old star chart

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“ok im in a good mood now who wants to talk abt shayllura w/ me”

tell me ur shayllura hcs pls,, i need,,

sdkjf ok….. ok so like:

  • building onto this post (x) when balmerans get freckles they glow like the crystals on their planet 
  • shay ends up getting a lot of them. allura mentions to her often how lovely they are 
  • allura says to shay one day of how they remind her of some altean constellations, pulling out old star charts and looking at them with shay
  • allura points out some of her favorites as she traces them onto shays skin
  • and when reminiscing gets to be too much, shay comforts allura, speaking in hushed tones of how they could make their own constellations, and memories together