old sweet shop

I think I ate fae food in a dream...?

This is what happened in my dream just now:

I entered an old sweet shop in a place I did not know and the sweets and jams and everything were named after different fae and other creatures. I remember picking out three different things with vampire in the name, a jar of what I could only assume was a preserve of some kind, one small square sweet and a sticky elegant bat-shaped sweet on a stick. As I was browsing I got given a free sample, it was delicious and I picked up a pack of the wrapped product and a book.
I left my stuff on the side of the counter and went to the man behind it. Only it had changed, it was now open plan into the room behind it with no sweets in it. Two men were sitting behind a beautifully carved desk, the third was sitting behind me. I talked about the products and how I needed the recipe, they discussed how they should deal with me quickly because they had been working on ‘this’ for so long. (There were other words spoken but I can’t remember). The young bespectacled man gave me a sheaf of pages covered in writing and I asked if they were cursed. They all laughed and said no.
I remember going back to fetch my purse because (being me) I forgot it. But when I came back there were only people with streaks of blue in their hair who kept talking about ‘our world’ and were angry that I was there. I explained that I was getting my stuff and they allowed this but I think I woke up before I had a chance to pay (with human coins anyway).



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[ sungjin ]


word count; 1.1k

genre; angst/fluff 

summary - you arrive back to your home country, bringing Sungjin with you to stay for the summer and meet your family, however Sungjin is unaware that you have a brother and instantly grows jealous of the unknown individual. 

As you took your first step off the plane you couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across your face. You were finally back in your home country after spending three years studying in Seoul. You looked up at your boyfriend and you were overjoyed that you could share this moment with him. You finally brought your boyfriend to your home country and you couldn’t be any happier.

“So I rented an apartment for us to stay in because there’s no room at home but the apartment’s close to my house,” you explained to Sungjin as we made our way to the taxi rank.

“As long as I can be with you and you’re happy, anything will do,” Sungjin said smiling down at you. 

You were about to reply but your phone went off. You took your phone out and saw it was another text from your brother. You two had been texting all week, both excited to finally get to see each other again. You smiled at the quirky message your brother sent and you were about to reply but Sungjin got your attention.

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honoumi for @bumbleybumsie!! thanks for being patient!

i’ve always thought of honoumi as a really old-fashioned couple because of their family history and stuff (the recent umi event made it even more apparent to me), so i thought i would draw them in a retro manga style!! i could see them growing up together in some old port town in the 60s :’’’o

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for the ot3 ships: consider bokurohina

this,,,ship is very slowly destroying me oh wow

  • Hinata visits Tokyo regularly to meet up with Kenma, meaning Kuroo was often there accompanying them, meaning Bokuto was there as well on most trips, its already canon that Hinata and Bokuto get along really well from the Tokyo training camp arc so imagine Bo and Hinata talking really excitedly about something - lets go with a new sweet store bc why not - and sometimes Kuroo would make an offhand comment to Kenma and Hinata would pause his conversation with Bo just to reply to Kuroo’s comment before Kenma can and its oddly witty but because of how Hinata’s personality is it comes off as very excited but Kuroo already heard that little comment and starts up a conversation with Hinata where they’re just retorting to one another. Hinata’s gotten better at this while hanging around Kenma loads and it sparks this interest in Kuroo.

    At some point, Bokuto carries Hinata and sends Kuroo this look that practically says ‘GET YOUR OWN CROW’ that has Kuroo and Hinata laughing. The day went with Bo and Kuroo trying to keep Hinata’s attention on them until they reached this old sweet shop Hinata knew of and actually found it in the mall all of them were in, Bo and Kuroo both had awestruck and surprised expressions when they saw how Hinata lights up when taking their orders and talking with everyone in the store. Cute.

