old things that i need 2 post


seeing as how i have a lot of things i wanna do on my to-do list + VIDEOGAYMES i probably will never finish this (maybe)

i put every DR character’s name + SHSL titles into 2 list randomizers. this is the ½-ish result of that. this is my SHSL Talent swap AU. (click 4 titles!)

The Beacon Post Master Post

I’ve been told some people have had some trouble finding old TBPs so, being the benevolent god that I am, here is a comprehensive list of all the Beacon Post goodness you’ll ever need. So go ahead and binge read the whole damn thing. I won’t stop you.

Note: This post is subject to change. If reblogged, it may no longer be accurate. 

- Volume 4 Articles:

1. V4E01. 10/23/16: Just Got Contacts. Holy Shit Everything Looks So Much Clearer! 

2. V4E02. 11/3/16: Team RNJR Lost After Confusing Blank Paper With Map.

3. V4E03. 11/6/16: Giant Monster Attacks Ship (Like the boat kind not the weird internet thing). 

4. V4E04. 11/21/16: Absent Mother is Exactly as Much of a Dick as you’d  Expect Her to be.

5. - 

6. V4E06. 12/12/16: Man Shoots Boar during Cocktail Party, Rich Assholes “Simply not amused”

7. V4E07. 12/25/16: They said “B*tch” on a Kids Show. I am Fucking Appalled. 

8. V4E08. 1/1/17: Happpy News YEar FUcckfaaacessssssssssssssssss.

9. V4E09. 1/13/17: Patch-Man Punches Daughter in face, Proceeds to made Dad Jokes.

10. V4E10. 1/28/17: Everything Perfectly Fine in Kuroyur EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE.

11. V4E11. 2/8/17: Patch Woman gets Caught Sneaking Out to Buy Weed, Now has to go on Adventure.

12. V4E12. 2/27/17: Local Parody News Article So Late That No One Cares

- Volume 3 Articles

1. V3E03. 11/14/15: Vale man decapitates robot, shows up drunk to sword fight.

2. V3(WoR)1. 11/21/15. Vytal Festival Delayed One Week, Mass Stylized Hallucinations Ensue

3. V3E04. 11/28/15. Alcoholic Assassin wins Video Game Tournament, Rich Girl whines about made up problems

4. V3E05. 12/11/15. Icy Hot Lesbians Fight dem dank ass memes lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5. V3E06. 12/13/15. Crowd Horrified as Blonde Bimbo Takes Sister’s Advice Literally

6. V3(WoR)2. 12/27/15. The Voices in my Head Give us Dramatic Reading of Wikipedia Article 

7. V3E07. 1/3/16. People Even Less Sympathetic of Man After Learning He Doesn’t Have Legs

8. V3E08. 1/10/16. Instead of Prison, Yang Xiao Long put in Time Out and Given Stern Talking To

9. V3E09. 1/17/16. Penny’s a ROBOT??!? Also I think the world is ending or something…

10. V3(WoR)3. 1/24/16. The Beacon Post suffers massive Security Breach and I think I’m losing my mind

11. V3E10. 1/31/16. Heroic Students Combat Grimm by Posing Dramatically

12. V3E11. 2/7/16.  Worst case scenarios get even worse than thought possible. Dragon surprisingly uninvolved 

13. V3E12. 2/14/16. Terrorists Invade School, Set up Amazing New Wildlife Reserve

- Volumes 1 & 2 Articles: (may contain rwby3 spoilers)

Trailers. 2/27/16. Schnee Heiress Tripping Balls on Stage, Werewolf Genocide continues.

V1E01. 4/3/16. Not-Sketchy-at-All Narrator is Super Menacing and No One Notices for Three Years. 

V1E02. 5/1/16. Ozpin “Totally Not Hungover” During Initiation Speech, Numerous Students Affected in Teleporter Accident.

