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in honour of march being #trypod month, here’s everything you need to know about podcasts! (part two here)

what the heck even are podcasts?

podcasts are audio shows that are either in episode or radio format, which you can download and listen to whenever you like, for free!! there are both fiction and non fictional podcasts, so there is something for everyone

why should i listen to these?

podcasts are similar to audiobooks and radio shows in that you can listen to them anywhere, on your phone or computer, and are ideal for commutes and journeys (i personally listen to most of mine on the bus to and from school). most podcasts are made by people as a hobby rather than their job, so you can support them by listening as well 

where can i find podcasts?

pretty much every podcast ever is available on itunes and spotify, and many apps for non apple devices

cool, can you give me some recommendations?


welcome to night vale [weird and spooky fantasy] is about a small town in america, where a lot of weird crap goes on, but here in night vale this is generally completely normal. this is pretty much how everyone gets into podcasts, and is a really good starting point for listening to fiction podcasts

the bright sessions [sci-fi] is about some folks with superpower in therapy trying to learn about themselves, their powers and how to control them. honest to god this is my most favourite fiction podcast ever, i love it with all of my heart and cannot recommend this enough. 

the orbiting human circus of the air [fantasy?] is about an old-timey radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower. this is honestly such a joy to listen to, and has some wonderful stories with really interesting ways of telling them

wolf 359 [sci-fi and comedy] is about a small crew in a space station, orbiting the red dwarf star, wolf 359. it starts off pretty light hearted and gets pretty wild pretty quickly, so buckle in for a bumpy ride. (they did a live show and recorded it and put it on youtube and it is honestly such a gift seeing zach jump back and forth arguing with himself.)

the penumbra podcast [noir/fantasy/western/horror] is really queer. its great. the main stories follow a non-binary pi named juno steel, but there are other stories on the feed too that are well worth a listen (and season 2 premiers really soon!)

eos 10 [sci-fi and comedy] is about some doctors in space. its hilarious (the main plot arc starts with a boner that just will not go away) and the characters are super interesting. its been on break for a really long time, but is on its way back soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

the strange case of starship iris [sci-fi adventure] is new and really cleverly done. im still blown away by how cool the end credits are, everytime i hear them. its also about gays in space which is cool also ;)

the adventure zone [comedy and adventure] is barely a fiction podcast as it is 3 brothers and their dad playing d&d. if you have never played d&d, or think its boring, then dont let that deter you, because this podcast is the funniest one i have listened to. it starts a little slowly, so be prepared for that, but it really picks up a few episodes in, and griffin’s story telling gets SO good, i really recommend this one as well

dead serious [supernatural] is about two teens who discover that the local haunted house is actually Haunted and talk to the ghosts living there about their lives and deaths (this is mine ;))


spirits is 2 women chatting about really cool myths and legends, both old and new, from all of the world, whilst quite tipsy. this was the first podcast i listened to and i fell in love. i personally recommend the “japanese urban legend” episode its super creepy and super cool

dead pilots society is a table reading of tv pilots that are bought by companies but never made. they so far have all been comedies and include well known writers and actors, and are great for long journeys, as well as one time listening if you don’t want to get too emotionally involved in anything

my brother my brother and me  is a really bad advice show and really good comedy podcast run by 3 brothers (the same ones in the adventure zone minus their dad) who answer questions and give terrible advice that is hilarious to listen to. they also made a tv show on seeso recently, which you can also check out the first episode on yt!

international waters is a quiz show between british and american comedians which is interesting and hilarious, with different contestants each week to keep it fresh and interesting

i have a ton more i could talk about, but these are some of my highlights. if you want any recommendations, feel free to message me or drop me an ask!

Podcast rec list

My old podcast rec/request list is still getting notes so I figured I’d make a new list with everything I’ve downloaded since then. Favourites are italicized*.

For updates, please check @insomniac-podcaster.

