopped stroking my hair.

“Either you tell me your name or I can find out some other way.” I knew he could easily find out if he wanted to, so I just told him.

“Macy.” I mumbled.

“Macy. I like it, it suites you. You probably already know but my name is, Derek. I have to get going but my beta, Isaac is going to watch over you.” He told me. He then quickly grabbed my hand and cuffed my wrist to a pole that was next to the seat.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I asked trying to pull my hand out of the handcuff. He put his hand under my chin and made me look at him.

“I know you will try to run away, even with Isaac watching you. I don’t want to lose you and I need to know you won’t escape. I promise to take it off when I get back.” He then quickly kissed my cheek and left. Leaving me to try and figure a way out of this mess. ‘I really hope Scott is okay.’ I thought to myself.

I’m guessing it was some time around evening since Derek’s “beta” Isaac came in with a bag of McDonald’s for my dinner. He also had some medical supplies. I glared at him as he came closer to me. Isaac rubbed the back of his neck and started to speak.

“Um, Derek, wanted me to clean your forehead up again since you bonked it on the ice last night.” I scoffed at him.

“I bonked it? I was thrown across the ice by that blonde bitch.”

“Yeah she’s sorry about that by the way. And we are both sorry about trying to beat up your brother too. We were just following orders.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“If someone ordered you to beat up YOUR brother, would you?” I asked him.

“No I wouldn’t, because my brother is dead.” I looked at him with sympathy.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize you actually had a brother.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s fine. Can I clean up your wound?” He asked me and I just nodded. It stung like a bitch but once Isaac was done he tried handing me the bag of McDonald’s. I shook my head.

“No thanks. I refuse to eat or drink anything until, Derek let’s me go.” I stated.

“Come on. Derek isn’t even that bad of a guy.”

“He hurt my brother and ordered his betas to hurt my brother. I still don’t know what the hell a beta is but whatever. And on top of all that, he kidnapped me!” Isaac nodded his head.

“Alright. But I have to let him know you refused to eat.” I nodded my head at him.

“Do what you gotta do.” Isaac got up and left and I sat there bored out of my mind, until I fell asleep.

Once I woke up I realized I was back on the makeshift bed and my wrist wasn’t handcuffed to a pole. I looked up and saw Derek staring at me with love again.

“Your staring at me.” I stated rudely. He shook his head.

“No, I’m admiring you.” We stared at each other for a little longer before he spoke up again.

“So Isaac told me you refused to eat. Why is that?”

“You kidnapped me. Why is that?” I asked sassily. He smiled at my sassy tone.

“I already told you. You are my mate.” I sighed heavily in frustration.

“Yes, but you haven’t told me what a mate is!” He looked at me for a few moments as if he were deciding whether or not he was going to tell me. Then he spoke.

“A mate is a person that was born just for a werewolf. When a werewolf finds his or her mate all they want to do is protect them and love them forever. They connect in so many ways and finding your mate is like finding your other half. Sometimes people find their mates, and sometimes they don’t. I was lucky enough to find you and that’s why I never want to let you go. You were made just for me.” By the time he was finished I was speechless. I didn’t know I was that important to him.

“But you can’t keep me here forever, Derek.” I said softly. He stood up and kissed my forehead.

“But I can try. I never ever want to lose you. I love you, Macy.”

“You can’t love me, Derek. We just met and you know nothing about me.”

“But I already do love you, and I won’t ever stop.” He then began to walk out of the train cart but stopped and looked at me.

“And tomorrow, you will eat something. It’s not healthy to skip meals.” Then he walked out and sat outside the train cart. I sighed and tried going back to bed.

day after day (without you)

Stiles/Derek | PG | ~2.3k | AO3
Content notes:
Post-canon, future fic, getting together

Summary: Derek didn’t have plans to return to Beacon Hills, not anytime soon at least. But when his car broke down in San Francisco as he was making his way down to Mexico, the week’s wait for spare parts was a good excuse to visit. He told himself it was only to meet with Satomi, to add more to the journal he started writing as he traveled around the country and the world. For all he knew, after all, Stiles wasn’t anywhere near California anyway. 

A/N: Written for the fandomwritingchallenge, May prompt: calendar
A/N 2: I’m so sorry for being late with posting this one. :/

Cora asked him once, jokingly, if he was counting the days to Stiles’ 18th birthday. Derek growled in her direction, but didn’t flat out say no, though it would’ve been the truth. Back then, he had no interest in doing that, and by the time the arbitrary date was closer, he was long gone from Beacon Hills and from Stiles.

He did keep a calendar though, and he did mark off days, but he was not counting down to anything. Instead, he knew exactly how long it had been since that afternoon in Mexico, and since the moment he’d driven away in the stupid Toyota that had barely lasted long enough to bring him and Braeden back to California. Once they crossed the border, she left to continue her chase and to finish her job, and Derek got on the first plane south.

Once he found Cora, he stuck around. They barely knew each other, and he wanted to fix the impression he’d made when she first returned to Beacon Hills. She told him he didn’t need to, but Derek couldn’t yet shake the feeling that he had a lot to make up for. When Peter joined them and updated them on what’s been happening back in their hometown, Derek almost packed up and left to help. He only didn’t because Peter told him there was nothing left to help with, and that most of the pack left for college anyway.

Derek didn’t need to hear Stiles’ name to know that he was one of those who left. Him and Lydia were always meant for bigger and better places, and Derek was glad to hear that – unlike some of the others – they did manage to get out. He wondered where though, but instead of asking he just marked off another day on the calendar.

Cora waved him off at the airport a week later.

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