old testament republicans

So much better! Americans were united and the political parties were moderately conservative to moderately liberal, there wasn’t that much difference between them except on some policy matters. Then comes the Christian Right, Dixiecrats, the Koch Brothers, and the John Birch Society, all of them completely hijacked the Republican Party and now you have a country that is divided and in decline due to the reactionary politics of one major party. The present Republican Party espouses Ayn Rand objectivism and Old Testament theology. This Republican Party dreams of sending the country through a time warp to The Victorian Era and The Gilded Age; an anti-science, anti-environment, anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-poor mishmash of selfishness, hate, and corporate greed.


Detroit files bankruptcy plan :: BBC News

“ Detroit’s emergency manager has filed a plan to restructure the city’s debts in the wake of the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. The plan, awaiting approval from a bankruptcy judge, includes cuts to pensions and creditors to drive down the $18bn (£10.8bn) debt. Funds would also be devoted to demolishing abandoned city properties. The city initially filed for bankruptcy protection in July 2013. ‘Best path forward’ "We must move swiftly to emerge from bankruptcy so that the financial distress harming the city can end,” state-appointed manager Kevyn Orr said in a statement. “We maintain that the plan provides the best path forward for all parties to resolve their respective issues and for Detroit to become once again a city in which people want to invest, live and work,” he added. Specifics of the debt relief plan include: • Creditors, including bond insurers, will receive an estimated 20% of their claims • Police and firefighter retirees will receive at least 90% of their pensions, and cost of living allowances will be eliminated • The Detroit Institute of Arts will keep its city-owned art collection, with assistance from foundations and private donors • $1.5bn will be allocated over 10 years to city infrastructure and technology upgrades The plan is reportedly likely to face obstacles moving forward, including court appeals should it be approved in bankruptcy court. An estimated $12bn of the city’s $18bn debt is said to be unsecured, with no taxes or other revenue streams to pay it down. Ongoing negotiations with stakeholders are also reportedly expected to result in changes to the plan, Mr Orr told US media. Detroit has seen a dramatic decline in economic activity and population, as the big carmakers - once the city’s main source of employment - shifted production to cheaper locations in the US and overseas. The city is now home to about 700,000 residents, down from the peak of 1.8 million in 1950. “

detroit’s extant debt is 18 billion

facebook just bought whatsapp for 19 billion

why doesn’t somebody just buy off detroit’s debt and give the people a pass, and maybe not tear half the city down when there are still families being thrown out on the street bc the recession ruined their lives

i mean i know why

but what kind of nonsense world do we live in where a social network can pay nineteen billion dollars to buy an iphone app, but none of the romney ass motherfuckers who caused this mess (or eighteen of them together) can spare one billion //less// than that to bail out //an entire fucking city//

no instead let’s burn the place down and have a fire sale, why pay eighteen billion to save 700k people when those people don’t even have any money, we can get it cheaper if we wait until they’re all homeless and out of the way


meanwhile in 1950 when detroit was booming, the top tax rate was like seventy percent, oops, so much for the job creators myth

BBC News: Benghazi attack: 'No al-Qaeda role'

The paper bases its report on months of interviews with local residents who have extensive knowledge of the events of 11 September 2012 and American officials linked to a criminal investigation.

Initially, Washington said the attack grew out of violent protests against an anti-Islam video produced in the US.

Later findings suggested that it was an organised attack planned by local militias.

Some Republicans accused al-Qaeda of launching the assault to mark the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the US.

The NYT reports that the reality was “murkier”. The assault was neither “meticulously planned”, nor “spontaneous”, though “fuelled in large part” by anger at the video.

The paper’s investigation “turned up no evidence that al-Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault”.

In the aftermath of the attack, Republicans repeatedly criticised the Obama administration for blaming the video protest instead of a deliberate terrorist attack.