- RWBY Chibi

E1. 5/14/16. Breaking NEWS: Ruby is Cute While Trying to Lift Spoon

E2. 5/15/16. Beacon Swimming Pool Mysteriously Frozen, Racist Bigots Totally Nail It

Beacon Post Chibi Announcement 

E3-7. 7/29/16. EXTRA EXTRA! RWBY Chibi Officially Sucks! No It Doesn’t Take That Back! MAKE ME!

- Beacon Post Stories: Eris’s Journals:

Preface and Table of Contents

#1 Eris’ Journal: Team PEAK. 12/3/15

#2 Eris’ Journal: Eris. 12/13/15

#3 Eris’ Journal: Pate. 4/23/16

#4 Eris’ Journal: The Vytal Festival Tournament. 5/1/16

#5 Eris’ Journal: The White Room. 5/6/16

#6 Eris’ Journal: Ana. 5/19/16

#7 Eris’ Journal: Koal. 7/20/16

#8 Eris’ Journal: The Fall of Beacon. 7/29/16

#9 Eris’ Journal: The Silent Forest. 9/9/16

#10 Ana’s Diary: Aftermath. 11/3/16

#11 Eris’ Journal: Breaking the Silence. 11/8/16

#12 Ana’s Diary: Recursion. 2/8/17

Coming Soon: #13 Eris’ Journal: The Sunset

- Team PEAK Short Stories

Eris Talks to Ruby

Pate Uses Koal in a Con

Ana and Eris Work on a School Project

A member of Team PEAK Dies [Not Canon!]

Team PEAK Plays Pokemon

Pate Has to Take Care of Drunk Eris

Team PEAK (and Team RWBY) Awkward Thanksgivings

- Other Stuffs:

Special Announcement. 1/7/16.

Team PEAK Name Meanings. 1/7/16.

Team PEAK oc meme thing. 2/2/16.

Team PEAK weapons. 4/1/16.

April Fools: The Sunrise Land Post. 4/1/16

Team PEAK Character Profiles


MMFR novelty T-shirts, part 2! (Part 1)

Had SO MUCH FUN with this (even though I spent 1000 years on every wife and 10 minutes on everybody else.) Got some help and suggestions: sickmonkey1027 suggested Foxy Grandpa for Ace and gatsbygal suggested Joe in a Female Body Inspector shirt (which might be the sleaziest thing I’ve ever drawn, I feel the need to wash my tablet with soap) Also I think someone mentioned a “if lost, return to Slit” in the old post so I totally stole that idea for Cheedo.

Personal favorites are the two last one. For Max I couldn’t find ANYTHING and for Furiosa I found TOO MUCH (seriously, do you know how many horrendous trucker/asskicking novelty shirts there are out there? It’s kinda overwhelming) Then I googled “dog novelty t-shirt” AND GUESS WHAT POPPED UP ON THE FIRST PAGE. Same with Haul It Like You Stole It, when I laid my eyes on that beauty I just knew it was the one.

Things I want to do with Her

1. Go and have ice cream. Doesn’t even need to be sunny out!🍦
2. Dance in the rain☔️☁️
3. Kiss under fireworks they have every few weeks in the summer.
4. Have an actual old school date where you dress nice and get picked up.💘
5. Have a picnic.
6. Go walk by the water in the village.
7. Go back to the park where she first held my hand.
8. Go for a drive downtown, park somewhere on the way home and makeout.
9. Watch a sunrise and a sunset together.🌄🌅
10. Find a series of random little cafes and try them out.☕️
11. Have a beer on a rooftop terrasse.🍻🍺
12. Go to a bar, pretend we don’t know each other and flirt the crap out of both of us.🍸
13. Have a photoshoot. 📷
14. Go to MTL pride ❤️💛💚💙💜
15. Graduate and have her there for me.
16. Get an equality tattoo.
17. Go to the beach and have a few drinks and tan.🏊🏼☀️🍹
18. Have camp fire outside in blankets with marshmallows and sausages.🔥
19. Fuck I hate running but I want to do the Color Run.🏃🏼
20. Explore something abandoned.
21. Go on a vacation somewhere warm, then on a vacation to a big city.
22. Pick wild flowers to give her as a bouquet.🌹🌷💐
23. Meet everyone she cares about.
24. Go on an epic shopping spree!
25. Go camping :).
26. Kiss her somewhere epic and memorable.
27. Prank the shit out of our old asshole boss.
28. Go to IKEA and dream about the perfect home.🏡
29. Spend a day at the zoo and/or the aquarium. Cuz it was awesome when we were 5 and we could make it awesome again.🐠🐴🐨
30. Go to a concert.🎤🎶
31. Go to a museum.
32. Build a snow fort. Then snowball fight.❄️❄️
33. Stargazinggg🔭
34. Quit smoking one day🚬
35. Be rich👜💸💰
And many more.

