old timey duders


Pitching some stuff to some people about a thing!

I’m real sorry that I haven’t been posting much over the holidays. I really intended for these few months to be a productivity explosion on this blog- I had so many awesome ideas for comics and storytelling pictures and dumb animations…but I got a killer job at an animation studio and we’ve been working like 14 hour days seven days a week since then.

I have a lot of stuff I’ve made these holidays which I am really proud of, but can’t show anyone for a while. I’ve been animating one music video and I'm directing another one which I’m real excited about. I might be the art director of another one if someone likes something I did for a dude.

Exciting times, guys! I’ve got some bigger pictures to post in the next few weeks- a badass pic for Stefie’s Zine “WE AINT GOT TIME TO BLEED” and another thing I think a few of you will dig where I possibly win a Cintiq22hd.