old theatres

I’m so down for any kind of musical

you know those ppl who are soooooo averse to cheesy old fashioned big production musicals?? I don’t get it!! I get so caught up in shows with sweeping harmonies and elaborate choreography and overly romantic relationships

but I also love newer, different, smaller musicals don’t get me wrong!! they’re great too!!

give me unnecessary soliloquys and vocal runs I am DOWN, tired of the snootiness against typical showtuney shows


Artsnight, 2016: The Year of King Lear

Theatre for a New Audience, 2014 - Michael Pennington as King Lear (gif 2)

Royal Shakespeare Company - Antony Sher as King Lear  (gif 1,3-5)

Talawa Theatre Company - Don Warrington as King Lear  (gif 6)

theatre things that remind me of the hogwarts houses

gryffindor: auditioning for the first time, being alone on stage, long choreography rehearsals, the adrenaline of opening night, designing the set on the grid, hauling furniture onto the set, cue to cues, writing a play, improv comedy, waiting at the stage door after a show.

hufflepuff: getting flowers and gifts backstage, taking the final curtain call, highlighting lines, bringing snacks to rehearsal, read-throughs, pulling costumes from stock, set dressing, paint swatches, warm lighting design, perfectly blended sound, directing, waking into a theater you’ve never been in before.

ravenclaw: character analysis, memorizing lines, learning tight harmonies, having the show become second nature, stage makeup, set construction, costume fittings, mic checks, organized prop tables, writing cues, stage managing, experimental theatre, saving old playbills and ticket stubs.

slytherin: callbacks, practicing after rehearsal, selling program ads, an understudy/swing going on for the first time, fight calls, strike, production meetings, late night paint calls, cool-toned lighting design, spiking the stage, fly rails, producing, watching a bootleg, playbill giveaways.