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in celebration of hitting my next hundred, and of turning twenty five, i’ve compiled a list of eighty five who in your otp? questions that you can find under the cut. i got most of these from my best friend and i throwing these questions back and forth to help inspire our ship muse, so i help it helps you too! pls give a like or reblog if you found this helpful at all!

who in your otp:

  • drives when they go on road trips? do they switch at the halfway point? does one drive there and the other drive back?
  • looks over the menu for fifteen minutes before ordering the same thing they order EVERYWHERE they go? does the other half of your ship get annoyed by this, or do they find it endearing?
  • is more likely to get arrested?
  • is afraid of rollercoasters? does the other half of your ship try and convince them to face the fear, or do they take a softer approach and not push them at all?
  • shows up at home with a dog unannounced despite the fact they’ve already got three/four/however many pets?
  • demands that they do date night? does the other person complain or do they go with it just to see the excited look on their partners face?

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There was too much angst after the last video and I needed some fluff plus this song is begging to be a logicality fic

Patton flopped on his stomach, face pressed into Roman’s fine pillows. Roman lay relaxed on one side of him and Virgil sat cross legged on the other, playing with the fringed edge of a throw pillow.

“I’m telling you Patton,” Roman was saying in his typically grand fashion, “a serenade is the perfect way to tell Logan how you feel, sing him one of the great love songs!”

“Or don’t do that,” Vigil chipped in, “those songs make you emotional all the time! You’ll start bawling and scare him right out of the room. Plus you don’t want to just sing any old song that’s not relevant to the two of you. “

“You know Virgil, you are not really saying no to the idea of singing.” Roman teased lightly.
Patton sat up excitedly, “so you both agree that a song is the best way to tell Logan how I feel?”

“No,” Vigil hesitated, “I still think you should just talk to him, but I suppose a song isn’t the worst way to open that conversation. BUT,” he said to stop Patton who was already halfway to the door, “ It has to be the perfect, I mean the perfect song Patton. In fact I think I should approve it before you do anything.”

“WE should approve it,” Roman amended, ignoring the sour look Virgil gave him.

Patton wore his cat headphones for about week after that, endlessly looking for the perfect song. One that fit both them, one light enough not to scare Logan away and one that wouldn’t make him bawl.

It was an odd week for the others. A week without forced family fun nights making Virgil leave his room. A week of Roman trying to figure out how to cook for the others. A week of crestfallen looks from Logan as Patton turned down yet another invitation to do puzzles together, or to go bird watching.

It was those very looks that assured Roman that no matter what song Patton choose it would work. Logan had feelings for Patton whether he admitted it or not. Still, he and Virgil both breathed sighs of relief when Patton finally presented them with the song.

He had burst into Virgil’s room, dragging Roman behind him by the hand, and in the other triumphantly holding his headphones.

“I did it!”

Virgil chuckled after recovering from his initial startle, “Okay then, let’s hear it.”

Each of their smiles grew as they listened.

It was perfect.

It fit both of them.

It probably wouldn’t scare Logan with too many feeling.

And it most likely wouldn’t make Patton bawl. Maybe. Hopefully.

“And,” Roman gushed, “Virgil and I can sing Back up for you!”

“What? No we can’t.”

“Of course you can, this song needs some do wap background!” Patton clapped his hands excitedly.

“Okay first of all, I don’t do wap, and second, don’t you think this should be private for you and Logan?”

Roman rolled his eyes, “ we can duck out at the end of the song. And won’t you do wop for your dear sweet friend Patton?” The two put their heads together and adopted twin puppy dog looks.”

“Fine,” Virgil threw his hands up in defeat, shying away from Roman’s near maniacal giggle.

It all came together very quickly after that, an unsuspecting Logan walking into the living room to find Patton lying suggestively on the couch.

“Hello Logan,” he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

“Wwwwhat is happening?” He asked dropping the book he had been reading to his side.

“You know Logan,” Patton said trying to keep the grin off his face, “I don’t know much about history,”

“Well that’s not surprising,”

“Don’t know much Biology,’

“Why did you sing the word ‘Biology’?”

Patton sat up with a grin, “Don’t know much about a science book, Don’t know much about the french I took,” he sang.

Roman appeared then, dragging a reluctant Virgil to add back up vocals. Logan spared them a glance, taking a small step backwards as Patton stood up, looking him straight in the eye.

“But I do know that I love you, and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be.”

Logan gave the other two a startled look as Roman blocked the stairs and Virgil shrugged apologetically. Meanwhile Patton hopped up on the counter and beckoned Logan to him.

“Don’t know much about geography, don’t know much trigonometry,
Don’t know much about algebra, Don’t know what a slide rule is for,”

“Well actually Patton, a slide rule is” he was got off by Patton using his tie to pull him between his knees and press a finger to his lips.

He smiled gently at Logan’s blush before he continued singing, “but I do know that one and one is two. And if this one could be with you, what a wonderful world this would be,”

He leaned forward to peck Logan’s nose before standing up on the counter to really deliver the next verse.

“Now, I don’t claim to be an A student, but I’m trying to be. for maybe by being an A student baby I can win your love for me”

“Uh oh,” Roman whispered as Patton sat down again, sing softly now, voice wavering and eyes filling with tears.

“Oh boy here we go,” Virgil sighed.

Logan looked over and waved them away, “I’ve got this,” he said softly even as Patton sobbed about not knowing French. Virgil smiled at his friend as Roman grabbed his arm to sink out, and was very surprised to pop up at the top of the stairs.

“Roman what are you doing?” But the prince just made a frantic shushing gesture as he peaked over the banister.

