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Hamilton Characters as Hairspray Lyrics
  • Alexander Hamilton: And someday when I take to the floor/the world's gonna wake up and see/Baltimore and me
  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: You'll never see them frown cuz they're the nicest kids in town
  • Aaron Burr: And so I will wait until that moment you decide/that I'm your man and you're my girl
  • Angelica Schuyler Church: But let me be a star before I take that vow/cause mama I'm a big girl now
  • Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette: And if you try to hold me down I'm gonna spit in your eye and say/you can't stop the beat
  • Hercules Mulligan: Shop around little darlin' I've got to be/the ladies' choice
  • John Laurens: There's a dream/in the future/There's a struggle/that we have yet to win/And there's pride/ in my heart/Cause I know where I'm going/And I know where I've been
  • George Washington: I know we've come so far/but we've got so far to go
  • King George III: If I'm left without my babydoll I don't know what I'll do
  • Peggy Schuyler: she's hip/so cool/I'm gonna get her after school
  • Samuel Seabury: Stop! Don't! No! Please!
  • Thomas Jefferson: The only thing better than hairspray, that's me!
  • James Madison: Lancelot had Guinevere/ Mrs Claus had Old St Nick/Romeo had Juliet, and Liz, well, she has her Dick/It takes two baby/It takes two
  • Maria Reynolds: We'd like to say *beat beat* to the new girl in town
  • Philip Hamilton: I'll eat some breakfast and then CHANGE THE WORLD!
  • General Charles Lee: PONY PONY OOOH PONY PONY

x-01-king  asked:

Here's a good scenario: it's Christmas time in the Commonwealth and Sole Survivor is dressing up like old st nick and handing out gifts. What're the companions reactions?

I’m writing this as if Christmas is relatively rare outside of Diamond City, since that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it referenced (on Dec 25th in-game there are lights, trees, etc). -Moss

CAIT- Growing up the way she did meant she didn’t get to celebrate a whole lot of holidays. Any gifts she might have gotten, her parents took. So Cait cackles when she sees Sole at first- they look ridiculous. But she gets flustered when Sole hands her a box with an old bow tied around it. People don’t just… give other people things for free. What kind of holiday is this, anyway? Cait wants to make fun of whatever’s inside at first- she doesn’t want to show how much it means to her. But later, in private, she promises to treasure it forever.

CODSWORTH- He never did get to celebrate Christmas pre-war. His first real holiday with Sole’s family would have been Halloween- and, well, we all know how that ended. Like Sole, he throws himself into the celebrations, insisting on preparing the meal and spiffing up the celebration area as best as he can. When he sees Sole’s attire, he comments wistfully that he wishes he could have seen a pre-war Christmas, and that its nice of Sole to try and give everybody one. He doesn’t expect that Sole has anything in that bag for him, though, so when Sole pulls out a present with his name on it, he’s flustered to the point of tears (well, his voice sounds teary, anyway).

CURIE- Curie remembers Christmas in the Vault, the one day out of the year when all the work stopped. It was quite inefficient, in her opinion, but now she understands that there are more benefits to this gift-giving than she thought. It’s an opportunity to show people that you know them and care about them. Apparently it’s also an opportunity for Sole to have some fun and dress up in crazy clothes, although when Curie first sees them, she questions their sanity. She’s taken aback when Sole gives them a gift- she hadn’t expected it and although she’s overjoyed, she laments that she’s unsure what the proper response is.

DANSE- Christmas in the Brotherhood isn’t the biggest holiday of the year, but the Knights usually gathered to have a drink or two on December 25th, so Danse has fond memories of it. He doesn’t quite understand why Sole is doing these things- that suit Sole is wearing is hardly Brotherhood material (although it’s got so much stuffing, it probably would protect them in a fall), and he’s skeptical about the idea of giving away the things Sole worked hard for. He changes his tune when Sole hands him his present- he didn’t expect one and feels a little unworthy. But he’s starting to gain a new appreciation for the meaning of Christmas.

DEACON- Dez and the gang celebrate Christmas with a bottle of wine and a couple of fondly-exchanged presents. Deacon somehow managed to never be around to give or receive, so he doesn’t have many recent fond memories of Christmas. He calls Sole out on their, “uhh, unique?” disguise, and finds the idea that people pre-war would tell their children that a cookie thief would be breaking into their homes every Dec. 25th a little weird. He hasn’t gotten a present in a long time, so when Sole hands him a wrapped box, he’s suspicious, though he hides the reaction. But he’s known Sole for a long time now and knows that they’re just this generous- there’s no secret code taped to the bottom of the box with the location of a package or anything. He knows. He checked everywhere.

