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Accompanying Music - Don’t Lose Your Way - Cover by Sapphire/NoneLikeJoshua 

Thank you to @george-nordington and @fancyfictionwriter for helping me brainstorm and @thepunchlineislesbian for helping me fix up my handwriting as font so things are a tad more readable. Hope you guys enjoy it…

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Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s

anonymous asked:

Companions React to Sole waking up in tears from another night terror? I've had night terrors since I was a kid and it's awful.

I’m very sorry to hear that, anon.

Cait: She is completely clueless as how to deal with this, but she tries her best anyways. “Hey, hey, hey…” She would scoot over to Sole, wrapping an arm around their trembling body. “It ain’t real, Sole. Yer’ alright, I promise.” Cait gave a genuine, caring smile. “Y’a ain’t gotta’ worry, I’m here to protect you.”

Curie: The synth rose from her place, worry washing over her “Madame/Monsieur!” She gasped, rushing to Sole’s side. “Please do not fret, you are alright!” She would run her hands through their hair, assuring them of their safety.

Danse: The slightest noises would disturb Danse’s slumber, but hearing the distressed gasps and heavy breathing of Sole had him up as quickly as his body could carry him. “Sole! Are you alright?” He would wrap his arms around them and pull them to his chest in hopes of making them feel safe. “It’s okay, I’m here now.”

Deacon: He rose lazily groaning, only to sit up as swiftly as he could once he realized Sole was in distress. Deacon would pull them into his lap so they faced away from him. He would rest his chin on the top of Sole’s head, and wrap his arms around their waist, muttering softly to them. “I got you, Boss. I got you…”

Hancock: The ghoul gently snaked his arms around Sole, pulling them so the two lay face to face. Sole’s whimpering truly broke his heart, and he wanted nothing more than for them to feel safe. “Shh, it’s alright. I’ve got you, Sunshine.” He’d whisper softly, pressing a soft kiss to Sole’s forehead. 

MacCready: The mercenary was accustomed to dealing with those who suffered from night terrors, as Shaun experienced them frequently when he was younger. Mac pulled Sole into his arms, gently cradling them. MacCready sang to them softly, running calloused hands through Sole’s hair. 

Nick: The synth hurried to Sole’s side, eventually sitting in front of them his metallic hand cupping the side of Sole’s face. “Kid…” He’d say softly, tucking a strand of loose hair behind Sole’s ear. “Don’t worry, Sole. This old synth won’t let anything happen to you.”

Piper: “Blue?” Piper looked over to Sole with a concerned expression. “Awe Blue, it’s alright.” Piper smiled softly, making her way to Sole’s side. She slipped her hands into Sole’s, giving them a gentle squeeze. “It’s just you and me, you’re safe.”

Preston: Preston had suffered from intense nightmares as a child, so he knew just how bad they were. Once he reached Sole, he would wipe away their tears with his thumbs, giving them a gentle smile. “General, it wasn’t real. It was just a dream, you’re okay. I’m here.”

X6-88: He would shift his deadpan expression to settle on Sole, looking them over as they sobbed and gasped. “Sir/Ma’am, there is no need to be upset or afraid. If there is a threat, I am fully equipped to eliminate them in order protect you. My primary duty is to assure your safety and well being, I assure you it is not necessary for you to panic.”

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The Companion's (Romanced or not) last thoughts as they push themselves between Sole and a Super Mutant Suicider.

Cait: Cait gasps and pushes Sole aside, to protect them from the Super Mutant Suicider. Sole tries to protest and fling Cait out of the way, but it’s simply too late. All that is running through Cait’s mind whilst she stares at the red light, flashing in the darkness is ‘Oh god, what am I doing, what am I doing…?’

Romanced!Cait: “Get the fuck out of the way love!” Cait screams as she pushes Sole aside. They freeze in complete shock and watch as Cait willingly stands directly in front of the Suicider. She was staring up into it’s dark eyes and mumbling to herself. All that was going through her mind was, ‘I’ve got to save Sole, they deserve to make it out of here alive”

Curie: Curie hesitantly tried to protect Sole from the Super Mutant’s blast. With tears and blood streaming down her cheeks, she quietly tells Sole that “They’ve got to keep living, her life didn’t matter as much as theirs. She was scared, but it was okay, Sole could find out all the wonders of the Commonwealth by themselves. It all ended with a boom.

