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The band finishes, and the SINGER addresses the (thin) crowd.      
SINGER: Alright, one more for y’all before we break. Do I hear any requests?
MIA: “I Ran”.
Sebastian turns. Sees Mia, looking at him with a defiant grin, enjoying her power. He thinks – then recognizes the face.

Understanding how history is written is important. I still highly encourage anyone claiming to be a historian on this site to read books on the subject matter of historiography and that there are many schools of thought behind the academic side of things. Know what primary and secondary sources are. Make sure to understand how to properly use citations. Know what bias is. Know that most popular history books on the charts are not most likely not written by historians of any sort. Understand that not everything you read online is going to be telling you the truth. Always, and I mean always dig deeper. Know that historical revisionism is not always a bad thing since it sheds new ideas on old ones. It usually means challenging the orthodox views held by professional scholars about a historical event, or introducing new evidence, or of restating the motivations and decisions of the participant people. This is not the same thing as Historical negationism, which is where all the bullshit like denying the Holocaust, communist dictatorship crimes, saying the Armenian genocide didn’t happen. etc fall into. 

@harriettstella we look like we’re about to drop the hottest tent-related indie album of 2016

(New LLL credits video is out everyone!! Make sure you check it out to see all the talented peeps who worked on it and get a look at Special Behind The Scenes pics!!)

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Rictus probably has a collection of books he reads in his down time, assorted pieces of collections people have forgotten, none of them matching, most deemed “no knowledge is useless but… this is pretty damned close” by miss giddy, all strange and under appreciated (in his opinion)

…including a disproportionately large amount of purposefully ridiculous gay Viking romance novels

I send my recaps for each episode of DWTS to my mom (that’s the whole reason I write them), and then she responds to them. Now I’m a pretty big fan of Bonner, Sharna, and their partnership together. That’s no secret. But my mom loves him 100 times more than I do! Here’s what she said:

After tonight I am just thinking more and more that Bonner doesn’t really have a chance to win and I hate it.  Not because he’s bad but because others are good. I just love him and Sharna though. I really hope they stay together after this. That will make his not winning more worth it! After reading your recap I need to watch their dance again and catch the Old Bonner and New Bonner thing. I mean I saw it but didn’t really absorb it. I did read that she was wiping away his tears before they started. Poor guy! I feel if it was almost anybody else doing some of the stuff they do….like her wiping away his tears… I would think of it as a vote getter but I just don’t feel like that with them. I would say the 8’s were ok. I was a nice dance. He looked good. Did look a bit more confident tonight. I am just so thankful to dancing with the stars for bringing Bonner on the show so I could become aware of him. I think he is one of my favorite people ever on the show!


“Put a sticker on the board, you sexy motherfucker!”

A single thread to bind two souls together seems weak, laughable… But only when that thread begins to loop around and around does one realize just how difficult it can be to distance yourself from the other. That bond is strong and at times, it can hurt you more to pull away than to stay connected.

Big Brother Adrien AU!

bc I was peer-pressured into posting this by the miracuchat ( @frostedpuffs @itsnotyou-itsmimi @cinnamonsaurus @chloe-bourgeois-rossi )

  • their mom died during childbirth of the second child
  • Gabriel kinda lowkey blames his second child (a girl who probably looks exactly like their mom)
  • Adrien can’t bring himself to blame his little sister for her death so he does his best to shelter her from Gabriel’s abuse
  • she can’t pronounce Adrien so she calls him ‘Dree’ or something ridiculous and the first time she does it he TEARS UP
  • she’s like 6 years younger than him
  • he can’t keep Chat Noir from her (because she’s like five years old, people will just brush her off if she does)
  • Plagg ADORES HER and calls her his ‘little kitten’ and they play all the time and Plagg always CUDDLES WITH HER AND ADRIEN HAS TEN THOUSAND PICTURES ON HIS PHONE
  • the first time Marinette shows up at Adrien’s house his sister immediately recognizes her as Ladybug
  • Marinette has a heart attack in their doorway while Adrien apologizes for his sister making assumptions
  • his sister has ADORABLE BUCK TEETH and the MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE and has to get braces later and when it happens Adrien’s constantly in the kitchen making soup and other soft or liquid things for her to eat (buck teeth hc credit to Mimi!!!)
  • she can tell when Adrien’s having a shitty day and she’ll tiCKLE HIM UNTIL HE SMILES PLS (creds to ash)
  • shES THE BIGGEST ADRIENETTE SHIPPER and she hates them for being so oblivious (creds to ash)
  • she wants to be like Adrien so she grows out her bangs to look like hIS (creds to mimi)
  • Mari babysits sometimes during adrien’s photoshoots and his sister will nOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM but Mari doesn’t mind a T  ALL (ash)
  • chloe brings her hair ties and old clothes and new clothes and chloe refuses to say mean things about people in front of her
NejiTen - fic recs (Aug ‘15)

Something New

Blood drops and sharpened steel - Tenten by subtlyfailing

the story in between: a study of neji & tenten by erigstimloveles

The Gravity of Absence by matchaball

The Sniper by Clementive

The Hyuga Eyes by thedarkangel22

The Perfect Present by Just a Little Spark

The Hyuga vs The Hormones by thedarkangel22

Into the Storm by Tactical Strike

Twenty Truths about Team Guy by RennaV

a memory stick full of myspace friends by rasp8erry

Hair by RennaV

Something Updated

Shades of Konoha: Dragon and Phoenix by Giada Luna

Syndicate by Tanya Lilac

Kunoichi and Guardian by Giada Luna

All My Stars Aligned by Yahboobeh

NejiTen: Pages of Our Story by Nejitenness

Right Kind of Wrong by Nokito-chan

Thoughts on Things by jazzberryjuice

Lotus Blossoms and Other Musings by Yahboobeh

Come Back and I’ll Make You Stay by Nejitenness

Underneath it All by Giada Luna

Matters of State by Yahboobeh

Repercussions by Just a Little Spark

Something not NejiTen (read: things that make me feel like all I write is crap)

spare me as I’m gone by aliferlia (KuroFai - plenty of action, suspense and mystery.. anything this author writes is like WOW)

Book & Bell by SeriousMistakes (TruckThat) (KuroFai - AU, Kurogane meets a wizard with a mysterious curse and doesn’t remember)

A Most Precious Thing by Dream_edge (KuroFai - soulmate-names concept but it’s so so so very sweet.)

hyalophage by aliferlia (KuroFai - world-building like whoa)

the bright edge by aliferlia (KuroFai - on old age and dying)

I’m torn between lightly starving myself to prep for a lower budget life as a self-catered student at uni, or just going all out and eating everything before I leave (monday)

btw, I don’t think I made too much hullabaloo, but did you know? I’m going to university! School doesn’t start for a bit- I’m an international kid, so I get there slightly early and move in first. but yeah, moving to england. studying publishing