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Bill Ideas Galore

This fabulous theory was sent by an anonymous asker and is written out fully below. It’s a lengthy post but if you’re thirsty for deep GF discussion, then I highly suggest you read all the way through because it’s a freaking fantastic idea. Anon discusses Bill’s motivations, where he came from, how he’s influenced human history in GF’s universe, and just - in general - tries to explain Bill himself.

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(continued) human, he’s an all-knowing demon stuck in another realm, or the mindscape. But because he’s knowledgeable and wise, he’s probably bored quite often, because, well… he knows everything. He knows how everything began and probably knows how everything will end, as he’s said to be older than the Milky Way itself.

So, I think it would be a cool idea if Bill maybe got interested in the human race for the fact that humans, unlike him (and probably the other demons), AREN’T all-knowing. The idea alone of ignorance is probably just utterly unheard of for Bill, so he, curious, investigates. At first, he’s baffled by how seemingly clueless man was, being unable to think in the way Bill can, and he just thinks it’s hilarious. He even began finding amusement by traveling inside of the minds of humans and scaring them or confusing them with his own knowledge. He goes on with this for quite a while, since he finally has something to do, but soon, he began to grow bored… again. 

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