Romanced!Curie: “Sole! Please, just let me protect you, I-I love you okay?” Curie shouts, pushing Sole aside and standing in front of them. Instead of staring into her death’s eyes she slowly listened to the beeps and turned her head to take one last look at Sole. “You’ll be okay…”

Paladin Danse: “Mutant Bastard!” he shouts, pushing his way in front of Sole to fire repeatedly at the Suicider. He watches as the giant mutated body fell to the floor with a thud and he smirks. That was easy.

Romanced!Paladin Danse: “Don’t you get anywhere near them…” he says to the Mutant, pushing his way in front of Sole to protect them. Sole couldn’t really object to his actions or even try to pull him away, he was much too heavy. Danse shoots the Suicider a couple of times before promptly running out of Fusion Cells. “Oh shit..” he mumbles, turning to shield Sole from the blast. His armor could easily take it.

Deacon: “Stay back Boss! I got this…” Deacon yells, running in front of Sole and throwing his arms out to try and prevent them from getting in front of him. He watches and listens to the beeping of the Super Mutant Suicider’s ticking bomb and gulps. “Okay, I admit, this wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had…” he shouts, before bright light engulfs him.

Romanced!Deacon: “Love, let me handle this…” he says to Sole, lightly pushing them aside. He loved them and he wouldn’t know how he could live without seeing their bright face every morning. If he died, they would probably move on, like they did with Nate/Nora. He just wanted them to be safe and alive. Sole screams at him to move, tugging on his shirt and their voice cracking. All he’s focused on is the Mutant’s eyes, grinning down at him.

Hancock: “Get the hell outta the way!” He shouts, running straight in between Sole and the Mutant, pushing them out of the way. Was he high or something? This wasn’t a good idea. Sole landed on their backside in the rubble of the building and watched helplessly as the Mutant took the Mayor of Goodneighbour down.

Romanced!Hancock: “Sunshine, please, let me handle it…” he says, struggling to get in front of them to hurt the Mutant.
“But, I love you! Please don’t hurt yourself…” Sole says, firing a couple bullets at the Mutant.
Hancock pushes them aside and he faces the mutant, weapon in hand. “Come hit me with your best shot, ugly..” he says, before being quickly swarmed in flames.

MacCready: “Boss!” he shouts, running in between Sole and the mutant, standing in a defensive position. What was he doing again? What part of his brain said, hey yeah, this was a brilliant idea. He didn’t really care at this point, Sole deserved to live, he didn’t. MacCready listened to the bomb’s beeping grow louder and gulped. He was a dead man.

Romanced!MacCready: “F-Frick. Baby, get out of the way…”
MacCready stood in front of Sole and he dropped his rifle to the ground, frozen. “You’ve got to let me do this for you, Sole” he mumbles, ignoring their attempt to get him away. He loved them so goddamn much, and even if he was an assh- a jerk at times he needed to protect them. Yeah, it wasn’t his best idea yet but he was pretty sure that without him, they could move on.

Piper: “Blue listen, just move…” she shouts, trying to pull them away from the Suicider’s path. Her being in front of Sole was entirely accidental. She only realized that the Mutant was right behind her when Sole’s eyes drifted upwards and she could smell that sickly odor that tended to linger around Super Mutants. ‘Shit, shit, shit, shit’ was all that ran through her mind as she listened to the beeping.

Romanced!Piper: Piper placed a kiss to Sole’s lips and she quickly stands in front of them. Sole tries to move her but ultimately fails. “Come and get me, shitface.”

Nick Valentine: Jesus Christ, why did these guys always turn up unexpected? He steps in front of Sole, keeping quiet and ready to face the imminent destruction.
“Nick! What the hell are you thinking…” they shout, attempting to get him to move.
“You have a reason for living, I’m just a knocked-up old Synth, nobody needs me around anymore…” Valentine says with a smirk. He pulls his hat down and Sole watches as the Suicide Bomber explodes.

Strong: Brother knew Strong was there. Strong wanted to protect human. Strong would have to stop Brother from hurting them and stand in their way.
“Strong say bye now, find milk of human kindness small human.”

Romanced!Strong: “Nobody… Hurt… My… Human!” Strong yells, swinging his hammer at the Super Mutant Suicider. He fails to majorly damage his brother and he is caught in the blast. As he lay on the floor, Sole came up to him and knelt by his side, pulling his face to look at them. “Strong love human, it okay… Strong will smash many in dreams…”

X6-88: “I suggest you move out of the way Sir/Ma’am.” he says, standing in front of the mutant. Somehow he is barely damaged by the blast and turns around to face Sole with a few burn marks.

