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Poor Queen Sansa (1/1)

Pairing: Jon/Sansa

Parts: 1/1

“It’s disgraceful,” spat out old Maeve as she scrubbed the king and queen’s bedsheets harder. “The way he carries on.  Even in the daylight! The poor queen gets no rest meeting his demands!”

“I don’t see the Queen a complainin’,” Toothless Berthe snickered as she stirred a pot with more laundry.

“Mind your tongue!” snapped Maeve.  “I’ve known Queen Sansa since she was a wee mite. After what she been through with that first bastard, Ramsey, to now have to be subjected to this one’s lust! It’s that bastard blood I tell you. Only thinking of one thing.  And Queen Sansa, the most proper of ladies if there ever was, having to put up with it!”  She examined the sheet in the water before her with a critical eye and scrubbed harder. “Every day we need to clean these blasted sheets.”

“But the King seems to love her very much,” offered the youngest woman in the room, a girl named Lily of no more than fifteen with soft brown hair hidden under a white cap. “He’s always so caring and loving with her at court.”

“A sham!” snapped Maeve. Honestly? How much seed did that man spill?  She dunked the sheet again and tried a new bar of soap on it. “Lady Catelyn was wise to have kept him from the queen when they were growin’ up. Gods knows what he would have done then seein’ he ain’t able to keep his hands to himself!”

“Aye,” Berthe noted slyly. “Aimee, one of the maids a tol’ me he came in from the training yards yesterday when her grace was with her ladies in her solar and ordered ‘em out. No sooner had they left that they heard moanin’ an’ a gruntin’ coming from there. When Aimee went in hours later, she said that heavy table, you know, the oak one circle one? It’d been moved two feet.”

The other women paused and blinked at Berthe who delighted in shocking them both into silence.

Lily frowned.  “But that is quite a heavy table. Why would they move it themselves?”

Maeve and Berthe gave her a look but decided not to explain.  The women lapsed into silence and continued with their work.  They were quiet for a few minutes then Lily said hesitantly.

“The Queen doesn’t have many small clothes sent to the laundry.”

Berthe cackled as Maeve sent the younger girl a quelling look. “My guess is she ain’t got much use for ‘em seeing how much the King demands his rights.”  She winked at the other two.  “Tho’ I hear he likes to a keep a pair of hers with him.”

“Berthe!” Maeve reprimanded as Lily frowned and asked, “Why?”

“Cause of her smell. The Queen isn’t the only woman that man can get wet with a look.  And that pretty mouth of his! Bet he knows how to use that on her. I hears he’s even taken her in the throne room.  On the throne!

Lily blushed furiously as Maeve yelled at Berthe for her perverted thoughts, but the other woman only cackled more loudly.  The two began to squabble and Lily finished folding the last of the dry linens.  She murmured that she was going to take them up to the maids, but the other two paid her no mind.

The young girl took a back set of stairs used by the servants. Typically, she had very little interactions with the royal family and the members of the court, but there was one hallway she needed to go down to reach the small room where she left the cleaned laundry for the maids to take to the royal chambers.  She was just about to round a corner when she heard a low gasp and then a moan.  Lily stopped and peered cautiously around the corner and her eyes widened.

The queen was leaning against a wall, her head thrown back against it, panting quietly.  Lily could see a man underneath the queen’s skirts, kneeling before her.  The queen’s fingers grasping the dark curls as she pressed him closer to her.  Queen Sansa’s skin turned a rosy hue and she let out a sharp cry before she seemed to sink bonelessly against the wall.  The king rose to his feet, fumbling with his breeches before he grasped the queen’s leg behind her knee and wrapped it around his waist.

“Please, Jon,” Lily heard the queen begged and the girl thought the queen was asking for her husband to leave her be. Indignation rose up in the girl on behalf of Queen Sansa. How could he make her do this in a hallway! Like some trollop!

With a grunt, the king pressed his hips forward, his mouth covering the queen and muffling her cry. Lily saw the king drag her other leg up until they were wrapped around his waist as he rutted furiously against Queen Sansa’s body, kissing her to muffle her cries.  Suddenly the king seemed to stiffen and Lily heard the queen let out a choked sob before both slumped against the wall.

Lily could only stare wide-eyed.  No wonder Maeve was so mad.  No lady would want to be subjected to such unbridled lust and to be forced to rut in a hallway. And what was he doing under her skirts earlier? Berthe’s comments about the king’s pretty mouth came back to Lily and she blushed, imagining what that pretty mouth found down there and what it might have done.

She could hear the harsh sounds of the king’s breaths, sounding like he did after a particularly hard sparring session. She watched as he pulled back and then, he tenderly stroked the queen’s cheek.  She purred, literally purred and rubbed against his hand.

“Goodness, Jon,” the queen said in a languid voice.  “You couldn’t even wait until we got back to our chambers?”

