old selfies are great

Happy TDOV! I’m Luke (he/him) and I hope you’re all having a great day filled with happiness and pride, although I know life’s not always as kind as I’d wish to most of us, we’re still here and we’re visible. Whether you decide to post a selfie today or not, I’ll always be proud of you, stay safe♡

My 97 year old Great Granny is getting used to the selfie video and wants you to know this isn’t her best angle. Can she get some love for The Blackout? (that’s me cacklin in the back)

Update:  I don’t really post that much on tumblr EVER, but I posted this over a year ago and it is the most reblogged thing I’ve ever posted by far. It still makes me so happy. My Granny Ada Belle passed away today (10/15/16). She would have turned 99 this December. I’m glad y’all got to experience a moment of a soul that was so beautiful and so important to me. This is how I will remember us together. That laugh man, I won’t forget it.


Also just in case my new followers haven’t seen my face, here it is. 

(snapchat is a fucking blessing for looking good amiright)

This is a total sellout but I have an instagram too (look at me trying to gain more followers jfc) but its ‘cheekysmagic’ if any of you are interested x

I’m gonna awkwardly hide behind a wall now and cry because you guys deserve better from my flowercrowned ass