Audio drama (Fantasy)

  • Alba Salix, Royal Physician* - Follows trials and tribulations of Farloria’s head witch of the House of Healing, Alba Salix. It is a 6-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with no future episodes currently planned.
  • The Behemoth -  15-year-old Madyson tells the story of the Behemoth, a large, lumbering beast that has emerged from the waters off of Cape Cod. It will be a 20-part mini-series.
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern - An improv comedy podcast hosted by Arnie, a man who accidentally passed through a portal into the land of “Foon”. Every week Arnie interviews patrons of the Vermilion Minotaur tavern including monsters, wizard, and adventurers.

Audio drama (Horror)

  • Alice Isn’t Dead* - A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead, encountering not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman along the way. This podcast is produced by the same people who brought you Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Archive 81 - These are the recovered tapes of missing archivist Daniel Powell, posted by a well-meaning friend hoping to locate him.
  • Help Me - Nicole investigates the mysterious death of her friend Olivia and possible link to a dangerous entity. It is a 15-part mini-series with no future episodes currently planned.
  • Limetown* - Radio host Lia Haddock investigates the sudden disappearance of the residents of Limetown. It is a 7-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with future seasons (and possibly a TV show) in the works.
  • Return Home - Jonathan Baker returns to his home town after being contacted by a mysterious entity. Episodes are broken up into multiple parts aired every week, with breaks between episodes.

Audio drama (Pseudo-radio show)

  • The Black Tapes* - (horror) A weekly radio show hosted by Alex Reagan that investigates unsolved paranormal phenomenon documented by the Strand Institute. They also produce TANIS.
  • The Message* - (sci-fi) Nicky Tomalin documents the work of a team of cryptologists as the attempt to decipher an alien message. It is an 8-part mini-series.
  • Good Morning Zakera Ward - (sci-fi, Mass Effect) A morning radio show set in the Mass Effect universe. It is an 11-part series that appears to have ended abruptly, but is still worth a listen if you’re a fan of the games.
  • King Falls AM - (sci-fi/fantasy) A late-night talk show from quaint town of King Falls that is frequently interrupted by peculiar happenings and paranormal events.
  • TANIS - (horror) A docu-drama series hosted by Nic Silver exploring the myth and conspiracy of Tanis. They also produce The Black Tapes.
  • Welcome to Night Vale - (cosmic horror)  Community radio updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Audio drama (Sci-Fi)

  • ars PARADOXICA* - A journey through spacetime and the Cold War with Dr. Sally Grissom, a physicist send back in time when an experiment goes awry.
  • The Bright Sessions* - The recorded therapy sessions of Dr. Bright, who provides support for patients with unusual talents. ((It’s more of a paranormal drama that a true sci-fi)).
  • The Bunker - A breakfast radio show broadcast back in time to us from the post-apocalyptic year 2414. It’s a 12-part mini-series, and the developers are currently working on another sci-fi series that will be titled Mars Corp.
  • EOS 10* - The adventures of two maladjusted doctors, their medical team, and a hypochondriac ex-prince aboard an intergalactic travel hub.
  • Kakos Industries - Corporate announcements for Kakos Industries, a corporation dedicated to helping you ‘do evil better’.
  • Liberty - Tales from Atrius, a colony cut off from humanity and racked by civil war, and the surrounding lawless expanse known as the Fringe. It consists of multiple mini-series.
  • Sayer - Acclimate to life on Earth’s man-made second moon, Typhon, with the assistance of the self-aware AI SAYER.
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour - A podcast in the style of an old-timey radio show consisting of the regular sub-series ‘Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars’ and ‘Beyond Belief’ as well as other segments.
  • Wolf 359*** - Follows the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit around the red dwarf Wolf 359. This is my all-time favourite series - you should be downloading it right now… unless you’ve already heard it in which case you should definitely treat yourself and listen to it again.


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - As the title implies, this is really hardcore history. Episodes are exceedingly well-researched and is surprisingly easy to listen to considering the density of the subject matter.
  • Lore - A podcast examining myths and folktales alongside the true dark stories that either inspired or arose from them. A chilling listen that also has a TV show in the works.
  • Myths and Legends - Re-tellings of both popular and obscure legends that make them very accessible to a modern audience (i.e. people like me who DON’T read Beowulf in it’s original Old English for fun in their free time).
  • Sleep With Me* - Honestly, I have no idea what this podcast is actually about because Ackerman’s ramblings are so soothing I’m usually asleep shortly after turning it on. If you have insomnia and problems falling asleep to silence (like myself), this is a must-download - it’s more engaging that rain/wave/whale noises but you don’t have to worry about missing anything.