DOGMEAT- He doesn’t recognise Sole at first and has to sniff them all over to make sure it’s really them and they haven’t been eaten by some guy in a beard and red suit. Once he gets used to it, he’s happily surprised to see everyone gathering and follows Sole around at the heel, not wanting to miss a moment. When the presents come out, Dogmeat wants to help with the packaging- mostly this means viciously tearing it apart, tail wagging the whole time. Sole makes sure to use extra paper/cardboard to wrap his present of a juicy bone or an old teddy bear.

HANCOCK- Diamond City is the hub of all things Christmas, so Hancock, who grew up there, has a lot of fond memories of it. Every year in Goodneighbor he has a holiday soirée where the whole town is invited. When Sole explains the story behind Santa to him, he has a lot of fun with the whole ‘sit on Santa’s lap’ thing, regardless of whether or not he’s romanced. He loves the whole idea and asks Sole if he can be Santa next year (“Absolutely not.” / “Aw, why?” / “You know only children are supposed to sit on Santa’s lap, right?” / “That’s no fun.”). When Sole gives him a present, he hides his surprise with a grin. It warms his heart that Sole even thought of him- he’s used to being the generous one, and it reminds him how good a simple gift can make people feel.

MACCREADY- Hang on, Christmas is about giving things away? What’s the point of that? MacCready is skeptical and on the defensive, even more so when he sees the way Sole is dressing and behaving. He asks if that super mutant they killed yesterday hit them in the head harder than they thought. When Sole says they have a gift for him, he thinks they’re being sarcastic, and responds in turn- more crap for him to lug around. But when he realises that Sole meant it seriously, he first turns defensive- “You’re giving me something? Why?”- and then reluctantly grateful. He’s not used to having a friend like Sole, and it still amazes them that they can do these generous things without expecting anything in return.

NICK- Even though Christmas is still celebrated in the Commonwealth, Nick knows all the old colored lights and plastic trees pale in comparison to what it was back in the day. He prefers to spend the day in quiet, peaceful contemplation. Sole, of course, is having none of that crap. They’re wearing a beard, damn it, and he’s going to enjoy himself if it makes him short circuit. Nick puts on a show of being a big grump, but he likes having someone to pull him out of a bad place and remind him that there are still good things out there in the world, even if those good things come bearing gifts of toasters. (Stuffed into the toaster are about a hundred pristine packs of cigarettes. Sole has a sense of humor, but they sure do know what he likes.)

PIPER- Piper both loves and hates Christmas. It’s important to her that she makes Christmas an enjoyable holiday for Nat, but sometimes she forgets about her own happiness. The second she sees Sole, she starts planning a historical piece on the meaning of Christmas, and wonders if she can make it an add on piece to how Sole sees Diamond City by comparing their idea of Christmas to the current one. She’s used to the act of gift-giving from growing up with Nat, so she probably has the most well-adjusted reaction to Sole giving her a gift, and tells them how much it means to her.

PRESTON- A holiday that’s about giving gifts and services to people you care about is right up Preston’s alley, and he loves to celebrate it. It’s his favourite holiday, even if not a lot of folks out there in the Commonwealth have time for it anymore. Even without gift-giving, it’s a time to let people know you appreciate them. Preston’s tickled pink when he sees Sole in their Santa costume, once more trying to make everyone’s day a little brighter. His eyes get wide when Sole pulls something out of that bag for him, of all people, and he’s not sure how to respond. (After his 12th thank you, Sole swears they’re never giving him another present again.)

STRONG- Strong doesn’t understand the merit to giving people knick knacks and baubles without asking for anything in return- and he hates the costume, although he respects Sole enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they want people to see them as a target. Maybe all that padding is actually a form of armor. He can’t come up with an excuse for the beard, though. He keeps whatever Sole gives him close, though, even though he doesn’t see the point in it. If it’s important to Sole, it’s important to him. Maybe it’ll help him find the milk of human kindness.

X6- The Institute doesn’t celebrate Christmas. X6 respects Sole’s ability to make a fool of themselves, but he’s certainly not taking part in the celebration. When Sole gives him a gift, he misunderstands the intention, thinking that Sole is just outfitting him for another mission (if it’s something practical) or giving him something they need him to protect like a keepsake. Sole explains to him that it was a gift- it belongs to him. He reminds them that he is a synth, and that personal property means little to him. That doesn’t mean he’s going to give it back, though.

huzzzah  asked:

Out of curiousity- why do you guys celebrate on Christmas Eve?

It’s because my parents are evil Christmas supergeniuses.

As kids they would tell us that we were on the super special list so Santa would come early. The night of Christmas Eve we would all pile into the car under the guise of “looking at Christmas lights.” While we were strapping in, one of my parents would quickly lay out the presents, take a bite of cookie, a swig of milk, and join us in the car.