Romanced!X6-88: X6 puts his arms around Sole and covers them from the blast. “Are you okay?” he asks, as they look up at him, breathing fast. They nod and he lets them go, ignoring the burns on his back.

eviljaffafish  asked:

a rogue ask: how would you you rank Graham's albums, and what specifically about each is it that makes you like it to such an extent?



  1. The Spinning Top (2009)
    I think that the last three albums Graham has made have each shown incredible growth in his songwriting and each master a facet of his style as a musician, so it is hard for me to rank them. But I think The Spinning Top stands alone for how ambitious it was but musically and conceptually. It is a true masterpiece that shows Graham’s incredible technical skills as a guitar player (and his willingness to push himself to master a style of playing that he had always felt intimidated by). The thing I love most about this album is that it shows Graham pushing into unfamiliar territory in every way and yet it feels effortless and entirely him. The acoustic songs are lovely, heartbreaking, and nuanced, they grow more beautiful the more you listen to them. The songs that are electric are examples of Graham’s innovative and unique sound. “Dead Bees”, “If You Want Me”, and “Humble Man” all fit the tone of the albums folk/blues influence, but take it to an abrasive and expressive place. “Tripping Over” is one of the most emotional songs Graham has written, a stunning example of his ability to transform complex feelings into sound. Knowing where Graham was while writing this album, it is evident that it is the sound of him finding the confidence to do something undeniably extraordinary. His songwriting is at its best and the songs reflect his maturity, self-reflection, and vulnerability. The album’s concept is a man’s life from birth to death and the struggle to find your way home, and every song hits the mark emotionally. He shows that he is a man who has lived that struggle and come out the other side, aware of what there is at stake and determined to hold on and find peace. It is a truly special album.

  2. A+E (2012)
    There could not be a better follow-up to The Spinning Top than A+E, which is the complete opposite in every way. The industrial, krautrock sound is as far away from the delicate songs of the previous album as you can get. But like The Spinning Top, the songs follow a loose narrative that helps the album come together conceptually. An endless night out in an unfamiliar place, violence and perversion lie beneath the surface. Graham’s wit and existential angst give the darker songs a sense of humor and ground the album in his own personal experience. One of the best moments on the album are the final minute or so of “What’ll It Take” where Graham screams repeatedly into the void “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MEEEEEE!??!?!?!?” While he has figured a lot of his shit out, he is still the boy he has always been. “Running For Your Life” recalls the early days of Blur, performing in the north where people would yell “GET THE FUCK BACK DOWN THE M1!″ The lyric “we don’t like your accent or your Northampton shoes/get back down the M1 cause we don’t like you” is one of the most Graham lyrics ever. The album ends in the glaring sunlight with bluesy “Ooh, Yeh Yeh”, inspired by an encounter with a friend one Sunday morning who had been out all night and was really not doing good. It is a perfect ending to the album. The sound of the whole album is sophisticated, layered, grungy, dusty old synths and light reflected in dirty wet asphalt.

  3. Love Travels At Illegal Speeds (2006)
    LTAIS is Graham’s “sound” in its most refined and mature form. It is the first of his albums that holds a loose concept, exploring the loss of love and the fear of risking that heartache again and again. The songs are lyrically much stronger than his previous albums and really reflect inwardly on his personal struggle to find and change the parts of himself that get in the way of healthy relationships. The songs “Just A State of Mind” and “I Don’t Believe Anything I Say” ask a lot of tough questions about his own hypocrisy and fear in relationships. The line “just be happy, you are strong now, it’s so lonely to love someone” is at the core of most of the songs. The album addresses old wounds and new hopes with great maturity. The thread of sexual frustration that runs through the album is cheeky and playful. “See A Better Day” ends the album in a hopeful place, with a new relationship and the potential to find happiness.

  4. Happiness in Magazines (2004)
    While I believe LTAIS is a better album, I personally love Happiness in Magazines a bit more. It is charmingly odd, witty, and fresh. The first album Graham made after leaving Blur, it shows a real dedication to showing himself as a confident and professional musician. Produced by Stephen Street, it is the first that Graham didn’t self-produce and it allows the songs to really shine. The album is packed with potential singles that show different facets of Graham’s sound. For me it is the most representative of what I think of when I think of Graham’s solo work and I love that it is a bit unrefined and quirky. It maintains some of the roughness of his early solo work, but it is sophisticated as well.

