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From our stacks: Cover detail and endpapers from Leather for Libraries By E. Wyndham Hulme, J. Gordon Parker, A. Seymour-Jones, Cyril Davenport, and F. J. Williamson. London: Published for the Sound Leather Committee of the Library Association by The Library Supply Co, 1905.

This is Zoey Lynn. She’s a 10 ½ year old land seal who gets cold easily. She likes short walks to the car and car rides. Dislikes: squirrels, cats, and garbage that looks like cats that she can’t really see too well.

The Inter-System Kenobae Fanclub

Also known as The One Where The Entire Galaxy Realises Obi-Wan Needs To Be Mothered

Summary: As above. Mildly crack. Mostly my favourite combo of angst + humour. Oneshot. Early/mid-Clone Wars. (I have no excuse but it was very liberating to write something as tropey as possible so…)

Really, in hindsight, that particular event shouldn’t have made the war-reels.

But it did.

As it turned out, there had been a holonet war correspondent on board The Negotiator when Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-Wan Kenobi returned from the second battle of Geonosis; already, the hangar had been aflutter with whispers that the landing at Point Rain had not gone well.

The journalist had carefully leant out from behind a supply crate (he is technically not allowed in here, he knew), and raised his holocam at the exact moment an oil-streaked, blood-spattered LAAT/i scraped open its doors to reveal a russet-haired Jedi general, clad in equally russet robes.

A general that took two halting steps forward before collapsing onto his knees, blood splattering across the duracrete from lips muffled by a dirt-streaked gauntlet.

Shouts rang out across the hangar’s oil-slicked floor; General Mundi crouched beside Kenobi, hand on his counterpart’s shoulder, whispering words that were lost in said counterpart’s hacking coughs - Kenobi sounded as though he was disgorging half the contents of his chest.

The journalist’s shock at seeing a High Jedi General reduced to this state had not impeded his holocam from recording everything.

And slowly, the holonet correspondent had realised that Kenobi’s robes were not supposed to be dyed russet.

Engine oil. Blood, too. Mostly blood.

Now, after a veritable army of medics have lifted General Kenobi onto a hover-stretcher and whisked him away, the journalist flips open his holocam display and reviews the footage.


He pulls a wadge of stickli-root gum out of his pocket and jams it in his mouth, chewing eagerly as he slinks back down the hallways to his cabin. He is not stupid; his superior will want to see this. But that being said…if his boss deems it unfit for the war reels, footage of this particular subject will fetch a very high price indeed.

He smells profit, indeed - even if for the moment, it smells like stickli-root.

The footage hits the holonet three days later, and instantly crosses the galaxy faster than a Hutt power-coup through the information black market.

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Setting Aesthetics for the Types

Based on people I know, stereotypes, and cognitive functions.

ENTP: A comic book store. The International Space Station. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.
INTP: A museum at night. The Space Needle in Seattle. A telescope on an apartment rooftop.
ENTJ: A game of chess in the park. Pike’s Peak. The head of a long dining table at Thanksgiving.
INTJ: Physics and chemistry laboratories. Secret passageways in old buildings. A sealed vault.
ENFP: A poetry slam. Ancient Aztec ruins. A room full of decorative, metal-framed mirrors.
INFP: A window seat in a library. A small countryside chapel with stained glass windows. A canopy bed in a cluttered bedroom.
ENFJ: Making snow angels in a park. A birthday party with lots of balloons. A pay-per-view telescope at the beach.
INFJ: The Notre Dame Cathedral. Cloud watching on a grassy knoll. Watching the roe deer in the Hallerbos forest in Belgium.
ESTP: An arcade. Hang gliding over the Grand Canyon. Labeling arteries in a cadaver lab.
ISTP: On a motorcycle in the city at night. Sheer cliffs with waterfalls. Jigsaw puzzles by the fireplace.
ESTJ: The labyrinth of Versailles. Rehearsing in an empty auditorium. The top of the Statue of Liberty.
ISTJ: A subway station early in the morning. The archives of the Library of Congress. A well-worn path through twisted woods.
ESFP: Snorkeling at a coral reef. Fashion week in New York. A performance of Shakespeare at The Globe Theater.
ISFP: Botanical gardens. A blanket fort in the attic. The Santa Maria Cathedral in Florence, Italy.
ESFJ: A picnic in a park with kites. A bustling marketplace with fresh food and flowers. Feeding lorikeets at an aviary.
ISFJ: A petting zoo with baby goats. A meadow of wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Studying at a familiar coffee shop with a house band.

The calls, emails, and protests are working!

The jackass that proposed that “sell off 3.3 million acres of public land” bill is withdrawing it!

  • Also, at UC Berkley protesters forced them to cancel a previously scheduled speech by that Milo nazi
  • The Dems are finally starting to show some backbone. They successfully delayed 3 confirmations by a day by boycotting the hearing entirely. The Republicans had to change the parliamentary rules so they could approve the nominees without them being present, but it’s a sign that Dems just might finally be listening to their constituents
  • As of this moment, all Dems are voting against Betsy Devos AND two GOP Senators. Only one more GOP Senate vote is needed, and Betsy DeVos will not be confirmed!
  • Jeff Sessions confirmation is delayed again–because GOP thinks they might need him on the Senate to vote for DeVos
  • Trump walked back a planned executive order on LGBTQ rights, announcing that Obama’s protections for federal LGBTQ employees would stand (for now) after massive pushback
  • Trump also walked back a portion of his Muslim ban. Green card holders are now exempt. And we all already know about the states, cities, corporations, and individuals now suing him over it.
  • Harley Davidson cancelled a scheduled visit from him because they didn’t want the bad press.
  • The House Intelligence Committee has now launched its own investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Russia
  • Representatives are actually talking about the volume of calls, emails, and protests at their offices. We are actually getting through to them!
  • Trump continues to be embroiled in scandal. It’s coming out that the recent raid in Yemen that got an 8 year old girl and Navy SEAL killed was based on faulty intelligence that Obama originally vetoed. Trump went with it (and there’s evidence that Bannon and his son-in-law were there for the decision) and people are dead. In fact, it’s coming out that even more women and children were killed during the raid than originally reported.
  • And all across the country, people are in the streets every single day. I know I am. We need to keep the pressure on our Representatives. Your calls, voice mails, and letters are making a difference. Your LOUD and VISIBLE dissent are making a difference.

