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In old recipes and spells, strange ingredients are often called for such as “Eye of Dog” or “Bone of a Dead man.” Through research (of Cunnigham and my Grandma) I found out what’s REALLY being requested.😊 .


Eyes: Eyebright or Daisy
Blood: Sap
Fingers: Cinquefoil
Hair: Maidenhair Fern
Skin of a Man: Fern
Piss: Dandelion
Bloody Fingers: Foxglove
Unicorn Horn: Unicorn Root

So when these animals are asked for, use this herb instead:

Sheep: Dandelion
Dog: Couchgrass
Lamb: Lamb’s Lettuce
Cat: Catnip
Rat: Valerian
Weasel: Rue
Nightingale: Hop
Cuckoo: Plantain
Hawk: Hawkweed
Linnets: Eyebright
Woodpeckers: Peony
Snake: Fennel or Bistort
Frog: Cinquefoil
Toad: Sage
Lizard: Calamint.

FUN FACT: When a sacrifice is called for, it means you should bury an egg, NEVER does it mean to kill any living thing!!!

The part called for in a recipe means the part of the herb to be used, as follows;

Head: the flower
Paw, foot, leg, scale: leaf
Tooth: leaf, seed pod
Guts: root or stalk
Tail: stem
Tongue: petal
Privates: seeds
Hair: the dried version of the herb
Eye: the inner blossom
The heart: the bud or a big seed.

A lot of plants like Crowfoot or Cat’s Tail are usually found in old recipes, do not mistake them for actual animal parts! Practice safely and have a Blessed Evening! 🌛🌝🌜

⚡ How to Charge Objects ⚡

⚡  In witchcraft we talk about energy a lot, especially in the context of “charging” objects, or filling them with energy, whether personal or external, as the moving force behind magic and spells. 

⚡  Old energy becomes stagnant and bleh. Kinda like old food in the fridge. You gotta clean that out of it, so it doesn’t make the new good you put in “stink” too. So cleanse first before you charge!

⚡  Think of it like batteries! Things lose their charges, and then they kinda feel useless. So you gotta plug it back in to its metaphysical roots.

⚡  there are many ways to charge objects:  ⚡

  • moonlight
  • sea water
  • moon water
  • sunlight
  • fire
  • wind
  • soil
  • planetary influence
  • electricity
  • and many more! almost anything you can come up with

⚡  You can even charge one object with another, like charging a coffee cup with a crystal before breakfast. The magical energy stored in the crystal will transfer to the coffee, and then you have charmed and charged your drink!

⚡  When new energy is introduced to an object with correspondences, and it sits in there, it takes on those new properties of itself and

Regular water (no corres) + sunlight = sun water, water that has taken on the magical properties of the sun.

Amethyst (healing) + moonlight = boosts the existing healing properties of the amethyst, and has moons magical properties too

⚡  You can charge almost any object, with anything that has an energy.

If I vas to say something portentous like "zer dark eyes of zer mind” zer would be a sudden crash of thunder,“ said Otto. "And if I were to point at a castle on a towering crag and say "yonder is… zee castle” a wolf would be bound to howl mournfully.“ He sighed. "In zer old country, the scenery is psychotropic and knows vot is expected of it. Here, alas, people just look at you in a funny way.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Truth
True to Yourself- Spell
  • Violets (love & healing)
  • Star Anise (protection)
  • Apple Seeds( love & growth)
  • Ginger (love & success)
  • Lemon (love & purification)
  • Mint (exorcism & healing)

Okay, so this one is going to be a body scrub, because 1.) I love them, and 2.) I strongly connect to the imagery of scrubbing off other influences to be true to yourself for this spell, kind of like scrubbing of a bunch of metaphysical dirt as well as real dirt. :)

It’s super easy to make and can be done with things from your kitchen.

Start with ~1 cup of salt. Go for sea salt if you’ve got it. I like to take rock salt and throw it in my food processor until it’s fine, but not as fine as morton’s salt from the canister. The bigger the pieces, the more it’ll be “scratchy”

Add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice (ground or shredded ginger works if you’re allergic to lemons)

A handful of crushed mint (fresh chopped or dry ground works)

~¼ cup oil. I recommend coconut oil because of it’s purification and nurturing properties, but if you have a nut allergy then olive will work fine. It should be just enough oil to dampen the whole mixture so that if you press it together it is just a bit crumbly. 

Blend the ingredients together. Salt is for cleansing away the negative influences and energies. Lemon is for purification, so again, getting rid of those outside nasty bits. It also is significant in love, but we’re focusing on self love, and loving who you are. Mint is for healing, to fix any damage from having been untrue to your self, and it’s also good for getting rid of negative energies. We’re really focusing on getting rid of the negativity that comes from all that, and some self-healing and self-love.

Use the scrub at least once a week, up to once a day. When you’re using the scrub, focus on who you are, all the things that make you, you. Think about what you love about yourself. When you rinse the scrub off try to visualize letting go of all the things keep you from being who you are and who you want to be. Imagine them just sliding right off you. Those things can’t effect you, they can’t get into who you are, they’re just things on the surface of your life, and they can come off.

Everyday Witchcraft

1. Meditate - still the mind, the breath, the heartbeat, open a channel through which the spirits can communicate if they wish to, listen.

2. Walk - honour the genii loci, notice the changing seasons, observe signs and omens, traverse the kingdoms of humanity, flora and fauna, give aid where it is needed.

3. Divine - build relationships with divinatory tools, sharpen skills, train intuition, ask questions, receive answers.

4. Invoke - the presence of spirits to assist in tasks, to protect on journeys, to grant guidance, maintain connections and uphold contracts.

5. Craft - use the hands to create, to construct, imbue each creation with spirit and purpose, a meal, a potion, a carving, a weaving, enchant the mundane and material.

6. Sing - the old songs, the power songs, the prayers, the chants, to heal, to awaken, to enforce, to ward, sing the sun to sleep and the moon to rising, sing in the bath, at the hearth, in the heart.

7. Read - widely and deeply, old and new, academic and popular, across boundaries and taboos, slowly and with full attention, take notes, research, reflect.

8. Write - record experiences, practices, thoughts. keep journals and grimoires, spellbooks and scripts, remember, elucidate, illuminate.

9. Draw - sigils and runes, symbols and signs. Carve, paint, scratch, blacken, redden, scrawl, in the sand, with salt, in the air, with chalk, ink, blood, charcoal, the mind.

10. Collect - herbs, woods, stones, feathers, bones, teeth, soil, the raw materials of natural magic, fill jars, boxes, bags, gather, forage, wildcraft, thrift, take that which is discarded, value the found over the bought.

11. Observe - the cycles of moon, sun, planets, stars, take heed with the eyes as well as the almanac, feel the sap rise, the birds migrate, the bulbs awaken, the leaves wither.

12. Renew - old spells, old wards, protections, and boundaries. Clean what is obscured, recast what has weakened, maintain what is working, replace what is lost. Tie up loose ends.

13. Communicate - with everything, stones, trees, spirits, the dead, that which grows in the garden and that which visits it, other practitioners, mentors, students, seekers, the younger self, the higher self, the wyrd.