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So you’re following my tumblr, which means that you’re probably at least kinda here for Volturi rare-pairs. Have I got good news for you! Our very own @elizabetans has posted a Corin/Sulpicia oneshot over on AO3.

It is gorgeous and delicate and romantic and melancholy, in the grand tradition of Volturi-centric writing. also corin’s narrative voice is perfect, holy shit Seriously, go read it, experience the heartache, be delighted by the use of language, and join us in the Corin/Sulpicia shipping society. 

link: dumbfounded by the glow of your gold halo

8 / 10 / 2017

Ok so taking a break from studying and I’m in a little mood. This journal is from 5 years ago. So many memories.   When was the last time you looked at your old journals?

lmao lok at me talkin, i ochestrated this whole pic for 1 hr n also that’s not even a bed, that’s my desk with my dirty bed sheet on it tHANKS BYE

A Day Out Together

Flug and Dementia decide to spend their day off together and though Flug doesn’t wanna go in the first place, the two do start to have fun together! 

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I should be doing homework, but made a Jaspis au instead by accident. woops.

Enjoy a mermaid lapis tending to her reckless sailor’s new wounds. 

Now with old timey picture quality!!

Kakuzu's ultimate revenge
  • Pain: Kakuzu, you pissing everyone off.....we can't even spend money on actual things we need....how about you give us some money to at the very least have some lighting in the base?
  • Kakuzu: Hmf, you wish, you'll have to earn that money...besides, do I look like a man who gives allowances?
  • Pain: Kakuzu you giant greedy asshole.
  • Kakuzu: Thats no way to talk to....your FATHER.
  • Pain: ...what the hell are you talking about?
  • Kakuzu: You all really assume I didn't have sex with all of your mothers at one point in my 91 years of life?
  • Everyone: [fear]
  • Pain: oh yeah? Prove it.
  • Kakuzu: *gets out several old timey pictures of him having sex with everyone's mom* ....who knows...maybe...one of you really IS my child.
  • Everyone in the akatsuki: [internally screaming]
  • Sasori: HA! Jokes on you! I already know my mom! And so does Itachi!
  • Kakuzu: really sasori? Is that so? Are you sure?...cus I never mentioned your grandmother, because I assumed she wasn't relevant...until now. Plus, Itachi I'm afraid....looks nothing like his father.
  • Itachi and Sasori: [fear]

anonymous asked:

Would a Gem ever make her default form cover her gem? The outfit Amethyst is wearing in the old-timey picture does this, but maybe it was a shapeshift? It would make it difficult to get her weapon out quickly. Are there any reasons you can think of for why a Gem would form herself in a way that covers her gem? Might it be a little better protected, perhaps if she was lower on the Mohs scale (though Amethyst is pretty high on it)?

The picture in question: 

Yes! I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth discussing in light of the new episode we’ve seen.

First of all, gems identify themselves by their gemstone. It’s their name, where their attributes originate, and the store of their data. Their bodies are just a manifestation; the gem is the good stuff. This is how gems can at a glance tell what kind of gem the other is. 

Steven and Rose have very different forms, are clearly made up of different matter. But one look at a pink gem, with a particular cut (I’m certain there are other pink gems out there), and Jasper immediately knows it’s Rose’s gem. In fact, gems can even tell if another is a fusion just by looking at them.

So to me, it wouldn’t be surprising that gems would wear their stones out proudly. Because it’s the equivalent of showing the world your face.

Second, it’s pretty interesting to ask how humans identify each other. We look at faces. We recognise faces. We say, “I can’t seem to put a name to that face,” or “Your face looks familiar.” That’s our go-to. 

When we look at Amethyst, we have to ask, where does she identify with? Earth, or Gemworld? She doesn’t choose, really. She’s the gem we most often see just roaming around Beach City, interacting with humans as she did in the underground wrestling arena. As early as Story for Steven, we see that she’s been curious about the world outside. And she’s friends with Vidalia. 

And what do we notice about her? Interestingly enough, her gem and her face are both half-covered. She can’t choose between the two, but she’s not comfortable enough choosing both. And it reflects a lot of the tension she feels between these two spheres of her life. In On the Run, she says, “Earth’s not my home!” and “[Homeworld]’s not my home either!” 

