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The northeast region of Thailand is called Isan and is made up of a majority of Lao speaking people. The music and instruments are distinct from the rest of Thailand, the main instrument being the free-reed mouth organ called khaen (pronounced “can”, it’s often spelled khenekhen, or any number of variations.) It consists of a series of bamboo pipes in two rows fitted into a wooden holder. The player breathes in and out of the wooden wind chest, fingering holes on either side. Each pipe has it’s own free reed, similar to a harmonica.

The khaen is also the dominant instrument in Lao music. This is a Lao khaen player from 1902.

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Mike's lovely story about his 'Tiara-Grandma'

Mike’s lovely story about his ‘Tiara-Grandma’

This happened on May , 2013 when Mike wasn’t in the lime light all over Asia as now but I translate this in order to let you guys know how precious this man is.

There was a topic on Pantip.com (The big online communication in Thailand) from a lady, who is not his fan generally) mentioned that she found Mike with the anonymous old woman at Siam (one of Thailand’s biggest business quarter).He talked to her and sit on knees without any disdain. She might be a beggar and she’d got many wounds all over her body.

When fans went to Mike’s Instagram, There was a photo he posted asking for help including the direction where did she usually be and he also said that ‘for whoever thinking your life is desperate , please don’t forget to realized that there are many people who’s still suffering more than you and don’t ever give up’.

Also on his own twitter account, Mike did post many texts asking for help seriously, mentioned about her symptom included diabetes, Bone diseases, gastritis and many more. One important thing is she has the Memory Disorders. After that , this incident became a hot topic on social-networks so many people and fans help spreading this news , then anyone who came to Siam and found her would donate some money. Soon, the government-official decided to co-operate to help this woman. Finally, she had got into the government’s caring center authority (called Prachabadee Center) and got a medical treatment.

As I mentioned before that he’s got a heart of gold, the truth is that Mike had helped her 2 years ago but she’s gone. Then he found her again unintentionally and this time, his willing to help her was succeeded. Mike felt much appreciated about this. He said thank you many times on his Instagram and twitter (do many netizens and fans who kept up with this  felt very happy that we could help her too.) 


He also posted on Instagram finally after the happy ending to say thank you for everybody who help this old woman and he called her ‘Khun-Yai-Mong-Kut’ (Tiara-Grandma) as she loves to wear a little tiara while being a beggar at Siam bofore.

At first she can’t memorize Mike, she just said that there was one very handsome guy always came to where she was and talked to her, often brought some foods and drinks which made she felt so happy. But when it comes to the end while she’s on the caring center’s car heading to the center, she said to the officers that she could memorize Mike already.

This lovely story about Mike is just one of his precious things. I didn't write this story to make-believe that Mike came from heaven or something like that, but he’s truly a good guy who worth for the admiration, indeed. 

The pieces of eight, as seen in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, are:

  • Ragetti’s wooden eye (Barbossa)
  • A miniature wine cup (Ammand the Corsair)
  • A jack of spades playing card (Capitaine Chevalle)
  • A cork in a broken rum bottle (Captain Vallenueva)
  • A pair of glasses (Mistress Ching)
  • A pair of tongs (Gentleman Jocard)
  • A tusk fragment (Sri Sumbhajee)
  • A pendent (Sao Feng, later Elizabeth Swann)
  • An old coin from Siam (Jack Sparrow)

This just in Siam is actually 5 years old. SIAM YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOUR MOM. This is officially the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever made Siam do lmao pls don’t look at me I’m gonna go hide my face now. She probably sent this some time after Shungite healed her gem so. Yeah… (In her defense she was an extremely young gem when this could have happened, probably a few hundred years old…) Happy Valentine’s day Twyla! Hope you have a nice day!! Uwu @gemdump