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I just rediscovered my developmental artwork for one of my uni projects, in which I collaborated with @ts-porter to illustrate their short story about steampunk lesbians. Most of the early art was getting a feel of the setting.

Bucky’s Bomb Yard is now offering a Beauty and the Beast themed bath bomb set called Tale As Old As Time! We’ve added five new bombs to the shop to go along with our Enchanted Rose bomb, in honor of the live-action remake of the film! This is what the pack offers:

The Beast - The Beast is a beloved character and we wanted to create a bomb as worthy! Our Beast themed bath bomb is rich brown with a bold golden swirl to help symbolize the visual of a prince trapped in the body of a beast. The scent is a mixture of a pleasant, calming musk scent with a few drops of cedarwood.

The Beauty - She’s a beauty but a funny girl, that Belle- but there’s nothing funny about this amazing bath bomb themed after the Beauty herself! Our Belle bath bomb is blue with white tips to match her dress. The scent we chose to use is entitled “Falling in Love”, which is a sweet and wonderfully bold smell that reminds us of adventure to find that love.

Gaston - Gaston is a bold character that deserves a bold bath bomb to go with him! Our Gaston themed bath bomb is a deep red and orange color, topped off with golden swirls. The scent is described as sitting around a campfire in the woods, in the midst of a hunt: pipe tobacco mixed with the scent of crackling fire wood. It’s a masculine scent but one that is warm and rather relaxing.

Magic Candlesticks - Be our guest and treat yourself to a relaxing bath with our Lumiere themed bath bomb! This bomb is a pale yellow mixed with iridescent and gold glitter, which will surround you in what feels like a relaxing glow of candlelight. The scent is warm and pleasant, a blend of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Peru Balsam and Ylang Ylang with a drop of Cinnamon.

Potts & Chip - This Mrs. Potts and Chip(Beauty and the Beast) themed bath bomb will fill your tub with a magical, relaxing scent. The bomb itself is lavender with white tips and beautiful silver mica swirls on both ends. The scent is a mystical, calming scent that reminds us of walking under the moonlight, with a few drops of “Hot Cranberry Tea” added.

Enchanted Rose - This bomb won’t make you turn into a Beast but it will definitely make you feel like you’re enchanted while you bathe in glittery, wild rose scented water. This Beauty and the Beast inspired bomb will leave you sparkling and relaxed.

You can purchase this “Tale As Old As Time” Pack HERE, or click each of the names above to purchase the bombs individually. And while you’re at our shop, be sure to check out all of the other awesome fandom related and themed bath bombs at Bucky’s Bomb Yard!


David Nykl gets thwarted by a lobster. (for Terasen Gas, Canada, 2005)

(the shower one is also there for your amusement)


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Witch Holster icon now available here!

some pretty headphones for the ladies

I can’t be the only one who’s mind eventually went [there].


(I’m like 10 years late, but here you go!

Even though it may be tempting for him to dress up as something completely different for once, Israel still prefers biblical costumes simply because it reminds him of the old times and everything he lived through, the memories and experienced he made in that era.

PS no that’s not ancient Egypt haha, it’s one of Israel’s people dressed up as an Egyptian - inspired by a good friend of mine who dressed up as such for Purim a year ago!)

I’m a fan of Tom. I admire his work. I could spent hours talking about any of his roles. Talking about the great development he underwent. Speculating about roles I’d love to see him in. I admire him as a human being, from the way I see and hear that he treats others and the opinions he shares. I’m invested in his jobs and love seeing him succeed. I’ve seen most of it and I’m looking forward to see more. I’m happy if others praise him for it and he gets recognition by his peers. I love looking at him and therefore I’m always happy to have new photos. I get a pleasure from listening to his voice. Beside the awesome metaphors and insightful thoughts, I like the sound of it. The emotions that resonate in it. I love his dorky demeanour that makes me happy and he is someone that can make me smile.

To a certain degree I love hearing little details about his life, his habbits, his likes and dislikes. They are something like an outsiders input to make the fantasies more lifelike. That’s the irrational part of every single one of us, that is always happy if other humans share ideas or traits and makes us like them more. Does it change anything that he dislikes rhubarb? No. Does it make me happy in a way that we share that trait? Yes. Would it change my opinion of him if he sat right in front of me eating it? No. 

I don’t know about you, but beside my fantasy life, that has nothing to do with either Tom’s life or mine, I just hope that Tom is happy. Part of it is having close relationships with other humans. Whether it’s random sexual encounters, enjoying single life, spending time with family and friends, having fun with whomever he wants, or finding his soulmate he wants to spent his life with until the universe ends. I just hope that whatever he does makes him happy and if not that he finds happiness. Just like any other human being.

My own fantasies aren’t touched by that. Maybe because I never had the fantasy to meet Tom and then he falls in love with me and we live happily ever after. He’s merely the faceclaim for some of my fantasies, which include different incarnations based on me. It’s extremely fun, but I’m always aware that that’s just my fantasy. That’s nothing that’ll change as long as it is fun for me. 

Tom just happens to be a human that I like a lot and that makes me happy, even though I don’t know him and I wish him a lot of happiness. :)