  5. The Kiss of Morning (2002)
    The Kiss of Morning and Crow Sit on Blood Tree are the two underrated gems in Graham’s catalog. Most of this album was written when Graham was in rehab and it is full of hurt, guilt, and tremendous vulnerability. “Bitter Tears” opens the album strong, it is one of Graham’s best, and it lays the ground for the rest of the album. I love it because, though it is incredibly honest and vulnerable, it shows a determination to move forward and it is full of pain but also strength. The album pretty much builds off of that foundation, it explores many different avenues of pain and guilt, but never loses that determination. Graham explores more of a blues/country sound that is appropriate given the subject matter. His songwriting shows growth and maturity and the production and musicianship are strong. It is the most finished feeling of his self-produced albums and gives the listener an idea of what is to come.

  6. Crow Sit on Blood Tree (2001)
    This album is particularly impressive considering it was recorded in 5 days. It feels very much like a release of all the pain and frustration and doubt he was feeling in that moment, a bit of a mess, but a compelling mess. This one, more than the two previous, feels like something he needed to make, to get those feelings out. And for as rough as it is, it is shockingly cohesive and there are a lot of really good songs on it. “Empty Word” again, opens the album and sets the emotional tone. It is one to scream along to, but it is lyrically heartbreaking, he is not in a good place. “All Has Gone” is a beautiful and sad little acoustic song that is hugely underrated. But the real gem on the album is “Big Bird” which has circular kind of repetition that is a bit like “Tender”. Other standout songs include bluesy “I’m Going Away” and “Tired”, melancholy “Too Uptight”, and infamous “You Never Will Be.” Overall I think this album deserves more love, it is an emotional look into a turbulent moment in Graham’s life.

  7. The Sky is Too High (1998)
  8. The Golden D (2000)
    Graham’s first two albums are tough for me, but I think The Sky is Too High has a few stronger songs. “That’s All I Wanna Do”, “R U Lonely”, “I Wish”, and “Hard & Slow” are all really solid songs, especially “I Wish”. The Golden D holds together better as an album but the strongest songs on it are the two Mission of Burma covers, “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” and “Fame and Fortune”, which are both stellar and true to what Graham was feeling in Blur at that time. As I have said many times, The Golden D is worth listening alone for out of place jazz funk MASTERPIECE “Oochy Woochy”. The appearance of this random jazz funk song on an angry punk/metal album is one of my favorite things Graham has ever done.


Part 2

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, Reference to Abuse

(This was done on mobile, so if the format looks messed up it should be fixed soon! If it’s unreadable I’m so sorry, please come back later to read it if you wish!)

Preston Garvey: “Would you look at that..” Preston murmered to Sole, standing by his side. He was looking ahead towards the horizon, observing Sanctuary’s newly installed wall made from wood and wire. Without Sole, the settlement wouldn’t be safe at all.  “Hey, thanks,” Preston said, turning to face Sole, “I knew I could count on you general.” Preston patted them on the shoulder and he watched in confusion as Sole shouted and flinched away from him. Was it something he said? “I’m sorry General, are you okay?” Preston asked. They hid away, shrouded from his view, edging further and further away. Why were they acting so strange? After a while, Sole looked up at him with sad eyes and briefly explained what was wrong. “Preston, I’m sorry. It’s just that… Before the war, anything I said, anything I did… I got hit for… I was beaten and bruised head to two by my partner and… I still haven’t got over it. Please, don’t touch me.” Preston gasped in utter shock, bringing a hand to his mouth for a while. He brought it back down as he saw Sole shy away slightly and he apologised again. He had no idea they were a victim of abuse, and he would try to help them get over this as soon as possible.


: “Oh man,” MacCready exclaimed, aiming down his sight and smirking at his perfectly lined-up shot, “This jerk’s gonna get it big time.” His grubby fingers fumbled for a moment at the trigger, the coldness of the air really getting to him, before pulling it back and shooting a raider clean in the head. The man’s eyes lit up and he turned to his partner, excited by his kill. “Did you see that? All in a day’s work for MacCready!” He exclaimed, laughing. Sole seemed distant and more focused on something else and annoyed at no response, MacCready outstretched a hand to turn their head towards the raider’s dead body. Sole acted quickly and moved his hand away, moving away from him with a look of sheer terror plastered on their face. What the heck? What did he do, did he really disgust them that much? “Hey, I was only showing you something Boss” MacCready huffed, looking away. There was no need to get pissy about it, Mac thought to himself. “No, MacCready, I-It’s not you…” Sole began before being cut off quickly. “Oh yeah, who is it then?” Sole looked at him and mumbled a story about their pre-war abuse. As the story progressed, MacCready regretted his actions more and more as he felt sorry for what he had did and said. “Boss, I’m sorry. I had no idea that you went through all of that and… If you need someone to talk to then I’m always here…”