But don’t forget the most important part! Register to vote NOW before the GOP starts rolling out new laws to make it more onerus. And don’t stop with you. Make sure all your friends and family are registered. These bureaucratic things take time so DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE ELECTION TO REGISTER TO VOTE. And when November 2018 comes around DO NOT VOTE ALONE. Take at least 5 people to the polls with you. Order your mail-in ballots early, and make a night of filling them out together. Don’t just pick your friends/family who already vote. Talk to the ones who never want to talk about politics. We’ve got to get as many people as possible!

mythology aesthetics: selkies

selkies are mythological creatures found in scottish, irish, and faroese folklore. similar creatures are described in the icelandic traditions.the word derives from earlier scots selich, (from old english seolh meaning seal). selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. The legend is apparently most common in orkney and shetlandand is very similar to those of swan maidens.

emigracion  asked:

hi guys, sorry to bother, but could you tell me if this sentence makes sense and if it is grammatically correct? "Just a few seconds to the end of a much-delayed hug, some quiet guitar strings bubbled through the surface as a way to seal old wounds." thanks in advance!

When I want to check if something is grammatically correct I usually go to


I found that site when I was using wordcounter.net and it’s helped me quite a bit since starting this challenge. I ran it through the site and was told there were no errors. I would say as a personal preference that I’d probably tweak a thing or two.

If I was editing this sentence I would make the following suggestions:

(I would add “For” to the beginning) Just a few seconds, (insert a comma for parenthetical punctuationto at the end of a much-delayed hug, some quiet guitar strings bubbled through to (the word through kind of takes me out of the moment in the sentence because I’m thinking “wait… wouldn’t it be bubbled to the surface”) the surface. (I think this would be a good place to end the sentence) The notes helped mend the old wounds. (Personal style choice on the wording here).

“For just a few seconds, at the end of a much-delayed hug, some quiet guitar strings bubbled to the surface. The notes helped mend the old wounds.”

You have a great sentence and these are my suggestions as to how you could improve it. You can take whatever you’d like from these suggestions. The beauty of a beta reader is they’re a second opinion that you can take a little, a lot, or none of the advice from.

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If anyone else has something to say please feel free to chime in! Sometimes I think the more eyes on a piece the better. It’s always good to get a few opinions.

quick shout out to @inquisitorhotpants for making me a readable banner! Thank you! <3

  • On March 10th, this blog will turn two years old!
    I cannot believe I’ve been sharing my writing (and writing fan fiction!) for two years. It’s so unreal to me. I’ve been writing forever (okay, since I was three) but sharing has been something else entirely. To commemorate I’m going to do a writing-focused celebration of sharing. Not long ago I shared some of my old (like…fifteen year old seal and thus twenty three years old) writing and then I edited a twelve year old novel that I’m going to be publishing on kindle. I honestly had so much fun sharing that when some others rang in with wanting to do the same, I thought this would be the perfect chance.
  • So when are we doing this?
    March 1-10th. I realize this is more than a week, but I don’t want anyone to feel pressured on time and there’s a good chance I’ll be going out of state for the birth of god-horse. :D
  • Do you have any requirements for sharing, Seal? Nope. Nothing more than my personal usuals. No noncon, no underage. Tag for triggers. Basic rules of consideration I think. If you have a question about a piece, feel free to ask. I realize that some of our old writing may include sex that we wrote while underage but I don’t want to have to worry about that grey area as I’m old™. 
  • Fandom doesn’t matter. Original works are welcome. Poetry too. You can simply post and use the tag or tag me. My only request is that if you want me to reblog your work, you say so. I won’t make that assumption.  My submit box is open, though I had to take anon off because of spam. My ask box is open as well if it’s a short piece you want to send and anon is on there. 
  • The tags (thanks to the @captainsaku​’s genius) will be #my first words
  • On formating: If you want to type up your work or simply post images of it, it really doesn’t matter. The entire point is laugh at ourselves and love on our growth and encourage other writers because however good someone may think we are now: we certainly didn’t start out there
  • The Giveaway! There has to be a giveaway right? I’ll end the celebration on friday March 10th with a giveaway.In the spirit of the week I’ll be giving away a copy of my soon to be self-published e-book (yes the one you’ve gotten to see me yelling about editing lol). I’ll also be giving way a small edit (up to 5k words) or a ficlet (up to 2k words written by me) to a second prize winner.  Since Tumblr’s TOS prohibit the use of likes or reblogs for giveaways, you’ll have to use my handy dandy google form. You can find it here. It’s super short. All I need is your tumblr username. 

Please share this so that it gets around, and if you want me to tag you in informational postings or my own sharing, please let me know. <3