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Show in Burlington Tomorrow!

playing a show tomorrow night in Burlington, VT. They banned smoking within 15 blocks of Church St. so who knows if anyone will go now…

1.12.2012 @ Buffalo Bills Basement (16 LaFayette) - 6pm/3-5$ donation/byob

w/ TWIABP, Cattle Drums, Old Shelves and Awarewolf


talk about the ravenclaw library

bisexual-dean-winchester: i have a theory that the ravelclaws have slowly been stealing books from the restricted section for like a decade

me: well duh

me: theyre /ravenclaws/

me: “information should be free!!!!!”

me: same ravenclaws, same

me: (it was the slytherclaws)

bisexual-dean-winchester: madame pince has to keep replacing one or two books and she thinks nothing of it but the ravenclaw common room has like 50 shelves of old restricted section books

bisexual-dean-winchester: and anyone can read them

me: the ravenclaw common room’s walls are bookshelves that always have room for one more book and you always know where to look for the book you need

bisexual-dean-winchester: these restricted section books also contain information about sex ed because kids at hogwarts apparently don’t get ant

me: even if you dont know what book youre looking for

me: it’s an old enchantment Ravenclaw herself put on them

me: i think the house leaders probably do a very heteronormative, wait-until-marriage sex ed

bisexual-dean-winchester: it’s always just right in front of you as soon as you walk up to the bookcase, and no one ever sees the books move

me: no no

me: it’s not in front of you

me: sometimes you have to search for a little while

me: climb a few floors worth of shelves

me: but youll find it

me: and probably some other books you need to read on the way

me: climbing the shelves is an adventure

me: they have spells to keep you from falling

bisexual-dean-winchester: there are lots of books that ravenclaw herself put there, and the students steal from basically every section of the library to try and expand theirs

me:  yeah

me: and the best thing is?

bisexual-dean-winchester: especially books from the library that have multiple copies, they just take one and no one notices

me:  if only someone thought for a second "hey, their password’s a fucking riddle”, they’d have all those books too

me:  they own most muggle books, since muggles /print everything a thousand times/


bisexual-dean-winchester: and muggleborn ravenclaws are given lists of the books they should find over the summer if possible

me:  muggleborns are just given vague criteria like “what’s the latest development in astrophysics” and “fantasy. all the fucking fantasy. we need to see how it compares to reality” and “get us some tech so we can experiment with how magic affects it” and “if they have a new power source get us that too so we can experiment on /that/” and “physics. we need books on physics” and “books on the universe and antimatter and dark matter! might be related to magic???”


The gingerhead was totally lost in her thoughts, while sorting books back into the old woodden shelves, as the antique doorbell rang. With a small stack of old books, wrapped in fine leather covers, she made her way to the entrance.
For a few seconds her gaze wandered up and down the taller man, wearing an expensive looking suit. He didn’t seem the clientele that usually visited this old bookstore.

“Greetings, Sir. How may I help you?” Giving him a gentle smile, Emylia tilted her head softly to the side., while holding the books close to her.


I was cleaning out my old shelves and I ran into some old sketchbooks from middle school and early years of high school ..I was surprised to see how far I’ve come. I compared the old ones to some recent ones and I was just like…wha? I never thought I grew so much.

I know some people are like..“..man I can’t draw..”..or ..“how do you get so good!”

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! No one just automatically gets talent out of the blue. Well..I guess some do..but that’s not the point..

YOU might not like the way your drawings or stories come out now…but I assure you..you will grow..and you will get better..if you try.

I’m not even satisfied on how my drawings come out..that’s why I’m going to Art School for college! I still want to learn and grow..

I’ll see how far I get in a couple of years..gotta long road ahead of me. 😁👍