    The two of them leave the store with a newfound developing crush on Hinata.
  • Post getting together: Hinata is really really good at cooking, he’ll hum and dance while moving around the kitchen and preparing lunch for himself, Bokuto prefers to bake than cook and Kuroo can make ramen. That is it. They have a schedule of who lunch or dinner on what day and whenever its Hinata’s turn, Bo and Kuroo will try their best to just be near or in the kitchen just to hear their sunshine hum, sometimes even sing. The thing is, when Hinata cooks, he’s so quiet that its strange. Kuroo loves it, seeing this smol energetic and loud bean being quiet and concentrating on something makes Kuroo feel so happy??? like look at my boyfriend, look at him cooking like a pro, ignoring the faces Bo is making - bO. Kuroo is the official taste tester between the three, Bo gets pouty whenever Kuroo gets to try Hinata’s food but then Hinata kisses Bo on the cheek or lips and stays bright red while finishing the food - Kuroo gets no kisses bc he got to try food instead (and no he is not huffy about that at all. Nope). Sometimes Kuroo will sit on a counter and hum to the song with Hinata before standing up and hugging Hinata from behind and resting his chin on Hinata’s head. Bo would come along and kiss the back of Kuroo’s neck and Hinata’s cheek before nuzzling one of them.
  • Hinata and Bo get so hyped up and they’ll literally be yelling excitedly about volleyball or a tv show and Kuroo just gives them this fond look because Hinata would nod to whatever Bo was saying and Bo would be pointing everyrwhere and laughing and Kuroo is just there with his heart being squeezed bc bo i was not ready to see you two so happy oh my gOD. When they see Kuroo the two share this devious look (or as devious of a look hinata and bo can make) and the skip to Kuroo while singing this random song. The two end up serenading Kuroo who is a blushing mess and covering his face with his hands to hide it but then gets poked in the side by Hinata (he’s a jab master, Suga’s teachings have shown to be v effective) that has Kuroo squealing in surprise. That day, Kuroo could never be safe bc his boyfriends found out how ticklish he gets IMMEDIATE TICKLE WAR ON KUROO WITH BO RUNNING AFTER KUROO AND HINATA BLOCKING ALL PASSAGEWAYS AND TICKLING KUROO WHENEVER HE CAN, THEY ALL END UP IN A PILE OF LIMBS WITH KUROO WHEEZING BC OF HOW HARD HE LAUGHED> Lemme tell you something my friend, Kuroo looks goddamn cute when he’s laughing so hard his cheeks hurt and his face is flushed and his eyes are light and amused and so happy, Bo and Hinata end up just smooching his cheeks and peppering his face with kisses.

    Until Kuroo retaliates and tickles Bo and Hinata.
  • Kuroo really likes vintage things, he loves to talk about things he bought that make him really happy because they’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at (bo interrupts with a ‘you’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at, kuroo’ and hinata with a ‘the type that we love!!’). Hinata and Bo saved up and bought Kuroo a present for his birthday, a polaroid camera, one of those authentic ones that they found at an antique store, Kuroo was so surprised and happy that the first thing he took a photo of was his boyfriends waiting for his reaction - bo playing with his fingers and biting his lips while hinata has this side pout and puppy (crow?) eyes. The two have a whole wall full of polaroids Kuroo has taken - of friends, objects, random things from dates etc - and Bo organised (he wants to be an interior designer/architect - idk which of those to go with >.<). Hinata got Natsu to help them decorate the wall besides the pictures and she suggested that Hinata does wall art. So he does. The wall is one of the most inspiring things in their shared apartment, Bo works next to it on uni projects when designing something for his course and Kuroo sits next to it bc it makes him happy. There is another wall full of polaroids of the three of them, being affectionate, sleeping, having silly expressions. That one is in their bedroom bc its so special to them.

    For Bo’s birthday, Kuroo and Hinata planned to take him to an aviary and already had a cake waiting to be picked up near the place, when Bo arrives he’s silent while he sees exactly where he is, then he turns around to face his boyfriends, eyes shining with excitement and tackles them both to the ground and kisses them everywhere with excited babbles an thank yous and i love yous and Hinata and Kuroo’s hearts nearly explode when they witnessed Bo’s reaction to seeing the owls.