books i picked up today all second hand from charity/vintage shops

a galaxy of poems old a new £2.50 - (this is really cool its a old book that used to belong to a student they signed their name and school on the first page and throughout there are annotations written in the margins of the poems

wuthering heights - emily bronte £3.99 - (30 year old red hardback)

i before e except after c - judy parkinson £2.50-  (book filled with old school ways to remember things like grammar dates and stuff)

how to be a woman - caitlin moran £2 - (idk looked interesting)

the adventures of sherlock holmes - acd £1.25 - (first 12 Sherlock stories)

alice through the looking glass - lewis carroll 99p - (didn’t know this was the sequel so need alice in wonderland first)

the night circus - erin morgenstern £1 - (saw some posts of this on tumblr and weheartit)

Apple paid Chance the Rapper $500,000 to put his album on Apple Music exclusively for 2 weeks

(Chris Pizzello/AP)
Apple Music paid Chance the Rapper a whopping $500,000 to put his album “Coloring Book” on the service for a two-week exclusive window, Chance said Friday.

“I never felt the need to correct folks on my relationship with @apple but now that more people have tried to discredit my independence,” Chance wrote on Twitter. “I wanna clear things up. @apple gave me half a mil and a commercial to post Coloring Book exclusively on applemusic for 2 weeks. That was the extent of my deal, after 2 weeks it was on SoundCloud for free. I needed the money and they’re all good people over there.”

Chance, a 23-year-old Chicago native, won a Grammy for best new artist last month, making him the first artist without a label deal to snag the honor. Chance has remained fiercely independent during his career, shunning label deals, and fans have loved his commitment to giving away music free on SoundCloud.

“I feel like if I didnt clear it up people would keep trying to discredit all the work we did to make Coloring Book what it became,” Chance continued on Twitter. “I think artist can gain a lot from the streaming wars as long as they remain in control of their own product. I just wanna remain transparent. Folks out there without a deal need to know they’re doing everything right just keep at it. If you come across oprtunities [sic] to work with good people, pick up cash and keep your integrity I say Do It.”

Exclusive windows for albums have been a source of tension in the music streaming industry. Market leader Spotify has come out strongly against them, saying they are “bad for artists and they’re bad for fans.” Apple Music, conversely, has sought high-profile exclusives from the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean.

Drake reportedly signed a $19 million contract with Apple in 2015.

NOW WATCH: Trump appears to ignore requests for a handshake with Angela Merkel during their first meeting

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Hopeless 2 (Bucky x reader)

part 1 part 3


               “Is she okay?” Bucky asked Steve, looking through the one-way window into your medical room. You had refused to come out and visit your old room in the tower, seeing how you didn’t recognize this place, and Tony didn’t want to force you to do things you weren’t comfortable with. Steve looked over at his friend, his heart pulling at his chest when he saw the pain in Bucky’s eyes, or his long tangled hair, or even the deep bags that rounded above his cheeks.

