old skirt

I need an AARP stuff pack for my elders. They need a new walk style, maybe a cane, more hats and sweaters for the grumpy old men. Skirts and sweaters and knee highs for the old ladies trying to catch husband #4. Those old people geriatric shoes. Denture cups, dentures, those old danish cookie tins full of sewing supplies, a candy dish, the option to give a kid “hard candy” …Yeah I need all that. Special interactions with grandkids, automatically making food and influencing people to eat when someone comes to their house. They just don’t have enough stuff.

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ok was anyone else a shugo chara kid???? bc that was my absolute most favorite thing for like 3 years…. i just watched the first theme song and got the craziest rush of nostalgia
tadamu is still better than amuto


my x-men OT3! kitty, kurt & piotr. 

one of them can walk through walls! one of them teleports past the walls! the other just busts a hole straight through them!

i ship kitty with piotr, but the most important relationship to me is always gonna be kitty & kurt. my favourite thing is in evo when it’s getting toward the end of the series, and kitty & kurt are in some pyramid talking about colossus. kurt’s all ‘i do not like him’ and kitty’s all ‘he’s a sweetheart really, trust’

and then colossus busts through the wall and kurt’s all ‘I TOLD YOU’ but piotr’s like ‘i grew concerned’ like. this giant dude was probably stressing out like ‘oh dear those two may be in danger inside this pyramid what should i do to make sure they’re okay welp here i go better just knock a me-shaped hole in the wall’

they’re just. real good. one gentle giant, one tiny geek girl just too into dragons, and one wannabe pirate elf. they have this one danger room playfight scene in ‘wolverine and the x-men’, it’s fun.