Piper: Sole had really done it this time. It was Thursday afternoon, and Piper ‘lost’ her hat. She knew exactly who was behind this, and it was the man/woman laughing their ass off in the corner of the room. Moving around furniture, ornaments, even the carpet, Piper grumbled as she attempted to find it. “I take a short nap, and this is what I wake up to. Thanks a lot blue, you jerk…” “You’re welcome…” Sole said, a wide grin plastered on their face as they watched their friend struggle. “Alright, I give up, I’m callin’ for Nick!” Piper exclaimed in a huff, throwing her hands up in defeat. Sole held out an arm and dangled the cap in front of them. “It was behind my back this whole time…” Piper looked them up and down and strode up to them, snatching the hat back. “I cannot believe you…” she said, giving them a playful slap on the arm. Sole reacted weirdly, flinching back and their once smiling face suddenly growing pained and hurt. Was this the whole, touchy thing again? Piper didn’t understand what was going on and every time she asked, Sole always kept quiet. “Piper, I’m sorry. But… I’ve told you not to touch me!” Piper frowned in confusion and folded her arms. “Well why, I was just joking? Besides, you get into fights all the time, I’m not hurting a big tough guy/gal like you am I?” A small smile came across Sole’s lips until their face darkened again. They explained about their pre-war abuse and why they didn’t like anyone to hurt or touch them. “I.. didn’t want to tell anyone this so… Piper, please keep this quiet.”

Nick Valentine: “Kid, I just wanted to say thanks for helping out on that case of mine. It means a lot.” Sole beamed brightly and placed the files down on Nick’s desk. It had been a long day but they were happy to help out the Detective Agency regardless. “Anything else I could do Nick?” They asked, leaning against the desk and folding their arms awaiting his response. The old synth chuckled and stepped towards them. With a steady hand he patted them on the shoulder and told them that they have done more than enough - for now. Valentine watched as his friend flinched away from his touch, a look of horror firm on their face. “What’s wrong? I was being friendly. I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” Nick explained, “If you don’t mind me saying, you’ve been acting like this for a while.” Sole looked away, sighing and trying to find the right words to say. Were they going to tell him the truth? Or were they just going to use the lie of fresh wounds from battle. They bit their lip and looked at Nick. “This… Isn’t, easy to say…” they began, Nick watching them intently, “I’ve never told anyone this before and I trust you to keep this a secret.” The Detective nodded, his bright eyes staring at his friend. “Well… B-Before, you know, I was frozen. My partner used to beat me and… I don’t know if it was the repeated damage - emotionally and physically - but, I don’t like people to touch me.” Valentine was shocked at this remark and he quietly said that they didn’t have to speak about the situation anymore, as he could see clearly it was upsetting Sole. They nodded, and they both started to head back to Sanctuary.

Part One on my blog!

[W i n d o w s   9 8   M i l l e n n i u m]



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Romanced Companions (+Factions leaders) react to Sole disappearing without a trace with Sole and companions (newborn) child. Only thing left behind was a note or holotape saying they were sorry.

For those who cannot have children, they’ve adopted!

Sole dried their eyes with their hands and inhaled deeply. They had just finished writing a small note in their best handwriting, addressed to their partner. They couldn’t do this anymore. Sole looked down at their son/daughter and stroked their small nose. Somehow, despite Sole’s tears their child slept safe and sound. “Don’t worry, we’ll stick together, yeah?”
A few tears dropped onto Sole’s baby’s face and they quickly wiped them off. With their child in their arms, Sole got up from their chair and wandered out into the night…


Cait: “Sole?” Cait called out, walking into their room. “Hey I uh, got the food you wanted…” 
Cait looked around at the empty room, confused as to where Sole and their kid was. She puts the packet of Snack Cakes on their desk and noticed a small bit of crumpled paper, lying in the dust. Carefully, she picked the note up and began to read it - It was clear that Sole wrote it, it was their handwriting. “I’m… Sorry” she repeated, reading it out loud. Suddenly it clicked, Sole really was gone, never to be seen again. 

Curie: Curie picked up the note and read Sole’s eloquent handwriting. ‘I’m sorry’? Sorry for what? Where did they go? Where was her baby? Confused, she put down the note and walked over to their bed. On it lay some of Sole’s possessions that they could never be seen without. It was then that Curie realised that Sole must’ve just got up and left without her. Was it something she said? Or did? She was trying her hardest to come to terms with this new body but she did not realize she was this bad. Tears began to fall as she sat on the bed, playing with an object of Sole’s in her hand.