    There is a section of the aviary where you can name your own owl and visit it regularly, Hinata’s mum’s friend works there and so Bo, Kuroo and Hinata actually adopted an owl. Bo actually cried tears of joy. Intense cuddle pile at home with a movie playing and lunch and cakes being eaten before they’re long forgotten.
  • The three of them swap clothes all the time it stresses Akaashi and Kenma out. Sometimes Kuroo takes Hinata and Bo out just to see what they’d look like wearing clothes Kuroo normally would wear - worst/best decision of Kuroo’s life because holy pie does Hinata look gorgeous in black skinny jeans. Bo is attractive in anything and Kuroo and Hinata just suffer on the side. Bokuto picks clothing that are hella comfy and what you’d wear to classes and very much ‘relaxed’ clothes - sweatpants, those t-shirts are are long af, either length wise or sleeve wise, hoodies all the sorts. Hinata buys clothes summery clothes, shorts, crop tops the whole lot bc screw gender roles and ideas. Kenma sees Hinata wearing one of Kuroo’s t-shirts with owl patterned boxers and is just e.e shouyou please stay a crow.

    KUROO AND BOKUTO LOVE THEIR SMALL CROW AND WHILE SHOPPING HE DOES ALL THOSE CROW NOISES AND KUROO IS JUST 0.0 what the heck was that??? bo: our boyfriend, hinata, thank you or noticing

I messed this up badly aaaah >.< I hope you like them and thank you for sending in this ship, nonny!! they’re p r e c i o u s P>LSDOAKGJ

send a haikyuu!! poly ship for the game

Positive small town England aesthetic

Wildflowers everywhere

The scent of honeysuckle and butterfly bushes on the breeze

Vintage cars trundling down the road

Five market stalls lining the streets, filled with random things and the best bread and honey you’ve ever tried

Long walks down roman roads

Watching the sun set over the trees

Ancient graves surrounding an even older church

The remnants of ancient English civilisation used as local landmarks for directions

Sundials still used after hundreds of years

Colourful hanging baskets by every door

Pretty pastel coloured doors

Vintage tea parlours and antiques shops all over

Women dresses up for church in pretty pastel dresses

City bikes in creamy white with wicker baskets and actual loaves of bread and bouquets of flowers in them

Amazing bakeries with the best cakes you’ve ever had

Church bells

Old fashioned sweet shops

Cas knew he was accepted as a Winchester the day he was the one selected to buy the road snacks before a big trip.

He asks what they want, but the boys wouldn’t say.

“We trust you,” Dean grinned.

Cas squared up his shoulders and walked into the gas station, a man on a very important mission.

He returned later, arms full of colorful, sugar-rich goodies.

“Good pick!” Dean nodded his approval.

“And I got this for you especially, Sam,” Cas announced reaching into his coat pocket.

“A rutabaga?” Sam questioned. “That’s, um,” Sam chuckled. “Perfect, thanks Cas. Never seen one at a gas station before.”

“You see,” Dean would later explain, 200 miles in and Baby full of empty wrappers, “the trick to buying road trip food is to act like a 4-year old in a sweet shop. You’re a natural, Cas.”

On Pages Torn

Summary: “fun date idea: take me to a used book and music store and we each pick out a cd and a book for the other person. then we go back and listen to the cds with chinese takeout or a pizza or something idk. and then you take me home and I read the book you picked out for me and we talk about what happened in each other’s books on our next date.” from this post

AN: i SAY this is for valentines but it’s set in autumn SO. but here have this cute date thing, it’s kinda shitty and doesn’t do the idea justice, and i wrote most of it while listening to arctic monkeys if that gives you an idea of what the mood is like

The shop blends in with the others, the faded sign that hangs over the door the only distinguishing factor at first. The window and door frame have no paint work, instead being captured in smooth wood. Through the dusty glass, they can make out the classic character of a vintage store; books stretch up into the shadows, and everything looks like a warm brown, similar to coffee. The window display is made up of books strewn over the table, price tags etched in with pencil onto the discoloured dust jackets. Dan and Phil both agree that their age doesn’t take away from the worth of the books - if anything, it adds to it.


The sky is the colour of May, despite it being September. The faded hues of dusty browns and golds are draped with the blue of a worn-out highlighter, and the streets carry the scent of harvest, almost, shops sporting reds and scarves and bundles of hay tied with fraying string. Everything fits with the cobbled street that Phil walks along, his shoes rolling over the stones. The street is quiet; bells of shops and gentle chatter from pastry shops croon over the still air, the buildings leaning inwards and embracing those ambling along. The independent shops and general atmosphere is far flung from the center of the city. Each brick carries vintage vignettes, and everything is peaceful and isolated - but it feels like autumn.

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Sanjyo-wakasaya by TokyoViews
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