Young Amethyst was showing her full gem, but young Amethyst had Rose, was more willing to listen to the older gems, because she didn’t know as much, and as a result had a closer relationship with them. As her own interests started to surface, of course there’d be arguments and disagreement. 

She never felt she had a place for herself. In the Gemworld, there’s so much history and context that she’s just not privy to. In the human world, there’s so much she’s curious about but can’t ever experience on the same level. 

One other other gem who has a covered stone: Steven. Steven looks at his gem when he’s thinking of his mother. He still associates his gem with Rose, the part of him that’s Rose. Rose is such a loaded topic and Rose in death has become such a larger-than-life person. As such, he feels he can’t fully claim that gemstone as his and his identity. 

Amethyst (and the other gems) in Story for Steven

Another quick thing about Story for Steven, sorry.

Of course everyone’s talking about how the gems looked in Story for Steven. I think I can keep this theory pretty short by answering the two big questions I’ve seen:

1. Why was Amethyst so tiny?
This is a big deal since Amethyst’s hole was the size that she is present day, as well as the matter of Amethyst’s hair length in the ‘old-timey’ picture being the way it is now. It would be super weird for the crew to leave a continuity error that big unless it was something SUPER simple. So what’s the simple answer?
Amethyst was going through a phase. The gems can change their shape at will after all. Amethyst probably observed human children, identified with them, and altered herself accordingly.
When Steven came around she probably felt like she needed to mature and reverted to her original form. Maybe she liked greg’s hair because it looked like her old style, instead of changing her style after meeting greg.

2. How come the gems look so much….younger?

Well I think that’s another simple answer. Even though gems don’t physically age, they still mature and age mentally.
When Rose was around, they had a leader. They had someone to direct them and someone they could lean on. In a way, Rose was their Mom. After she gave up her physical form, they had to learn to take care of steven AND themselves. So it wasn’t just their outfits that changed, their whole mannerisms shifted. They grew up fast, like any kids that lose their mother would.

sunnybutch  asked:

everybody is talking about the continuity error with the old timey picture in amethyst's room, but no one is talking about how great of an impact Greg has had in their lives! we all knew he was a huge influence for rose, but now that it's clear that the gems didnt really interact with humans, i think he was the one who introduced a lot of human stuff to the gems (especially amethyst) and to me thats so cute. i need more greg/gems relationship talk ASAP

I agree! I’m super interested in seeing more flashback stuff because I’d love to see more about the Gems’ relationships with him. Rose clearly spent the most time with him but I have to imagine, since he was part of her life for so long, the others got to know him a bit too and like you said its probably where they got any of their knowledge of human stuff prior to Steven. Like, the Gems were trying to get him away but at the same time they all seemed pretty fascinated by him its just that he wasn’t supposed to be there so he had to go. But like when Greg gives Rose the T-shirt they all rush over to look at it and they really look so interested, like this sort of interaction is totally new to them and they may be kind of apprehensive (Garnet and Pearl mostly) but they’re still curious. So I have to imagine they’d be interested in him introducting them to human stuff, at least a little.

And, like, he must’ve have specific relationship with all of them, its pretty unavoidable if he was with Rose for so many years because they’re with Rose a lot too. And he has a lot of understanding of how alien the Gems are (more than pretty much anyone) and he’s very patient and understanding with them even when they’re being difficult and I think its because, like, he knows them a bit. He knows they’re odd and alien and he’s comfortable with them because of their history, even if its strained now. He knows enough about them to know they’re trying and that human stuff doesn’t come easy to them. And in “The Return” he talks about how they try to make up for what their kind was doing but they can’t forgive themselves and I don’t think he just assumed that was the case, I think he knows they feel bad about it because it probably came up at some point when they were comfortable enough with him to open up

and its, like, after Rose was gone and their grief and most likely seeing him at fault, whatever relationships they had got severely damaged and now they’re kind of strained. I’d really love to know more about the friendships they lost because of all that and see them repaired eventually