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The 12 signs as moments in a magical adventure

Aries: The glistening of the sunlight through the castle window, as it reflects off your quickly drawn sword, and the echos and then silence that follows in the sunlit, marble tower stairs. The stairwell is empty, but you swear you saw a glimpse of a shadow slip by. 

Taurus: The breeze that touches your back as you open the door of the lucky-charm merchant’s shop, rustling the parchment papers and causing the wind chimes to tinkle a bit. The merchant looks up, and smiles as if expecting you. The shop looks centuries old, and the wall shelves are crowded full of shiny rocks and tiny glowing bottles. 

Gemini: The rush you feel as you charge into battle, shouting commands and feeling the speed at which the steel-tipped arrows whiz by you, narrowly missing your face as you dodge left and right. The knives piercing your skin causes temporary pain but now is not the time to worry about something as superficial as pain! 

Cancer: The crackling of the campfire, the bright orange against the night sky, as you sit next to your friends and teammates after a long day of traveling, and the smile on your face as you feel the true bonds of friendship. The marshmallows are fluffy and you stab one onto a stick. 

Leo: The warmth of the evening sun as you sit on a cliff, listening to the rustle of the forest below you and the harp sounds in the distance, and you feel the smooth, sandy rocks under you. The trumpets sound, and you hesitate, taking in the view once more before returning to camp. 

Virgo: The echoing of the pristine, light aqua colored tiled walls around you - the chamber is void of everything but you, a clear indoor pond, the reflected wavy glow on the walls from the water, and the occasional drops that trickle in from an underground stream. The beauty of this room is surreal. 

Libra: The soft, cool raindrops falling on your face, as you meander through a mossy forest, curiously yet cautiously searching for the source of those beautiful wooden flute notes that woke you up just now. The flowers glisten, blue and white and purple with sparkling dew drops.

Scorpio: The addicting excitement that tingles your senses as you sprint through a secret passageway with your best pals - the torches on the stone walls are sparse, and the air is thick with danger, but your heart tells you to race onwards - you feel the cold stone echo beneath your feet, and you love every moment. 

Sagittarius: The raw feeling of anonymity and freedom as you leap from rooftop to rooftop, shrouded by the cover of night. Your whereabouts are unknown to everyone, even yourself sometimes. The winds call your name but you answer to nothing except your spirit.  

Capricorn: The glitter of dust that floats through the ray of light through the five-story-high library - the ancient books have a beautiful smell of parchment, ink, and wonder, and you shiver as you prepare to climb up the creaky wooden ladder to the top shelf. 

Aquarius: The sigh of relief as you manage to find a quiet spot in the bustling tavern to yourself, as your pals order rounds upon rounds of wine at the bar. The candlelight is beautiful against the tattered wooden walls of the tavern, and you calmly sip your peach concoction while listening to the fiddlers’ music. 

Pisces: The fluffiness of the bedding you fall into right after you reach your room - the stars glitter faintly in the sky and the moonlight lights up part of your bed. You ponder for a long time over today’s adventures, and you make a mental note to stop by the map merchant tomorrow at dawn.