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@ the anon who asked about my fnaf oc kitty  yeah i still draw her sometimes!! i just never post any of it because i’m kinda sorta super insecure about a lot of my ocs lmao whoops i need to work on that

there’s a toy kitty too who i made back when fnaf 2 came out but like i said i was too chicken to post anything about her… so here’s a quick doodle of her i did.. she’s basically a huge brat who has a bit of superiority complex… she and original!kitty don’t get along very well :(

andddd here’s an old goofy doodle comic thing i did for myself a while back it’s just a silly look at the dynamic between kitty and my silly version of foxy i guess lol idk!! that’s all wahh okay

Things Splatoon DOES need/could add:
  • An icon to show that a person in your session is on your friend list (some are very obviously unique usernames and can be distinguished– but once I had a session with 2 Max players and neither ended up being my friend Max and it confused me)
  • A mode where you can make a room with only your friends (like a 2 vs 2 online mode or a local 2 vs online 2 mode)
  • A way to report miiverse posts from the game itself
  • Hair/Tentacle style options
  • A way to sell old gear back (especially handy if you were looking for a particular set of stat boosts and now you’re stuck with gear that you can’t re-purchase with stats that you don’t like or want)
  • A way to friend request players you play with in-game
  • Fun new game modes!  (Maybe a mode like “recreate this!” where you have to (with your team) paint the map as shown by an example faster than the other team)

I just woke up, but just to run down the things I missed while I was asleep…

1. D-list actress was papped without Louis while hanging out with Jay and Dan during the day before his flight arrived. Even though the paps and photo agencies can’t seem to remember her name… K.

2. Jay posted a photo from the backyard of the rental house. Which begs the question of why she needed to stay at a hotel. But more importantly it indicates that they are still using that house (or want people to believe they are- that could be an old photo) and the house was put back on the market because there is an “end date” to the lease.

3. Instead of going to see his son upon arriving back to LA after being gone for a a couple days, Louis and Jay appear to stay in the Hollywood area with D. Because she is the important one here apparently.


im moving out in 2 weeks and my shitty manipulative mother is saying i need to “learn the value of money” and has gotten into the habit of making me pay for my own meals . essentially shes not reliably feeding me (which kinda isnt new) and has been making up bogus excuses to sap any spending money i make or recieve as well (i took you and your brother out to dinner last week, im letting you take x and y thing with you to college, youre too old for gifts so youre gonna need to pay this off, etc).
im going to make an actual commission post very soon with my partner but for now it would be stellar to just get a little money donated to my paypal, ive made a seperate account that my mother doesnt know about and cant access that i can use for meals. any money ill make off commissions will go to spending money. i currently have about seven dollars and my goal for the end of the month is fifty
my paypal is skittyvasquez@gmail.com
thank you sm, send me a lil message if you donate and ill scribble sth up for you

1) I am SWEN

My name is Amanda. I am a lesbian, 28 years old, living in Minnesota. I teach art classes and soon I will teach driver’s ed as well. I love all things sci-fi, especially post apocalyptic. I’m also obsessed with peacocks, classic pin up girls, ancient ruins and civilizations, and every form of fairytales be it the classics or Disney. I have eight tattoos and I need more. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with my life, but I’m thinking its time to take a chance and go back to my original dream of writing for television.

2) I love Swan Queen

I was so not looking for a new otp when I started OUaT! I was in a happy Xena bubble and there I wished to stay. But as I rewatched the first 17 existing episodes, I caught the Swan Queen bug bad. Their tension and chemistry was perfect and delicious, and the mere idea of these two mothers coming together despite the odds and unexpectedly becoming just what the other was looking for all along was too delicious. I didn’t expect much at first, but as time went on the story and the potential became so undeniable that it physically pained me to think a romances was not where these two women are headed. It would truly be the ultimate modern fairytale.

3) I love SWEN

I love so many things about SWEN. I might not agree with everything all time, but there is no denying the immense skill and passion in this group of people. I have never read such novel quality fics in so much abundance, nor seen so much beautiful art. I love that I can help bring people up when they are down, and that they do the same for me when I’m feeling hopeless. Even when not show related, I have experienced so much love and support, even from people I never spoke to before, which is incredible, and the friends I have made are one in a billion. Our perseverance to be seen, heard, and respected is inspiring and I’m proud to be a part of it.