Paladin Danse: Danse had just finished modding one of his weapons when Nick Valentine came trundling over to him. What did the Synth want? If it was another dumb comment Danse was sure he would hurt him. He turned around and looked at the Synth, his face hung in sadness with a small note in his hand. “Danse, I don’t wanna bother you at the moment but, I found this…” Nick said, outstretching a hand to Danse. Frowning, Danse hesitated before snatching the paper from Valentine’s hand and unfolding it to read it. He looked at the note again and then back at Nick, wanting some sort of explanation. “Sole, they’ve gone… And they’ve taken your kid…” 
Danse keeps quiet before walking away and folding the paper back up. He knew they could never really love a machine.

Deacon: So this was it huh? The end. Deacon saw this coming a mile off, he admits, why didn’t he talk to them about it? He folds up the paper and puts it in his back pocket. There wasn’t anything here for him anymore, he’d lost both of his loves - and for what? What did he do? Deacon takes his glasses off for a moment and dries his eyes, putting them back on quickly afterwards. He returns to the Railroad and makes a few changes to himself, trying to leave the situation behind.

Hancock: “After all this time, huh trouble?” he whispered, placing the note back on the desk and then proceeding to jab his knife into the desk so it was fully wedged in there. They had his kid, they were his world and they just decided to get up and leave without any notice or any confrontation about his actions? Great. He reaches into his pocket and grabs some jet, sitting by their bedside and staring at the wall. “One last trip” he breathes out, taking the jet.

MacCready: MacCready flicks the light switch on the bedroom and is met with an empty room and an empty cot. Where the hell was Sole? He’d been looking for them almost all day and now he was getting majorly worried. “Sole..?” he whispered into the emptiness, hoping this was all a trick. MacCready noticed that Sole’s silver locket was laying on the bed and beside it lay a small note and he walked up to it. Checking nobody was around, he opened the note and read the two words written on it in scruffy and rushed handwriting. “I’m sorry…” he repeated, looking down at the locket and then towards the empty cot. Oh god.

Piper: She picks up Sole’s locket and drapes it around her neck. Piper had just read the note and she couldn’t believe that they had just gone. Tears fall down her rosy cheeks and she collapses onto the floor, holding the note and a stuffed animal that she bought for her kid. Cait heard her cries and she came into the room to comfort her. Piper explained how their relationship wasn’t going so great at the moment and that this really was the last straw. The two girls stay in the room, knowing Sole was never coming back.

Preston Garvey: Preston heard heavy footsteps approach and somebody clearing their throat. It was Sturges. He tapped Preston and he swung around to face him, asking what was the matter. Sturges handed the paper over, “It was from your partner..” he says simply before walking off to do some repairs. Preston holstered his gun and opened the paper, reading the words ‘I’m sorry’. What did they mean? Sorry for what? He goes over to their house and double checks inside, seeing a small locket, Sole’s locket, draped over the arm of a chair. Had they really. Gone?

Nick Valentine: When he finds out the Sole has left, he attempts to go after them, wandering through the Commonwealth and checking every place that they could potentially be. He eventually gets too tired to continue and just stays in a small bunker. Nick opens up the note once more and reads it again. These two words were all he had left of Sole and his kid. Sole shouldn’t be sorry, he should be sorry. He clearly wasn’t good enough for them, he was some old knocked-up synth, of course he wasn’t good enough. 
“I’m sorry” he says, over and over.

X6-88: “Sole…” he calls, walking quickly through Sanctuary, checking every possible place they could be. He checks with Preston to see where they went and his cheerful smile soon changed into a frown and his face hung in sadness. He explains that they left a while back with X6′s baby boy/girl, without a trace. Preston then takes his hat off and hands X6 a bit of paper that Sole wanted to give to him. “It’s for you…” Preston explains, before walking off to go back on patrol. X6 unfolds it and reads it, staying silent before relaying back into the institute. The Commonwealth wasn’t bright anymore.

Bonus!Elder Maxson: Maxson heard the door knock and he called out to whoever was going to grace him with their presence to come in. A Brotherhood Knight stepped in, closing the door behind them. “Permission to speak Elder…” they asked, giving the Brotherhood salute. Arthur looked over his shoulder and locked his terminal before rising out of his chair. “Permission granted.” he mumbled, wondering why they had bothered to annoy him at this time of night. “Sir your, partner, sir, they left you this note. I-I last saw them with your child.. Leaving.” the knight said, walking up to Elder Maxson and handing him the note. Arthur sighed and opened the paper, reading the two words written on it. He paused for a while and told the Knight to leave, quickly. The young man scurried out of the room and Maxson sat back down at the terminal, taking a swig of his alcohol. He’d just lost two of his loves, including his heir. Should he send out a search party? No, he knew he was bad enough a partner and father as it was, he cared about Sole too much to make them hurt again.

romanced companions react to sole finding out they're a synth!

