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It makes me so mad when I watch a bts performance and the camera pans away from the stage as soon as Jin’s part comes up…like my manz is not out there sweating his ass off with those angelic vocals looking fine as hell for nothing give👏 him 👏more👏 screen👏 time, cowards!!!


In L.A. filming an episode of his new Netflix show, Cameron Dallas was going to get to hang out with one of close friends Nate Garner. The two hadn’t hung out in a while, so it was exciting for both of them to finally catch up. When Nate arrived, all of the cameras were off. The internet stars lounged in Cameron’s apartment alone, catching up on old times while the camera crew went on break. Minutes of talking passed and Cameron reminded Nate of all the times they’d sneak around during parties or when hanging out with their circle of friends, both of them smirking secretively as they re-visited the foursome they had with the Dolan Twins once. 

“Hey, lets do something for Instagram-story. Get some followers while we wait” Cameron suggested. “Underwear pics?” Nate laughed. The boys stripped, Cameron secretly recording Nate on his phone as he undressed down to nothing but his Calvin Klein’s. Cameron licked his lips at the sight of Nate’s ass in the fitted underwear. It wasn’t until Nate turned around that he saw Cameron checking him out. Nate walked over to his friend and grabbed the phone, now pointing it in his direction. Cameron immediately covered his bulge with his hands, embarrassed. “Nope!” Nate exclaimed cheekily and grabbed at Cameron’s hands. The sinewy young men wrestled and landed on Cameron’s bed, bodies pressed together. Nate leaned down and kissed Cameron’s lips and then his neck, slowly trailing down Cameron’s hot body. Nate’s tongue swirled around Cameron’s perfectly pointy nipples before looking up at the cutie under him and smiling up at his with bedroom eyes. “Remember when I would worship your body like you were a king, Cam” Nate whispered. The thought alone made Cameron’s dick rock hard in his briefs. 

Cameron propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at Nate as the handsome guy hungrily took to his body. Nate kissed Cameron’s thighs and continued down to his feet. Nate’s eyes grew with lust and so did Cameron’s. “Worship your king Nate” Cameron commanded. Nate followed his command and opened his mouth taking in Cameron’s big toe, licking in between each curve of every sexy toe as he went on. At this point Cameron was losing himself in pleasure, wiggling his toes and moving his sole across Nate’s mouth. Cameron threw his head back and slid his hand inside his underwear stroking away at his hard dick. Nate reached a hand to his own throbbing erection and did the same, meanwhile still worshiping the gorgeous feet in front of him. Cameron arched his body in ecstasy and came all over his own rippling abs, sighing in contentment as he tried to catch his breath. Nate then stood and slid his cock between the soles of Cameron’s feet and received a footjob from his king. Nate finally came, equally as passionately all over Cameron’s toes rubbing his dick in his own cum as he looked down at his delicious friend and chuckled, “Damn Cam I missed you” before leaning in for one last sweet kiss as they collapsed in each other’s arms.

Later the boys helped each other get cleaned up before the crew got back, spending the rest of the day filming the show, smugly stealing glances, aware of the secret only they shared…

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You've heard about David and Gabe playing Minecraft, now get ready for Javier and Gabe playing Wii sports baseball! In which Javier gets increasingly angry at the inaccuracies of the game mechanics and points them out continuously, screaming that he 'TOTALLY HIT THAT BALL' and that Gabe is 'USING PITCHING HACKS' until he inevitably throws the Wii remote into the TV screen. Then David walks in and yells at Javi about how his CO gave him that TV.

i bet this is how season four starts

Things that give me Rumbelle feels

- Beauty and the Beast

- chipped tea cups

- roses

- bears

- tale as old as time song

- Polaroid cameras

- books

- libraries

- the movie UP

- pandoras box

- pawn shops

- daggers

- wishing wells

- hamburgers and fries

- iced tea

Thats all I got right now. List some more if you want. I probably missed a few!


Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR; Johnny’s “Treasure Hunt” Overdrive stolen itens; this overdrive allows Johnny to regain 2 coins worth to his “Glitter is Gold” by stealing a random precious item from the opponet, naturally, each character has a specific item

Keep in mind, those are just for laughs, there’s no real reason most characters would carry such items, let alone two of them.

Taken from This Video, all creditis due to them

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