old timy

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"Of course your angel can come he can be your plus one " smiles //just over a week not enough time. I want to go back one day. I currently have my notifications turned on for you I love seeing what you post.

Awesome! I’m there. Gunna see if I can get Cas drunk. Maybe he’ll dance with me.

//OMG yeah definitely not enough time. You can’t even do London in a week. Tomorrow we’re doing Tower of London, the London Bridge and if we have time the Victoria and Albert museum. I did the national Gallery today but it was just so massive I was overwhelmed. I did get to see Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo… sadly I didn’t get to see the last Ninja Turtle. But I saw Vangogh which was seriously awesome. OH! And REmbrandt who’s my favorite of all time old timie panters. Everytime I see an angel I trhink of Cas and Gabriel

Also sorry for typos and I am honored you like my blog.