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            ——– recall, for the sake of understanding this scene, old-timey pictures where the main actor released a single, emotional tear at a pivotal moment in their character’s heroic journey. landscapes set in monochrome, music slow, making everything seem to stop in their dramatic flare.

             hello, my name is jessica drew and this is my story. 

            scott didn’t just CHUCK a baguette at her head. no, he threw that delicious oblong piece of heaven like it was a mother-fucking blue eyes white dragon card at the local toys-r-us match. ❝ oh what the FUCK scott. ❞  and like almost every up-and-coming actor in their great cinematic history, she’d now taken an unwanted load to the eye. ❝ who HURT you?! ❞

Amethyst (and the other gems) in Story for Steven

Another quick thing about Story for Steven, sorry.

Of course everyone’s talking about how the gems looked in Story for Steven. I think I can keep this theory pretty short by answering the two big questions I’ve seen:

1. Why was Amethyst so tiny?
This is a big deal since Amethyst’s hole was the size that she is present day, as well as the matter of Amethyst’s hair length in the ‘old-timey’ picture being the way it is now. It would be super weird for the crew to leave a continuity error that big unless it was something SUPER simple. So what’s the simple answer?
Amethyst was going through a phase. The gems can change their shape at will after all. Amethyst probably observed human children, identified with them, and altered herself accordingly.
When Steven came around she probably felt like she needed to mature and reverted to her original form. Maybe she liked greg’s hair because it looked like her old style, instead of changing her style after meeting greg.

2. How come the gems look so much….younger?

Well I think that’s another simple answer. Even though gems don’t physically age, they still mature and age mentally.
When Rose was around, they had a leader. They had someone to direct them and someone they could lean on. In a way, Rose was their Mom. After she gave up her physical form, they had to learn to take care of steven AND themselves. So it wasn’t just their outfits that changed, their whole mannerisms shifted. They grew up fast, like any kids that lose their mother would.

Kakuzu's ultimate revenge
  • Pain: Kakuzu, you pissing everyone off.....we can't even spend money on actual things we need....how about you give us some money to at the very least have some lighting in the base?
  • Kakuzu: Hmf, you wish, you'll have to earn that money...besides, do I look like a man who gives allowances?
  • Pain: Kakuzu you giant greedy asshole.
  • Kakuzu: Thats no way to talk to....your FATHER.
  • Pain: ...what the hell are you talking about?
  • Kakuzu: You all really assume I didn't have sex with all of your mothers at one point in my 91 years of life?
  • Everyone: [fear]
  • Pain: oh yeah? Prove it.
  • Kakuzu: *gets out several old timey pictures of him having sex with everyone's mom* ....who knows...maybe...one of you really IS my child.
  • Everyone in the akatsuki: [internally screaming]
  • Sasori: HA! Jokes on you! I already know my mom! And so does Itachi!
  • Kakuzu: really sasori? Is that so? Are you sure?...cus I never mentioned your grandmother, because I assumed she wasn't relevant...until now. Plus, Itachi I'm afraid....looks nothing like his father.
  • Itachi and Sasori: [fear]

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It really weirds me out that you post "pinup" pictures (old-timey boner fuel, so quaint) on the same blog where you sometimes post pictures of your kids.

Eh, I post the things that I find interesting. I maintain a personal level of what I feel comfortable as SFW on this blog (vs roundedcurves ) but if it’s not your thing then there’s a lot of tag blocking scripts and add ons out there that you could use to block #pinup or other tags. 

Or you could unfollow, whatever works for you.