  • Escape Pod - Every episode consists of a sci-fi short story from a variety of sub-genres, and they are generally 30-60 minutes in length. If you enjoy Escape Pod, also check out their fantasy (PodCastle) and horror (PseudoPod) podcasts.
  • The NoSleep Podcast - Narrations of short horror stories posted to the NoSleep reddit board. It’s featured horror stories for every squick and trigger imaginable so be careful with this one if you aren’t into hardcore horror, and definitely heed the warnings at the beginnings of episodes.

True Crime

  • Serial - I don’t think it’s possible to be a podcast fan and not have (at the very least) heard about Serial. If you haven’t listened to it yet, definitely give it a go - there’s a reason it was at the top of the (Canadian) iTunes store for close to a year. It’s produced by ‘This American Life’, which is another professionally-produced podcast worthy of downloading.
  • Someone Knows Something - A series produced by CBC that examines unsolved cases of missing or murdered individuals.
  • Thin Air Podcast - Two English majors investigate cold cases by examining evidence and interviewing people involved with the original investigation.

Pending - I either haven’t started these or haven’t listened to enough to categorize them, but most have been rec’d by multiple sources so check them out!

  • A New Winter - A first-hand account of the unsolved murders and disappearances of 25 people in a small UK village.
  • The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga - (audio drama - sci-fi) An epic post-apocalyptic saga set in a world ravaged by fossil fuel scarcity.
  • Greater Boston - An audio drama set in Boston that blends the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical.
  • Hadron Gospel Hour - (audio drama - sci-fi)A sci-fi comedy/adventure following a duo of scientists stranded ouside of spacetime in the Hadron Bunker.
  • Jim Robbie and the Wanderers - (audio drama - sci-fi) Follows two female musicians travelling surreal America with their robot companion, Jim Robbie.
  • Monster Talk - (informational) Examines the science behind cryptozoological and legendary monsters. 
  • The Night Blogger - (audio drama - paranormal) It appears to follow blogger Brian Foster’s encounters with the paranormal.
  • Our Fair City - (audio drama - sci-fi) A campy (their words), post-apocalyptic audio drama.
  • Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles -  (audio drama) In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles, but his sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy.
  • The Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness - A podcast chronicling the decline and fall of radio veteran Greg Willis. It is a 6-part mini-series.
  • Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe -  (audio drama) Ruby is a hip, tough-talking detective hired to track down the malefactors who are manipulating the media on the planet Summa Nulla (the “high point of nothing”).
  • Unexplained - (informational) A podcast about strange and mysterious real-life events that continue to evade explanation.

As always, if there’s a podcast you like that’s missing from this list, please drop me a line (message, ask, fan mail, raven, etc. etc.) and I’ll check it out! I’ll also be adding a podcast link to my blog featuring this list with updates. Enjoy~

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for podcasts?

A general list in no particular order:

  • Welcome to Night Vale [you probs know what this is]
  • Sawbones [weird medical history i.e. drilling holes in skulls, a mcelroy production]
  • I Don’t Even Own A Television [two dudes read shitty books, START WITH THE WILD ANIMUS EPISODE OKAY]
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie [two people try out weird shit like aromatherapy and soylent and scientology]
  • The F Plus [nerds read weird internet shit like sonic fanfic forums, can be VERY hit or miss, if you are a sensitive soul you should probs avoid]
  • Throwing Shade [straight lady and gay dude discuss the news and also mailchimp]
  • Stuff You Should Know [see title]
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class [see title, again]
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me [the mcelroy brothers give bad advice]
  • 99% Invisible [it’s about design? and stuff? IT’S REAL FASCINATING]
  • Lore [spoopy shit, sometimes hella debunked but w/e]
  • The Truth [radio drama, no continuity, IT FUCKS WITH ME BAD]
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour [old timey radio drama, different shows, extensive continuity]
  • Judge John Hodgman [john hodgman judges dumb friend/family fights]
  • Limetown [radio drama, continuity, short, SPOOP AS HELL]
  • The Message [radio drama, continuity, short, shitty ending imho but good overall]
  • Mystery Show [lady solves weird little mysteries, only six eps ever, the belt buckle one is the best]
  • You Must Remember This [old time hollywood gossip]
  • Whistlestop [politics, history, you might be sick of this shit by now]
  • The Adventure Zone [mcelroy family plays DnD

