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Re Daryl's way of speaking to Carol I agree that it was his own addition to Daryl. NR and MMB's characters were meant to be minor characters but grew into a larger part of the story because the writer's liked what they brought. This isn't fan spec. it's what's been officially said by the actors and tptb. I'm not as familiar with MMB's acting outside of TWD but NR's always adding interesting little details to his characters and his way of talking to Carol came from that not from the directors.

I tend to agree with you Nomy on this cause it seems like something he adds to it, they always seem to add little quirks like that.  I think it’s a bad way to do things really cause it gives the actors a little more rein and allows for this type of chemistry to exist and grow organically onscreen. Its what also allowed these characters to become as popular as they are because these actors, who probably thought they were in a temporary roles that would be over quickly something wonderful happen that was not originally planned by the writers.

See when you adhere to a plan, or scripted thing instead thinking organically outside the box, you get the mess these showrunners sometimes find themselves in. Like using Rick and Jessie as an example of something that, in the context of the show itself didn’t fit but the tptb when with the plan rather than scrap that part, so we had this awkward mess.

Like the seemingly script adherence to comic story lines which may not work onscreen for the viewer.

The beauty of Daryla and Carol is that wasn’t necessarily a planned stroyline it sort of fell into their lap when Norman and Mel developed this incredible chemistry stemming from their off-screen friendship and complete comfort with each other.

I think with Norman especially trust is important when he’s acting because he may hold back some of what he’s capable of achieving for simply not trusting someone enough to be open with them. And acting is in large part opening yourself up and plumbing depths of emotion you might be afraid to show just anybody. Norman himself said he ‘feels free to be vulnerable around her’ and that’s probably why a lot of his strongest acting is with her cause he trusts her that much.

He’s more of instinctual type of actor in that sense, he seems know how the character who, and should react in most situations without having to be told. He knows things about his character that showrunners probably don’t even know. His body language and tone of voice are a huge part of it, and I bet he would say that in Daryl’s it just feels like he should talk soft to her. To not be harsh because with her it’s just different. Special. Because the last thing he wants to do is hurt her in any, including with words and one. He knows whats like to be on the receiving end of harsh words will no longer do do that with her.

Anyways that’s my speculation.

As far as Mel, I’ll be honest and say the only thing I’ve seen her in other than this was The Mist and I really remembered her in that movie because she was so effective at making the audience relate to her on a very personal level even though it was a small role. She understands and acts out feelings very well. Her entire tone in that scene was a mother scared to death for her children and she was so believable you could actually feel it. She’s intuitive, she feels things very well and has a great sense of the emotions of her characters.  Its like a form of empathy and its a wonderful gift to have as an actress to have and highly underrated.

See Nomy the way look at it, any old shmoe can play a scene and just act out what’s on the page. But it takes good actors, who can completly embody the characters they play to point where where it dosen’t seem like acting at all. There are literally times when those 2 playing scenes together and it feels like they talking to each other through their characters.

It’s quite extraordinary to watch really.

And this is what the fans see and their co-stars see, to the point where they will come on set to watch them. And its what the showrunners saw that has kept these characters around and the buzz going for a as as long as it has.

I personally would hope that the showrunners don’t waste the gifts that they have here just to rigidly tell a story the way they want to tell. To me it shows far more creativity to adjust to what shows up organically and unscripted.

So yeah I guess we’ll see.

btw sorry it took me awhile got a lot going been flaky lately. Promise to be better haha :)