old spongebob has the best writing


for the ever so lovely @envydean, my sweet little bumblebee and also the runner up of best original content in my 2k tumblr awards, whom requested a destiel teacher au ages ago (i’m such a procrastinator i hope you can forgive me)

anyway, hope you enjoy it, sweetie <3

Cas doesn’t make it a habit to go out drinking anymore. He has a six-year-old daughter, a job, a mortgage; the kind of responsibilities he didn’t have in his early twenties. His weekends are usually spent playing dress up, making Spongebob macaroni, and watching Ariel for the hundredth time. Only this time Ellen’s husband, Bill, managed to get tickets to some Disney on ice thing, and Claire had wanted to go, so Cas willingly gave up his weekend. It’s just one weekend; they’ll have plenty more before she gets into her teens and resents him. He’s sort of hoping she skips that phase.

Should I Stay or Should I Go is blasting from the jukebox speakers when Cas enters the bar. He remembers his brother used to play this record during secret parties, along with a few others. He finds an unoccupied stool, sinking down onto it, and shrugs his jacket off. A wide eyed man approaches him, raising his eyebrows in inquiry, and Cas orders a beer. Above, the song switches to another old one, Ozzy Osbourne singing about the road to nowhere, and Cas can’t help commenting, “There seems to be a theme tonight with the music.”

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