My grandparents are finally moving into a smaller house, so I managed to snag this awesome old Zenith tube radio that I had coveted for years.  They heard the news about Pearl Harbor on this thing.  It hasn’t been plugged in for twenty years and my grandpa said something about electrostatic speakers and how many amps it drew or whatever and I pretended to understand.  I just want to listen to The Shadow and Lil Orphan Annie and FDR’s Fireside Chats, but I’ll probably just hide secret treasures in its cavernous body.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for playing a Kenku?

Honestly, I’ve neither played a Kenku or Gm’d for anyone playing one.

Originally posted by giphygiff

BUT I just had a look at the D&D wiki and I love this line:

“A race of crow-like, wingless Avians that communicate through their ability to flawlessly imitate any sound they hear

I’m immediately thinking about Bumblebee from Transformers but infinitely more awesome. So here’s a few quick thoughts:

- A Kenku Bard that communicates exclusively through 1950′s style old-timey radio snippets

- A Kenku Wizard with short-term memory problems who can only cast spells he has heard uttered that day 

- A Kenku Fighter who has made a vow to only use the voices of those he has failed to save

Any of my followers have any good Kenku advice?

Random Podcasts to Check Out:

>Welcome to Nightvale
Related Podcasts: Alice Isn’t Dead, Within the Wires, The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
[All brilliant and surreal; there is no description for WTNV, it just IS.]

>King Falls AM
[Big city radio host ends up in small town full of supernatural hijinks and nonsense, local population frustratingly chill about it]

>WOLF 359
[Personal log of Commander Doug Eiffel, stationed in space with some crazy crew members & the sassy AI Hera; searching for alien transmissions.]

>Our Fair City
[Hard to describe. Basically, the world has altered and people live in underground cities sponsored by HeartLife Corporation. There are things in the tunnels that scare even the mole-people, and you experience the narrative from multiple perspectives.]

>The Thrilling Adventure Hour
[Podcast set in the style of an old-timey radio show. It’s HILARIOUS. They have different series they run continuously, but my two favourites are:
1) Beyond Belief - featuring the married millionaire mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (never sober, fear of bees) who basically started a feud with a demonic clown + are best friends with an obscene amount of supernaturally-inclined friends, also there were singing animals at one point.
and 2) Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. It is just… imagine cowboys, with robot fists and alien sidekicks, and at one point a talking horse. Never be over that.
But there heaps of others as well; all brilliant and kooky.]

>The Bright Sessions
[Dr Bright is a clinician who provides for clients/patients of the strange, unusual and sometimes paranormal variety. Sessions are recorded for research purposes, of course. The cast of characters are certainly fascinating.]

>Archive 81
[Daniel Powell has gone missing; but before he does, his friend suddenly receives hours upon hours of confusing tapes, all filled with the various audio recordings Daniel had collected. What does it mean?]

>The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Story
[It’s… one hell of a ride. A sibling pair who grew up in a rural american town have to travel to the City, and deal with the dangerous trials and people that await them on their journey.]

[300 people disappeared without a trace from Limetown. An investigative series.]

>The Penumbra Podcast
[Enter the Penumbra Hotel, set in a place that does not exist and slightly outside what you can conceptualise as time with your limited human narrative. The stories vary, but are perpetually engaging/entertaining, and it’s definitely a wild ride.]

>We’re Alive: A ‘Zombie’ Story of Survival [M15+]
[The main character is an Army Reserve Soldier/College Student called Michael Cross, follow him as he and others attempt to escape/survive the apocalyptic hellpit of Los Angeles. From the 'We’re Alive’ universe, which apparently encompasses a series of other, well, series.]

