old scifi covers

Chris Foss cover for the 1st edition (Ace) of the James Tiptree Jr’s 1973 debut, 10,000 Light Years from Home. This is a great collection, by the way, if you can deal with the extreme spaceships-and-aliens sci-fi-ness of it. Tiptree aka Alice Sheldon is a great stylist, unafraid of experimentation, handles interesting subtexts gracefully, and is able to be simultaneously warmly entertaining and actually pretty totally dark, usually via overriding black humor.

Original Bantam mass market paperback of Joanna Russ’ The Female Man (selected by Frederick Pohl alongside Samuel Delaney’s Dhalgren among others!)

If you’re me, which I am, this will have almost everything you’re looking for in science fiction: post-modern experimentation, sharp social discourse (here, on gender identity), flights of surrealism, and amazing 70s psychedelia cover design.