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I bet mermaids are really great astronomers. I mean, their eyes must be super sensitive to light if they can see underwater, and there’s no place with clearer skies than the open ocean. 

What if they found navigational equipment from sunken explorers’ ships and turned the old telescope designs and star charts into something more compatible with their habitat? Optics made of polished sea-glass, extraterrestrial communications systems based on the languages of different sea creatures, etc. 

People on land talk about how they know as little about the oceans as they do about outer space, but merfolk already have the seas figured out.

So of course, what are they going to explore next? I think the answer is just as clear as it is awesome. 

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“ok im in a good mood now who wants to talk abt shayllura w/ me”

tell me ur shayllura hcs pls,, i need,,

sdkjf ok….. ok so like:

  • building onto this post (x) when balmerans get freckles they glow like the crystals on their planet 
  • shay ends up getting a lot of them. allura mentions to her often how lovely they are 
  • allura says to shay one day of how they remind her of some altean constellations, pulling out old star charts and looking at them with shay
  • allura points out some of her favorites as she traces them onto shays skin
  • and when reminiscing gets to be too much, shay comforts allura, speaking in hushed tones of how they could make their own constellations, and memories together 

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“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” for riarkle

this is soppy and domestic and disgusting. also, for anyone who doesn’t know, “Class M Planet” is a Star Trek reference…Class M means it is suitable for human life, essentially. 

“Have you seen the—Oh.” Riley stopped as she came around the corner into the living room, and smiled fondly at the sight in front of her. Her husband was crouched on the couch, using a paper towel roll like a telescope, pointed towards the ceiling. Their seven and a half year old daughter was on her knees behind him with a colander on her head—the object Riley was looking for. One of Riley’s old star charts was laid out on their coffee table—a hobby from college.

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