When we returned all our presents had been magically delivered by old St. Nick and we tore threw the wrapping with great enthusiasm. We’d play with all our toys, tire ourselves out, and fall asleep deep into the next morning.

Basically my parents engineered the situation so they wouldn’t have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to open gifts. And even though this was born from a diabolical strategy to sleep in late, we still celebrate on Christmas Eve to this day.

Alone this christmas

Christmas eve and now everyone was safe and snug inside there homes waiting for jolly old st nick to arrive to bring them christmas joy in all shapes and sizes meaning all of central was deserted. It gave envy the rare opportunity to actually leave the abandoned warehouse where he ‘lived’ away from prying eyes. Qalking down the cold snow covered streets he hugged himself tightly, even though he wasnt human and knew just how people saw him.. he couldbt help bit wonder what it would be like to wake up on christmas day and actually spend it with people who loved him.. ha. Fat chance.

thedoctorwhogallopedto221b-deac  asked:

Could you give me an Jily AU prompt/headcanon? :)

Ok, how about a list?

  • Lily attending a quidditch game for the first time as his girlfriend and James has never played better.
  • Lily having to tutor James in potions and James tutors her in Transfiguration because they like spending time together and having competitions about who is the best.
  • Lily and James skinny-dipping in the lake on a dare and the Lily starts joking about the giant squid and James just gets this look of terror on his face.
  • Lily sneaking down to the kitchen for food because she is hungry and finds James already there cooking with the house elves who have pretty much adopted him into their family.
  • James and Lily getting each other Zonko’s products for Christmas and getting so excited about it that they go through them all in one day.
  • James setting off fireworks that spell I love Lily on the day they graduate, but they go off at different times, so it runs the plan because Lily wasn’t even there for the I and the love, just for the Lily firework and she just kind of rolled her eyes.
  • James and Lily swapping Wizard and Muggle books and then having extremely enthusiastic conversations about their differences and similarities over breakfast and James knocks down something every time with his wild hand gestures. 
  • Lily dragging James out to go Christmas caroling with her and he’ll never admit it to the Marauders, but he had the time of his life, because he got to bug Lily with questions like what’s a candy cane? Who’s joly old St. Nick? Lily, why do all these reindeer have such terrible names? 

I have just realized that none of these are really AU prompts or headcanons, but I got carried away and now I have to go to class, but there is more where that came from…. oops. Sorry, I hope you like them anyway?

Anna Kendrick in Talks to Play Female Santa Claus for Disney Movie
The 'Pitch Perfect' star was just seen opposite Ben Affleck in 'The Accountant.'

Anna Kendrick is in negotiations to star in Disney’s Nicole, a tale of a female Santa Claus.

Marc Lawrence is attached to direct, while Suzanne Todd, who worked with the studio on Alice in Wonderland, is producing.

Lawrence also wrote the script, whose details are being kept on ice. The twist, however, is that it is a holiday family adventure that centers on the coming of a female Santa.

Disney has done well in the past with tales of old St. Nick, having a hit franchise with the Tim Allen comedies The Santa Clause, which launched in 1994.

Lawrence may be best known for writing and directing Music and Lyrics, a 2007 romantic comedy that starred Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. His other directing credits include The Rewrite and Did You Hear About the Morgans, both of which starred Grant as well. He got his start as a writer-producer on Family Ties.

Todd is currently in production on Magic Camp, a family movie for Disney.

Kendrick already appeared in a Disney movie when she starred as Cinderella in the film adaptation of the hit musical Into the Woods. The actress’ musical stylings were most recently heard in the animated feature Trolls, and she is in production on Pitch Perfect 3.

Sources say Nicole is not a musical, but Kendrick may end up indulging her musical side.

The actress is repped by CAA and Morris Yorn.

Old St. Nick

There was always something about the Christmas season that turned Ellis into an utter nightmare to deal with. Nick came to expect at least one prank every Christmas Eve from the mechanic, and this year he was determined to stay up until he was certain Ellis had fallen asleep.

Apparently, this year Ellis was determined to get photographic proof of Santa Claus’s existence and set up camp in the living room. Nick, not wanting to fall prey to whatever Ellis was actually planning, decided to humor him and sat on the couch, warily watching him for hours before unwillingly dozing off.

He woke up the next morning to Ellis shouting about jolly old St. Nick and how he’d gotten a picture with him in the dead of night, prompting Nick to ask him if he’d gone completely insane.

Ellis smiled from ear to ear as he pulled out the most embarrassing photo of Nick that the gambler was certain existed.