:O poor sole, the anon request that this was done because Shaun just wanted to meet one of his parents, the real sole had died in the cryo pod, such an interesting concept !

 quite a bit of sad in this but it gets happy to c:

Cait: “I’ll fucking punch your “son” in the face, how fucking dare he play with your emotions and lie to you like this”. Cait was fuming, teeth gritting together, fists by her side, hadn’t her lover been through enough, “They had no right, he had no right, he should have had more respect for his parents”. Sole pulled Cait into a hug, calming her before she did something she would regret. She leaned done, pulling sole into a heated kiss, “well, you’re no different to me, I still love you just the same darling, you should let me blow that fucking institute to hell though”. Cait did everything in her power to stop herself from looking for Shaun, even though she really wanted to stamp on his head, she focused her energy on keeping soles spirits up.

Curie: “Your son must love you very much to have done this, he just wanted to meet his parent”. Curie was shocked to hear her lover was not the human she thought they where. “Shaun was wrong to not tell you that you where not a human, he went about the whole situation wrong I admit, but I firmly believe he did not want to hurt you”. She wrapped a blanket round her lover and brought them a hot drink, kissing their lips as she passed them it. Sole stayed silent pondering on curies assessment of the situation, she always was optimistic and saw the best in people, maybe she was right, yes they where hurt but maybe it wasn’t Shaun’s intention. “Just to make sure you know, I love you just as much sole, maybe even more knowing I get to spend a longer life with you my love”. She was holding their face gazing into their eyes, adoring and warm. “sole pulled them into a long kiss, maybe she was right, for now they just melted into the touch of their innocent lover. 

Danse: Danse blinked when sole told them the news, they could not believe it, his heart was racing, his hands shaking with nerves, “I..I don’t believe it, your own son, he made you? why did he wait so long to create you? why did he not tell you the truth from the start?”. He was full of questions and confusion, but it would wait till later. He pulled sole into his lap holding them tightly, kissing their forehead, “Whatever the case you’re just as human as you feel, just like you told me, synth, human you’ve tough me there’s no difference, you are still Sole”. He held them close assuring them nothing would change, his heart suddenly sunk in his chest, “Sole there’s one thing I need you to do, please, I beg of you leave the BOS, you know what they’ll do if they learn the truth, they’re still stuck in Maxson’s ways”. He pleaded with them, holding their hands shakily, he released a breath he didn’t know he was holding when they promised to leave. 

Deacon: “Now I feel awful for lying to you about me being a synth”. He held sole close stroking their hair, “Babe I swear this means nothing to me you’re still the same person to me, no difference, and I love you for who you are”. Silence fell between the too, uncomfortable. “I want a memory wipe”. Deacon chocked when the words left his lovers mouth, “I’m a synth and I know it can be done in the railroad, please, I just want to forget, do what you do for every other synth, give them a new lease of life”. Sole pleaded with them, pain in their eyes, Deacon grabbed them shaking them by the shoulders, “NO, Don’t you dare, I refuse to fucking lose you, I need you, I can’t survive losing anybody else”. Tears streamed down his face, his fingers clinging to sole as he collapsed to his knees begging and begging for them to reconsider.  “How, how do I live knowing I’m just a synth”. “you are a fucking person,  you’re more than just a synth, you’re my sole, are you telling me glory is just a synth….Barbra, was-was, she just a synth to?”. He had his knees up to his chin, staring up at them, dying inside. Sole slumped to their knees wrapping their arms around him, “No they’re not, shit this is just a lot to take in, I’m so sorry, I had no right to say these things, we’ll get through this, I promise not to leave you”.

Hancock: “Shit sunshine I’m so fucking sorry, anything I can do to help you get through this, you let me know”. He held soles hands stroking them lightly in soothing patterns. His heart was heavy seeing his lover so broken, eyes threatening to spill tears of his own, he blinked rapidly to prevent it. “Hey sweetheart? things look bad now but really, in my eyes you’ve gotten another chance at life, and you know why? because you’re such an amazing person, you need to exists, this world needs you, I need you”. He nuzzled his face against there’s, “what about Goodneighbour, do I have to leave, no synths allowed right” Sole whispered worried. Hancock stood up, kicking the door to his balcony open, “My people, it’s time for change, to defeat the institute we need to help those they have wronged, that includes all and any escaped synths, they pose no threats, they’re just like us, kicked when they’re down, if I hear anybody threatening a synth I’ll shank you myself”. He grinned out to his beloved community, turning to wink at his lover, “we’re all behind you on this sweetheart, we support you and we’ll fuck up anybody that disagrees”  