- - - -

List compiled for various reasons.

ultron’s attempts to enlist the household electronics for his evil robot uprising were not terribly successful.

anonymous asked:

so meg and ryan are taking submissions for them to read an old timey radio play and make a video out of it. more meg and ryan content coming soon-ish!!

did they announce that at the start of the stream? i must not have gotten in before then but i’m!!! so excited!!!


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast pallet ♥

Hello, listeners! Would you consider yourself a podcast fan? I certainly do and there’s nothing I love more than being able to take time out of my day to sit back, relax, and listen in on what new tales are the tell around this growing community.

Artists everywhere are traveling to space, playing cowboy, thinking with portals, and relishing the joys of submitting to the lovely Evils of the world. Nowadays it couldn’t be easier to become part of that fantasy and I, PodCake, shall be your guide.

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six podcasts you’ll certainly love.


In the distant future, humanity has its last stand against the tyrant computer ILLUSIONOID. A lone survivor sends messages backwards through time in hopes that he can provide a warning of the danger to come. Will you heed his warnings? Open your ears and hone your senses, for without immediate action, none can escape the future that is ILLUSIONOID.

Follow the episodic whereabouts of lawyers, gardeners, aliens, outlaws, and explorers in this hysterical sci-fi improv comedy. Yes, improv. No transcript what so ever. Trust me, you’ll be surprised that such bizarre tales can be unwoven so fluidly without the aid of a script. 

With constantly varying scenarios, characters, and depths of space to travel each episode, you’ll always be in for something different, but always with a goodhearted chuckle between each.


SAYER is a narrative fiction podcast set on Earth’s man-made second moon, Typhon. The eponymous SAYER is a highly advanced, self-aware AI created to help acclimate new residents to their new lives, and their new employment with Ærolith Dynamics.

Prepare for a step into a scientific world as the deep, chilling tones of an A.I. guides you through your new life in Ærolith Dynamics. In the future, your life  among the stars couldn’t be better. You are independent, self-sufficient, monitored, killed, tortured, and sometimes sucked into space.

But no need to worry, SAYER will wipe away your Earth-stained existence with one day of work after the next. Travel tower to tower, shift to shift, and cross your fingers to make it out alive before your lunch break.

3. Kakos Industries

The Shareholder Announcements from Kakos Industries, an organization that helps you to Do Evil Better. The announcements are read by Corin Deeth III, CEO of Kakos Industries.

Introduce yourself to the strange, sexy, and snarky company known as Kakos Industries, all about Evil and all things Evil. Excellent music, a hypnotic narration, and plenty of vulgar comedy just so damn naughty you’ll be blushing a wonderfully Evil shade by the end of each episode.

Be slowly seduced by the dulcet tones of  Corin Deeth III, an exemplary executive enhancing out Evil capabilities with each smooth, sweet monologue. Tightly designed and filled to the brink with “fucks”, puns, and fun for all you lucky shareholders.

4. The Meat Blockade

The Meat Blockade is a serialized radio show depicting the strange and surreal journeys of Karl Berenger, a self-proclaimed writer and misadventurer.

The world of the charmingly bizarre, surreal, and dangerous has never been more thrilling. Well, perhaps Mr. Berenger is getting the short end of the stick in this case, as he normally does. Poor fellow.

The Meat Blockade will spoil you silly badgers with excellent sound editing, a colorful cast of characters, and a growing collection of mini-movies that tip into the farthest ends of absurdity.

5. The Thrilling Adventure Hour

A staged show in the style of old-time radio performed live, monthly at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood. Starring all of your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, animation, sketch, and the stage.

A brilliant hodgepodge of genres, actors, and characters presented in the genuine contribution to old-timey radio. Lovingly retro, beautifully acted, and bursting with originality and class with each short story. 

With hundreds of episodes under their belt, this podcast brings on the most familiar settings in ways you would never expect and fresh wit and jokes that keep you tuned in.

