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  • Inside Makoto's mind: Wait, is Haru into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if she laughs.
  • Makoto: Did you hear the one about the skeleton who couldn't go to the party? He had no body to go with!
  • Haru: *laughing* That's really funny!
  • Inside Makoto's mind: Well, that's not a fair test... That joke is hilarious.

Happy 42nd birthday, Zach Braff!
April 6, 1975

q&A: TLH, Simon

iluv2readbecauseican said:In TLH, is James already in love with Grace? 

The Last Hours is a retelling of Great Expectations, in which James is Pip and Grace is Estella. Though it doesn’t hew exactly to the original novel, if you know that and have read The Midnight Heir you can make some guesses!

perfectblackthorns said:Hi Cassie! In the last hours trilogy is there any love interest for alastair carstairs?

Yes, there’ll be someone for Alastair, though no smooth romantic road. (Is there ever for anybody?)

hollinova said: Hey Cassie! My question is about CoHF, specifically the scene at the end where Simon gives up his memories and immortality to allow everyone to return home. As stated in TFTSA, Simon and Clary were still able to become parabatai because of his age dormancy as a vampire, yet when Magnus was going to sacrifice his immortality, he would’ve aged and died. Why didn’t Simon age when he was returned to the world as mundane? Love you Cassie! Xx”

Asmodeus wanted something different from Magnus than what he wanted from Simon. Asmodeus was interested in Magnus’s immortality because of his long life. By comparison, Asmodeus didn’t care about the handful of months of Simon’s immortal life he could have. What Asmodeus wanted from Simon was his memories, and to cause suffering to the people who loved him, so what Asmodeus did to be cruel was to remove Simon’s memories, his vampire nature, and everything that had made Simon who he was between City of Bones and City of Heavenly Fire, before throwing him back into his old life. Asmodeus was powerful enough to take away Simon’s vampirism, his memories of the Shadow World and his best friend, and the related memories that Simon’s family had. Compared to that feat, it wasn’t difficult for him to pitch Simon back into his old life scrubbed of that August-December period.

notthesouffleegirl said: I’m rereading TMI at the moment and it’s as beautiful as ever, but I stumbled upon something in CoG. As Alec writes the fire massage to Magnus there’s his diary mentioned, but I can’t remember it being a thing after that. (And I never thought of Alec as diary kind of guy.) But now I want to know: What is to be found in Alecs diary? Maybe you could share something, just if it wouldn’t hurt his feelings of course :D

It actually says it’s a spiralbound book he uses sometimes as a journal — and I’ve always thought of journals and diaries as different, is that just me? A journal would be less “Magnus hasn’t called me — why hasn’t he called me?!” and more jotting down places to be, things to do, thoughts and memoranda. I think it might be a fun found object, but since Alec is so private I doubt he’d put anything in it that he could get in trouble regarding if it got lost. I bet he sketches (horribly) in it and makes notes to himself only he can understand.


My mother just did the most ‘white person in a horror movie’ shit ever she bought a 130 year old dresser that has the name 'Annabelle’ written in crayon inside one of the drawers and then crossed out viciously.


October 23, 2017 - Bearded Scrub-robin or Eastern Bearded Scrub-robin (Tychaedon quadrivirgata)

These Old World Flycatchers are found in parts of eastern and southern Africa. Often foraging on the ground or picking prey items from foliage, they mostly eat insects, including beetles and ants. Their open cup-shaped nests are constructed from rootlets, dry leaves, lichen, dry grass, twigs, moss, and hair in tree cavities or hollow stumps. Females incubate the eggs alone, but both parents feed the chicks, which fledge in a little over two weeks.

  • Gascoigne: Anyway, I was thinking we need new table linens for the dining room. Well, not so much table linens as placemats. What do you think is prettier, burgundy or mauve?
  • Eileen: [While Gascoigne continues to talk without stopping] What the hell’s with him?
  • Henryk: He’s mad, but he can’t give me the “silent treatment” because he knows I’d actually love that, so he’s giving me the “talk until I want to commit suicide treatment”.
  • Eileen: Sucks to be you.
  • Henryk: You have no idea.
  • Gascoigne: [is still talking as Henryk starts eating his newspaper] What else do I need for that - OH! I need new pillow shams and I - I like cotton, but I think we should get a cotton blend because that’s easier to clean and I hate ironing. Maybe we need a new housekeeper - maybe the housekeeper should come every single day now…