“Not when my queen is acting like a minx,” grunted the king.  “And tossing these in my face before she leaves my study.”  Lily saw him wave a piece of white silk and realized they were a pair of the queen’s smallclothes.  She watched as he pressed his nose to them and inhaled deeply.  “Especially not when they smell like this.”

Lily heard the queen laugh wickedly as she pushed the king back.  He grinned at her and laced up his breeches as she smoothed out her dress. She reached out to take back her small clothes but he held the undergarments away from her.  He pressed them to his nose again, inhaling deeply before he tucked them into his tunic.

Queen Sansa raised an eyebrow at him before she pressed close to the king.  She said it in a low voice, but Lily heard her all the same.  “Now you’ll know during our council meeting that I’ll be bare underneath my dress.”  She turned on her heel and started to walk down the hall in the opposite direction of Lily.  She saw the queen glance over her shoulder at the king and wiggle her bottom at him.

King Jon let out a growl and lunged at the queen who let out a small shriek and started to run down the hall, laughing as the king stumbled after her in pursuit.

Lily emerged from her hiding place with her hand over her mouth.  Well!  She guess the king wasn’t the only one with lust in his blood.  She smiled to herself. Looks like she will have her bit of gossip to give in the laundry room later.

The End.

“Ah, you must be Miss Mizoguchi.”  The man who enters the room is tall and old, dressed in hospital scrubs with little puppies on them.  He wears an easy smile across his face.  “No one made me aware that Robin was in the habit of giving out his secret identity to every attractive girl he meets on patrol.”

Damian’s boots smack the linoleum floor across the room when he leaps off the counter and points an accusatory finger at the man.  “Shut your filthy mouth, Pennyworth, I did no such thing!”  Pennyworth raises a single grey eyebrow and Damian says, “She figured it out on her own!”

“You didn’t really make it hard,” Maps says.  “I mean when you saved me from that owl you were literally just wearing a sweatshirt over your costume.”

“What would you have had me do?  You called Damian.  I was on patrol and had a limited window of time to reach you.  Should I have just arrived as Robin?”

“You might as well have,” Maps says, and even as she does it’s still beyond surreal to have this conversation with him in the Robin costume in the Batcave.  As soon as she gets back to school Maps is marking this day on her calendar as the official best day of her entire life, horrific fear toxin induced hallucinations not-withstanding.

Damian snorts and Pennyworth rubs his forehead with his thumb and forefinger, muttering to himself.

“I believe you and your father are going to have a chat when he arrives home about the etiquette involved in preserving one’s secret identity,” Pennyworth says.

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico cont. pt. 4

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Chapter 4-

In the end, Nico took his own advice and used his old white coat and scrubs to create a morbid looking blood covered doctor. The child-friendly design only made it that much creepier. Will went dressed as a pirate. They arrived and Will immediately found Paolo who was dressed as a pharaoh, shirtless and decked in golden jewelry and liner.

“Hey, you guys made it!” he said happily. “I love the costumes.” Will smiled as Nico looked around wide eyed. “What is it?” he asked.

“I’ve never… seen people so openly happy and expressive,” Nico murmured, his eyes skirting over gay and lesbian couples, trans couples, drag queens, and the polyamorous relationships. His eyes focused on one couple in particular as they kissed in the middle of the dance floor.

Will noticed Nico’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed and raised, his head tilted, his lips parted. Will wasn’t sure what to make of the expression. “Did you come from a more conservative family?” Paolo asked. Nico blinked and returned his attention to Will and Paolo. He froze with his mouth open, not speaking. “It’s okay. That’s what things like this are for. To give people a chance to be themselves without worrying about anyone else judging. No censorship.” Just then a woman who had arrived in only body paint zipped past, followed by another woman dressed as a fairy. Paolo chuckled. “The term is taken differently with different people.”

“So… why are you here?” Nico asked.

“I’m part of the community,” he said simply. “It’s why I started working with LGBT rights.” Will’s eyes widened.

“You’re… gay?” Paolo nodded as he leaned against a table. “Oh. Well okay.”

Nico nudged him and whispered in his ear. “Don’t stare so hard you’ll give us away.”

Will blushed and narrowed his eyes. “I wasn’t,” he hissed. But Nico didn’t look amused.

“I’m getting a drink,” he said. He left, walking through the crowd, keeping to himself and making sure he didn’t accidentally nudge anyone. Will looked after him, his eyebrows furrowed as Nico walked.

“He’s very private,” Paolo said. “It must have been hard for him. Was it?”

“What?” Will asked.

Paolo shrugged. “He loves you. It’s evident in the way he looks at you, the way he… hovers. But he doesn’t show it much. Through handholding or hugging or kissing even. He’s very restrained, like he’s trying to hide it. That’s why I ask if it was hard for him to grow up gay.” Will blinked in surprise and looked back to where Nico was getting a drink. He looked stiff and uncomfortable.

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