Logan gently took Patton’s hand , using the other to wipe away a few of the others overly emotional tears as he cried too hard to continue singing.

Logan cleared his throat, awkwardly pushing through what he was about to say, “I do know that I love you,” he stuttered and stumbled, “ and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be”

He should have been prepared for the squeal and the arms that got flung around his neck, but he wasn’t. Nonetheless he wrapped his arms tight around his love.

“Patton, if you don’t stop crying and giggling I won’t be able to kiss you,”

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Please? Part Fifteen

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  12. Please?
  13. Please?
  14. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1066 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everyone welcomes Carol back after you get her some water and a little bit of food into her system. She isn’t hurt, just a little dehydrated and afraid. She’s doing much better after a little bit of rest in her own bed.

But that problem doesn’t last long when Daryl, Rick, and Hershel interrogate a woman Rick found by the fence. You promise Daryl that you’ll stay with Carol, keep her company and make sure she eats a little at a time.

She doesn’t want to stay in her cell, so she sits out at one of the tables and holds Little Asskicker, singing to her and telling her how cute she is. You watch as she tries to feed her once or twice, but the baby isn’t hungry.

“Maybe this is a good time to try and sleep.” You smile at Carol, unable to hide how happy you are to have her back.

Carol shakes her head and rocks the baby in her arms, never taking her eyes off of the little thing. “I have done nothing but rest. Let me help.”

You agree and go back to braiding Beth’s hair for her. She hums a little tune and you and Carol join in after realizing she’s singing an old classic lullaby for the baby.

When Beth is satisfied with her braid, she jumps up and runs over to help Carl with some redecorating . The two of them have grown close, which is a good thing. You watch how they sit together and laugh, like normal kids should do.

“How are things with you and Daryl?” Carol asks. She stands up and starts walking around the cell block., bouncing the little baby until she closes her eyes and goes off to sleep. “You two seem closer.”

“A little.” You smile. “I think we have pushed aside all those obsticles that wee on our way. All thanks to him.” You can’t hide the smile whilst you remember the night with Daryl. Even though you ruined it after the act, it was still a good memory of Daryl trying to cheer you up. He thought you needed it at the time, so he was willing to break his own doubts—at least that’s how you took it.

Carol smirks a little, watching you sway on your feet. “Something big happened.”

“What?” You snap out of it and look over at Carol. “No…” You gulp, wishing yourself out of this room.

“No, it did. What? He go down on you?” She teases.

“He did not.” You cross your arms over your chest.

Carol laughs. “You went down on him?!”

You hold up your hands and look over to see that Beth and Carl are still in their own little corner before you turn back to Carol. “Nothing like that.”

Carol’s mouth drops open and she throws her head back to laugh harder. “Oh that’s something I would love to see. Wait, that’s weird. It’s weird… I didn’t picture him for that type of guy!” She looks at you.

“I didn’t either. Until… he started it.” You shrug. “Don’t you dare tell him you know! It’ll embarrass him too much.” You warn, pointing a finger at her.

Carol walks over and sits down on one of the steps. She nods, her face turning serious. “I promise, I will never mention sex to Daryl.” She can’t contain her laughter.

And neither can you.


You’re sitting in the backseat of the SUV with Daryl, your feet in his lap as he traces designs into the fabric of your jeans. He’s nervous, scared maybe, to know what could have happened with his buddy, Glenn and Maggie. He’s nervous for what you four may find once you get there, where Michonne is pointing you.

Rick drives, though Daryl tries to take over the wheel even after he’s on the road, just to keep Rick a little sane. Since Lori’s death, he hasn’t exactly been himself. And now with Carol back from the dead, you don’t know how much sanity is left.

It is a somewhat quiet ride. Rick turns on the air conditioning that blasts in your face. Daryl grabs his poncho from the back and covers you up, gently, so you don’t freeze.

“Carl wants to name her Judith.” Rick says after a while of driving.

Daryl looks up and tilts his head to the side. “Guess Lil’ Asskicker is outta the question.” He pokes his lower lip out and you try to conceal a giggle.

Rick nods and glances at Daryl through the rearview mirror. “I’m afraid so.” He says with a straight face, but he chuckles and looks back at the road.

You giggle as Daryl snaps his fingers playfully, whining about his cool name. You lean over and kiss his cheek. “I thought it was a cute name myself.” You rub his chest lovingly.

The inmate, Oscar, you are pretty proud for finally remembering his name, is sitting by the other window. He chuckles and watches how you interact with Daryl. “You two married or somethin’?” He asks.

Daryl shoots him a look, pulling you just a little closer to him. “Does it matter? She’s mine.”

“Calm down. He was asking a question.” You turn his face to you and kiss his cheek. This new and improved Daryl was a bit nice. Overly protective, but he was sweet, too.


“Is this the place?” Rick whispers to Michonne.

You and Daryl scout a little ahead, looking around to make sure no one is patrolling out here. Rick’s voice drowns out some as you two get a little further away.

Woodbury, the place Michonne told the group about. It looks small enough, though Michonne mentioned how big it is once you get inside. She didn’t give so many details, just where she thinks Glenn and Maggie may be held.

“If worse comes to worse,” Daryl grabs your hand and holds you back. “run. Don’t worry ‘bout nuthin’ else.”

“I’m staying with you.” You look up at him. “No matter what happens. That’s what we have to do.”

Daryl sighs and nods his head, looking down at the ground. “S’pose I ain’t gotta worry, huh? You’ve made yourself tough.”

You take his cheeks between your hands so he looks at you. You smile at him, assuring him you will be okay. “I have learned from the very best.”