6. Blue Sky: Podfic

What happened after the events of Portal 2? What if Wheatley fell from space, and came back to Earth? A fully-casted audio podfic of Waffle’s Portal story.

A much different addition than the others though an incredibly well read and brilliantly acted addition it is. Fans of Portal may be familiar with the famous fan fiction and this smooth reading meant to span all chapters takes both elements of the game series and story to the best quality you could possibly imagine.

Production for this project couldn’t be more stellar and I highly anticipate its completion. With its vivid world building, almost scary accurate voices, and you have a wonderful experience to kill thirty minutes of your day.

now, get to listening.

antikripkean  asked:

How'd you become interested in Martin Shkreli? :)

Long story tbh:

so I spent a lot of time barely knowing anything about the guy, past the fact that I was supposed to hate him or something. 

Then one day me and my friend were chilling and we ended typing in random names of celebrities into ao3 and seeing if there was a fanfic about them. Well, we ended up typing in “Milo Yiannopolous” and there was like five-ish results (most of which weren’t really about him). But there was ONE result that fit our criteria. It was some gay fic between him and Martin and it was super hard to read (not because it was poorly written (it was quite the opposite), but because we were having a cringe fest). And somewhere in the fic it said “you see, Martin is gay” or some shit like that, but when I read it aloud, I said it really weirdly, almost like an old-timey radio announcer, and we both just kind of laughed our asses off. Then it became a bit of an inside joke for us.  EVENTUALLY, it led to me googling him and finding his youtube channel and I watched a few of his videos. Fast-forward a few months, and we’re where we’re at today.

edit: the fic has like two chapters and was never updated. for better or worse, I guess

all my thoughts right now are inexplicably in the voice of an old timey female radio host with a thick transatlantic accent. Maybe that’s just how it is at 4:49 am

Making a single episode of an animated show takes most of a year, and you’d better have a shitload of people working on it. Here’s the long, torturous process:

It starts with a team of writers spending up to seven weeks fleshing out a story idea, like Bob’s restaurant being overrun with sentient bees or facing some similarly relatable problem. Then one writer goes away for a week to write the script, which is then given to two teams – one team focuses on improving the plot, while the other team punches up the jokes. For each joke in the episode, they write around a dozen alternatives, which means at one point Homer Simpson’s catchphrase may have been “Derp,” “Dang,” or “Sweet tickling fartscuttles.”

At that point, you have a script that is entirely too long for a 22-minute TV show. So another week gets spent getting it down to a reasonable size, and from there it goes to the network for notes, such as highlighting jokes they feel are too risque and suggesting that Bob’s five-minute speech on the benefits of peeing in the shower be cut from the third act. Then the script gets read by the actors in front of the writers, animators, directors, and showrunners, all of whom give more notes. So, already a typical episode involves more notes than most of us took through our entire academic careers, although these notes actually get used for something.

Then, finally, all the actors record their lines. Those lines get edited and cut into an audio play, basically like an episode of an old-timey radio program without any sound effects. Then the producers meet with the animators and decide how they want each scene to look. That leads to an animatic, which looks a little like a flipbook, only much more expensive:

Then, after yet another round of fucking notes, it’s shipped off to Korea to get fully animated and colored. There, dozens of animators grind out tens of thousands of drawings. Other than the wages being roughly a third of what American animators make it’s not nearly as sweatshoppy as it sounds (although we can’t speak to the quality of the North Korean animation studios that helped bring you The Lion King).

When they get the episode back, which usually takes about four or five freaking months, they add the sound effects and music, typically completing the production process two weeks before the episode airs. That’s anywhere from nine months to a year for a single episode, which takes less time to watch than it does to return a bag of socks at Walmart. You can make a freaking human being in the time it takes to create that episode you had playing in the background while you were microwaving a Hot Pocket.

Now, it’s true that shows like South Park cut this way down by going with an intentionally rough, low-budget look (and we’ll get into that in a moment), but most forms of animation involve a staggering number of man hours, if for no other reason than the medium inherently requires many more steps than a live-action production. If you get back an animated scene only to discover that it’s hideously drawn and the jokes aren’t working, you can’t just go reshoot it – you have to wait another four or five months for it to be reanimated.

