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buenos aires gothic
  • You’re looking for the bus stop. You’re pretty certain it used to be in that corner, but you look around and you can’t find it. This has happened many times in the past. You think that you’ll find it by walking in that direction but it’s been hours and it’s not there. What were you looking for again?
  • You make small talk with the taxi driver. “Tiempo loco, ¿eh?” he says. “Lo que mata es la humedad”, you answer. You’ve been repeating those words ever since you learnt how to speak, but it’s been on your mind since before you were born. The humidity is at one hundred percent. It’s slowly killing everyone.
  • Your friend lives in the conurbano. You see them once a year. They come visit, speaking of unknown worlds far away from your reality. The train is a portal to a different universe. “Are there cows in your neighbourhood?” you inevitably ask. They disappear in anger.
  • You try to cross the street but every time you step on it a car comes out of the void, making it impossible for you to get through. You’re not sure how long it’s been since you’ve been standing there, but your bones are starting to grow tired.
  • You don’t remember your own name. You think it started with an A, but everyone calls you “che”. You realise you can’t remember anyone else’s name either. “Che”, you call for the person dressed in red. “Che, boludo”
  • There’s a game today. There is a constant whispering in your mind; “Hoy juega la selección”. The streets are empty. You can’t hear a sound other than the leaves being moved by the autumn breeze. You start doubting there was ever somebody living in the city.
  • You think you might be melting. Every year the temperature rises by one degree celsius. Your house is completly dark. You can’t see anything. You don’t remember what electricity means.

part 2

Thoughts on tonight's TWD

So.  I found this post in my drafts from last season. I’m not even sure what episode it is in response to.  Still.  I don’t know if it’s more funny or sad that it’s still so relevant to my feelings today. 

Ignore the title–for whatever reason I can’t edit it.

Here’s hoping we are gifted with something better this season.  I’ll cross my fingers if you guys will.   


Real talk…I'm appreciating all of these supportive R!chonne moments they’ve been literally dropping everywhere this season.  Seriously.  They’re lovely and needed since their relationship is the only one that seems to be getting more than the scratch and sniff treatment this year. 

Think that last statement of mine is bogus? 

Well, consider this.  Glenn and Maggie, a couple established in Season 2, didn’t even warrant much more than a handful of minutes in his last episode.  Negan chewed it up with his repetitive dialogue, and Rick’s man pain was the misplaced focus of the episode.  And yeah.  I get that he’s the main protagonist, and this show is mainly his journey of survival and all that jazz, but seriously.  There’s a time and a place, and Maggie’s pain should have been carrying that episode.  Not Rick’s.  Sasha and Rosita, they should have had more time devoted to their point of view.  But they didn’t then, and honestly?  Other than Rosita marinating in her anger and going off all half-cocked every half-episode, Sasha and Maggie and how they’re faring since everything went down has been largely ignored and glossed over.  Meanwhile, we’ve been given the Rick Grimes’s therapist’s couch Cliff Notes, complete with notes in the margins.  And that would be okay.  If, it had been a part of a bigger whole.  Obviously, it was too much to ask that the episode be a rumination on Glenn’s thoughts, his fears, his memories of his family.  Hell, Glenn’s anything.  I wouldn’t even have objected to his sharing co-billing with Abraham.  But we didn’t get that, and I’ll forever shake my head about it. 

Sorry for the tangent, but I have many feelings about this. 

I’m appreciating the scenes between Rick and Michonne, though.  They’ve had a lot of great relationship moments this season, and I don’t begrudge them those.  The trajectory of their couple-hood might have happened differently than the rest of the couples I ship on this show, every couple is unique, after all, but I'm not going to deny they’ve earned their moments. 

You know who else has earned their moments?  Besides Glenn and Maggie?  

Carol and Daryl.   

I get that not everybody ships them like I do.  Not everybody sees them on-screen together and gets the wild butterfly wings of anticipation in their bellies.  Not everybody is convinced that these two are IT for each other, and truly.  That’s okay with me.  It really is. But to downplay the bond they share, in some cases deny it outright, to what end?  These two characters have been in each other’s orbit since Season 1.  Their relationship, such that it is, has grown and developed by leaps and bounds over the years.  To the point that, realistically, I cannot accept that there is a single soul out there for either one of them that will ever mean as much as what these two mean to each other.  They’ve earned their moments. 

I still feel this way and I probably always will, to be honest. 

Am I alone?

Anyway…I’ll just drop this here. 

Here’s hoping Gimps and Co. have learned from their mistakes and our babies and the rest of the characters that populate this show get their own chances to drive their stories because seriously.  It may have started off as Rick’s story.  Still is to an extent.  But this show is at it’s best, IMHO, when it delves deeper into all of the characters (not just the cartoon/comic villians–I am not here for anymore of that) and becomes their story, all of them separately and together.  No man, or woman for that matter, is an island. 


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so i’ve been writing independently and created this character called moira who’s essentially a 62 year old widow who is the main character, she’s lit as heck and ready 2 party, a real classy heaux, gold digger as heck, and i’m like dying inside because she’s an inspiration.    also,  like this for a starter.