old t.v

Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

The doors are open, the wind is really blowing
The night sky is changing overhead

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i know that you know almost everything about the characters, but do you have any personal headcanons for any of the KH/Supermental characters?

Sometimes i picture Gino closing up the pizzaria for the night, walking home. He opens his front door to an empty, shabby house and doesn’t turn any lights one. he just sets his keys down and sits in an arm chair in front of an old T.V. he doesn’t turn it on. He just sits there. Feeling sorry for himself.

= 東京の女王 =



          It wasn’t as if he couldn’t meditate, it was simply that it didn’t interest him. Why does someone need to sit perfectly still, mind clear of all thought, to actually connect to the force? He was a Jedi, even though some could argue that he was barely of such rank, the force was part of him. The implication that Agen was nothing but rash and impulsive set him out to prove them wrong. Meditation was easy, he just choose not too.

          You’d never hear him admit that he was struggling, that even the tips of his hair brushing his shoulders was distracting. For just a moment or two, there was a real connection, a genuine peace. It surged through his body for just long enough to make him aware there was a presence next to him. Someone who had yet to develop any distaste for the galaxy as a whole. A child. Confusion ebbed into the young Zabrak, normally children didn’t really approach him. Something about being a little bit of a shut in, according to his master.

          Confusion only grew when dark maroon eyes peaked open to meet the sandy kit, his own eyes curious about the senior. An eyebrow lifted as they stared at each other in almost perfectly silence, Agen a little more curious about the boy then he’d like to admit. Once he studied where the kit’s eyes landed, shifting between the freckles that scattered over his skin and hair that had a mind of it’s own, he realized why the little Zabrak was so curious. They were similar, but very different.

          “Hello.” He stated coolly, shifting to a more comfortable position. “How did you get here?”

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