“5 Dark Realities Of Animating Shows Like The Simpsons (by animators and writers from Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Oblongs and more)

attackthellama  asked:

ah damn ok well basically i was just saying that all ur blogging about podcasts is really great, and that thanks to u im now listening to Wolf 359 and Freed (they r soo good aaaaah), and i was wondering if there were any other good podcasts u could recommend? thanks

I’m so glad you got into those! They’re two of my favorites!

Hoooo boy, I have so many podcast rec’s for you! All the podcasts are LGBTQ+ friendly, as far as I know!
Firstly, Adventures of Mechabetty is really good! I’m only 75% through it but, i love it. It’s about a brilliant girl turned into a cyborg that, with help from friends/the army, is fighting off an alien invasion! It’s in the style of old timey radio dramas, which is so much fun to listen to. -their tumblr is @mechabetty

Next is Ars Paradoxica, another sci-fi! This one is about a scientist named Sally Grissom who accidentally created travel. It’s one of my favorite takes on time travel, if I’m being honest. Canon Ace character and lesbians also. -their tumblr is @arsparadoxica

Next Wooden Overcoats. Not as depressing as you’d expect from a podcast about funeral homes. It’s actually really funny. I’m a few episodes behind though, so that may have changed, I’m not sure. But its probably still really funny. Highly recommend. -their tumblr is @woodenovercoats

Now, for the bright sessions! I love this podcast SO MUCH. It’s about a therapist for atypicals. 99% is just her sessions with them which is a really cool format to me? It’s very well done, and I love it. It’s got humor, angst, and a canon ace character! Cadam is life. Also, there is a crossover with Ars Paradoxica! It’s really nice and I love it! -their tumblr is @thebrightsessions

Lastly on this list, we have EOS 10! Basically, scrubs in space from what I’ve been told. Never seen scrubs so I wouldn’t know. I do know I love EOS 10 a lot. The Skype chat for it is great too. I highly recommend listening to it. We’re (hopefully) getting a new season soon! -their tumblr is @eos10radio

And I think that’s it. OH! Also, there’s a slack chat that you should join. Slack is a large group chat with a bunch of channels for different podcasts and they’ll be able to give even more recs! I think @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey could help you with that! The slack is so much fun!

Age: Old
Species: Jackalope
Place of Origin: Long Gone Gulch
Job: Mayor
Interests: Sleeping, hot baths, old timey radio, travel
Dislikes: Stress, annoyance, wolves

For as long as Long Gone Gulch has had a mayor, they have all been jackalopes.  The Mayor comes from a long line of other jackalope mayors, his father, his father’s father, and so on.  He holds the weight of the Gulch on his antlers. Often times he takes his job too seriously and puts his work before his health, sometimes not realizing he’s half asleep or sick with a deadly virus that is ready to spread.  His species is known to be adaptable but the Mayor is…kind of soft.  That’s why Rawhide is good at taking care of him, since he took care of her after her father’s passing.  She inherited some of his odd rabbit habits, but the Mayor raised her as best as he could.   Rawhide can be a handful though, and the Mayor usually doesn’t have time for her.  With Snag in the mix its double the stress.  Snag likes to mess with the Mayor since he’s an authority type.  The Mayor’s always on his guard around Snag, who enjoys pinning random things to his antlers when he’s not looking or switching his important documents around.  Though sometimes he regrets making these two goofs the sheriffs, they tend to never disappoint him.  The Mayor isn’t all work work work, when he does get time off he likes to travel and explore, which is what he was doing before he was the Mayor.  Though its rare that he even does get time off.

They’re all dreaming?

OK so I’ve come up with a (partial) theory about EXO that I think could explain everything. Brace yourselves, this is gonna get quite long! 


Basically what I think is that everyone except Kai and Sehun are dreaming, and I’m saying this based on not just the way they are filmed (because Kai’s is COMPLETELY different to everyone else’s) but based on visual and sound clues that aren’t quite right. I also think that Kai and Sehun are trying to wake up the others through phones and the sound of the wind.

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