old sir

Englische Treppe/English Staircase, Residenzschloss Dresden/ Dresden Royal Place, Saxony. (March 2017)

(destroyed in WW II, reconstructed in 2006-2010)


do you ever think about Jim making the Sir Boast-a-lot video

Like writing the script and noting down in brackets “angry face” “psycho smile” “mocking tone” “more sarcasm here” and putting himself in front of the camera actually making all of those facial expressions omg

Then editing it with movie maker and choosing with great care every single special effect and cursing because the programme keeps freezing or the sound of the fake thunder doesn’t come in time with the fake rain holy shit can you imagine it

You can bet your ass he locked the fucking cab’s doors after Sherlock climbed in because there was no way that fucker could escape the result of four days of hard work and a hundred coffee cups


The world is not the same as it was. Mutants… they’re gone now…

The most perfect sleep I’ve had in years… I don’t deserve it, do I? 

I have nightmares too. I hurt people

“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live” Norman Cousins

I saw Logan. I cried.

Lyrics by Evanescence

        ~original lifeline~

“Maybe Void is your wolf, and the thing that
pulls you back… that’s your anchor. It’s not
exactly the same, but it’s not as different as
you’re making it sound, either. It is you, a part
of you, like the wolf’s a part of me. And I’ll help
you focus it, help you control it and harness it. 

“But if you’re looking for someone to judge
or punish you for it… I’m not going to.”

          @master-nikoli || @haletheking

What would probably happen if the Paladins met the Rangers

AKA Regan just so desperately wants her Voltron kids to meet her Power Rangers Kids.

  • Shiro and Jason getting along as team leaders and Shiro giving him leadership pointers but also Shiro kind of being taken aback by how young Jason is???? ‘How old are you.’ ‘18, sir.’ ‘… oh you poor child.’ 
  • Billy getting along so well with Pidge and Hunk and swapping Eltarian and Altean tech around to tinker with.
  • Pidge finds out she’s about 2 or 3 inches taller than Trini and goes fucking livid with this new information. ‘GUYS HOLY FUCK-’ ‘DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE.’
  • Kim and Keith bond over… stuff. She takes him stargazing and they bond over the silence really. 
  • Also Keith listening to Kim ramble about how much she loves Trini. ‘she’s just so cute and perfect and small and so amazing and spectacular and great and i JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH I WANT TO KISS HER CHUBBY FACE.’ ‘I know the feeling’ *thinking abt lance*.
  • Allura and Zordon bonding over the grief they’ve faced, especially with the loss of loved ones (Allura’s father and entire race and Zordon with his team mates). ‘From what you have told me about Altea, I assure you that Eltar would’ve been a loyal ally to your people, princess.’ ‘I appreciate your words Zordon, thank you.’
  • Lance and Zack becoming the bestest of best friends ever of all time. ‘Sorry Keith, but i’m sadly no longer your best friend, I’m zack’s best friend now.’ ‘Actually, Shiro’s my best friend.’ ‘RUDE.’
  • Trini low key has a HUUUUGE Crush on Allura but tries her best to keep it a secret while Zack is openly swooning over how gorgeous Allura is.
  • Zack: You guys get this cool kickass spaceship castle and we get an underground cave hole. … Wanna swap?
  • Shiro and Zordon bonding over having to look after a group of 5 year olds as space dads.
  • The rangers get HUUGE alpha vibes from Coran it’s crazy. He’s a tall, human-esq tangerine version of Alpha.
  • Zack: So black’s the leader huh??? 
  • Jason: Don’t push your luck buddy.

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anonymous asked:

i watched that video letterly 10 times, how is someone can be so talented like that? it's just mind blowing beautiful, i've been trying to learn how to draw in my own for over 2 years and it's an absolute hell and i can't say i learn much than someone started to draw for 2 days, i guess they was right about how not everyone make it in art school let alone learning by his self! i fucking give up.. from now on i will only watch other people draw that is way better

Hey. Instead of coming with a motivational speech, I prefer to show you a little sketch that I did back in 2007/2008. (yep, I still have those kind of drawings saved in a folder called “old times”).

And here’s sir Harry Potter, painted in 2016 (November). 

Yeah, not being able to achieve the level we want in 2 years is frustrated. But as you can see, coming up with my painting of an elder Harry Potter (that I am so proud of), it took me almost 10 years since that sketch. 

And I am way too far from the level I want to achieve. Learning how to paint takes a lifetime.

So I came to believe art is not your paintings, I guess, it’s your process. It’s how you get there. The path won’t have flowers, it will have obstacles, but it should not be a hell. Don’t let this be a hell. Please.

A mistake is to think everything you draw will become a masterpiece. It won’t. That’s the truth, face this truth. Of 10000 drawings you make, only 10 will look good in your point of view. So why keep going, then?

The more difficult for you, the feeling of improvement will be stronger. It will take time, but if you don’t give up, it will happen and you will feel something that it’s hard to explain - you will know when you feel it.

It’s brief. It will pass. But it will happen again eventually, if you don’t give up.

I hope you believe in yourself :)