Maccready: “But..but synths..they kill people, they replace people in the night”. He was devastated and a little scared, he loved sole but if they where one of these things they could turn. He sat head in his hands shaking, repeating “no, no no”. “Sole crouched down to their level forcefully pulling their head up to meet their eyes. “Mac do you really think I’d ever do anything like that, have I ever done anything like that before? nothing will fucking change, it’s just a big shock right now”. Sole tried to assure their lover, “I just, I don’t know right now, synths freak me out you know that? but but, you’re my lover, I can’t just fuck you over at a time like this. He sighed, a small smile on his face, “let’s just see how things go, we’ll sort this out right?” Sole nodded pulling him to his feet, he gave them an  awkward smile, apologizing for their early freak out, 

Nick: As soon as they heard the news they picked up there lover rocking them gently in his arms, eyes full of understanding, they were on the same page really, Nick knew what it was like to be the person you’re really not with no choice. “The institute all of them they’re bastards with no regards for the feelings or the people who’s lives they fuck with, doll please, don’t ever go back there”.  “If you can believe that this old synth really is Nick Valentine than you must believe that you really are the sole survivor right?” He stroked their cheek smiling lightly, pushing away any sadness of his own away, sole needed him right now. “You’re right nick, you know exactly what this is like, please just help me understand and get through this?”. He picked them up bridal style, kissing them softly, “Anything for you my doll”. He managed to convince sole to never return to the institute for their sanity and well being. 

Piper: “Wait you’re a synth and you’re just telling me now?! Seriously blue how could you do this to me, after everything, all my research and hate for the institute, and you’re a synth”. She was on the verge of tears, broken hearted and angry, sole reached out to her in attempt to explain, “No stop, just get out! NOW!”. She shouted red faced and teary eyed. “PIPER CALM DOWN” Sole, pinned her to the wall, gently gripping her wrists to stop her leaving. “listen to me piper, I did not know, I only just found out, do you really think I’d lie like this? after everything, Shaun made me because the real me died in that vault, he wanted to know his parent”. Sole sighed releasing their grip on piper, nervously waiting for a response. She flung into their arms holding them tightly, speaking through sobs, “oh my god, sole, I can’t believe I thought you’d lie to me, I’m such an idiot, you deserve better, you learn a shocking truth and I made it all about me”. “If..if you want to go I understand, I’ve been such a fool, but you should know, you might be a synth but you’re my synth, my sole”. Sole embraced her back holding her through both of their pain, whispering that they’d fix things. 

Preston: “So you died, 200 years ago, and now you’re a synth?” He questioned sole puzzled, “No Preston I’m just a synth, the real me died, I’m just a cheap imitation”. He shook his head and crossed his arms, “Same memories, same heart and mind set, same everything, you’re the real deal, you’re just a bit more metal now”. His face was stubborn, not backing down, eventually sole cracked laughing at their lover, “Sooo? you just see me as the same person you met in concord”. they spoke looking up nervously from behind their lashes, “No you’re the same person I met, who saved my life and who I fell in love with in concord”. He smiled back just as sheepish. He pulled sole into a warm cuddle kissing the tip of their nose, “don’t dwell on it babe nothing needs to change, you’re the exact same person in my eyes”. 

X6:88:  “Did you know about this?!…. Answer me X6!” Sole screamed in their face overwhelmed with emotion after finding out their real identity, “I..I did know the truth”. He muttered out low, feeling conflicted, he didn’t see why it mattered so much to them, at the same time he didn’t like this lover feeling hurt, he reached forward to touch them, sole harshly shrugged away, staring them down, betrayed, “how fucking dare you not tell me the truth, I thought you loved me”. Sole was red with anger, the words cut through X6 like a knife, they where right, why didn’t he tell them, “You have a right to be upset, I was wrong, this matters to me because it matters to you, I should have been honest with you, I should have gone against orders for you”. There was emotions in his voice sole didn’t even know was possible, they saw the pain and self hatred on there lovers face, “I do love you sole, I have wronged you badly enough for this to seem untrue, I understand this”. Sole felt a twinge of guilt, after all he was a courser, going against orders could have resulted in a memory reset, the truth was not worth losing him over. They took a slow breath, placing their hand in his shoulder, “We’ll work this out, we were both in the wrong here”.