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Writing tip

One of my beta readers thought I needed more scenes of my MCs falling in love. I agreed. But as I quickly discovered, when you’re writing about any emotional process, you run the risk of repeating yourself ad nauseam with all the feelings, actions and reactions that go along with it (because they happen so much). Some of the many things that occur during the falling-in-love process are smiling, laughing, gazing, whispering, caressing.

I was getting really tired of writing those words. 

Then it occurred to me that you don’t have to write every single feeling or action. Readers understand what’s happening between your MCs, if from nothing else than your book blurb and the story’s genre. So use things like setting and dialogue to fill in the blanks where you’d normally put a feeling, action or reaction. 

For example, let’s say the MCs are at a carnival. They’re holding hands and running around the midway playing games and having the time of their lives. You don’t have to repeatedly say “they smiled,” “he laughed,” etc. Readers get it.

Don’t get me wrong: you will still write a lot about smiling and laughing, but you can be more selective about it. Fit it in during unexpected times. For example, maybe one character’s joke sucked, but it still made another character’s day, so the person smiled/laughed. 

My old school journalism training often creeps into my creative writing. I’m tempted to take readers through every detail, to explain processes step-by-step. But that’s not always needed in fiction. Set things up. Context is your friend. Readers will get it.

The smug-as-fuck moment you meet your old school bully on the train and they look an absolute state and want your forgiveness

They may have made me attempt to take my life when I was 14 but she looked like life had kicked ten tons of shit out of her these last 10 years

Rather than be nasty to her (as my inner child was screaming at me to do), I just pretended I couldn’t remember her. Karma has done enough damage on my behalf by the looks of things

Life may be a bit difficult for me right now with my marriage breakdown but it looks like that girl was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders

When I was 16, my Papa took me to a My Chemical Romance concert and Gerard Way made us all chant “You Will Not Destroy Me” and he said something I’ve never forgotten - the world will hurt you a lot more than you can ever hurt yourself

Bullied/abused kids everywhere - walk tall. Hold your head up high. Don’t let them beat you. Life goes on and it has SO much more to offer than your current situation. Wait and see, you won’t be disappointed - that’s a promise

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so glad that you're back^^ not sure if the ask box is open, If not I'm sorry>,< can I request Kuroo with an s/o who has short hair?And she feels a bit sad because she knows that Kuroo like girls with long hair? Thank you & sorry for my bad english._.



“___-chan! Look what I found!” You looked up from your notebook when you heard your friend call you.

“What is it?” Her hands were full as she jogged over to you.

“Old pictures of the boys’ volleyball team.” You chuckled as she laid down the pictures on your desk.

“These were taken about two years ago.” The photos were of their old matches, school training, and training camp. You couldn’t help but smile seeing the young faces of the guys you now call your friends. And of course, your heart warmed when you saw your boyfriend, Kuroo, in the photographs.

“Who’s that?” One particular photo caught your eye.

It was Kuroo; he had shorter hair and there was a girl next to him. His smile was wide, and so was the girl’s. She had long hair that went down to her waist, and it was complemented by a pink headband. 

“Oh, uh. Just a girl Tetsu-kun used to like.” Your friend replied hesitantly.

“Oh.” Just a girl he used to like.

You observed the other photographs and noticed that the same girl was in some of their matches, sitting on the bleachers. 

Guess he liked her for a while. 

Why wouldn’t he? She looked very pretty. Especially her long hair.

Your train of thought was interrupted by the bell; it was now lunch time.

After gathering your things, you left the classroom to see Kuroo. You two usually have lunch together, and you usually meet by your lockers. 

When you got to your usual meeting place, you were taken back by what you saw. Your boyfriend was surrounded by three girls; obviously flirting with him. They were holding their math books, so maybe they were trying to get his help on a problem. You stood there, not sure if you should just leave or go up to him. You saw that he was entertaining them; he was even smiling. 

Those girls all have long hair. They’re very pretty. You shook your head, getting rid of those ridiculous thoughts. He’s not that simple.

“Oh, ___!” Your eyes widened when he looked up and called you. You looked at the girls around him and felt their eyes all over you. You looked down, feeling yourself get red.

He excused himself and jogged over to you. 

“Hey.” You felt his hand under your chin. He lifted it up, forcing you to look up at him.

“Sorry about that.” He gave you a soft smile.

“It’s okay.” 

“Let’s get lunch?”

You watched him as he ate away. Your hands were clasped together and rested on your lap. You didn’t notice you’ve been staring at him since you two sat down.

“___-chan?” He waved on of his hands in front of your face, bringing you back to reality.

“What’s wrong? You haven’t eaten a single bite.” You could tell he was concerned, and you felt bad that you were worrying him over a stupid thought.

“Tell me.” 

“It’s stupid, I’ll get over it.” You tried to brush it off. You unclasped your hands and grabbed your spoon. 

“Hey,” He stopped you by grabbing on to your hand. 

“It’s not stupid if it’s bothering you.” 

You unconsciously tucked your hair behind your ear. Your hair went just above your shoulders, completely different from the girls Kuroo liked.

“Sorry my hair isn’t long like the girls you like.” 

Kuroo’s eyes widened. His face was a mixture of sadness and confusion. 

“W-what are you saying, ___-chan?” You dropped your head, feeling embarrassed.

“You like girls with long hair, right? I just feel bad because I’m completely different from the girls you used to like.” 

“That’s just ridiculous, ___-chan.” You looked up at him.

His face was soft. His brows were slightly raised, and the corners of his mouth curled up. 

“Want to know what I like?” He took out his cellphone and held the screen in front of you.

You felt yourself blush when he showed you a picture of you two. 

“And I don’t just like this,” He held both of your hands with his.

“I love this. I love you.”  He smiled, and it filled you with ease. 

“Long hair, short hair, blonde, brunette, I don’t care. As long as it’s you, that’s all I could ever ask for.” 

You felt yourself smile. You knew your cheeks were red from blushing, but you were happy. Nothing makes you happier than the boy sitting in front of you right now. He makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.