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Girlfriend & Muse

Mary Theresa Poole [03.10.58]

Robert Smith met Mary Poole when he was just 14 years old at St. Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School in Crawley, England, when he drummed up the nerve to ask her to be his partner in a drama-class project. “I just struck lucky early on,” he told The Guardian in 2004. According to an interview he conducted with the publication Lime Lizard in 1991, it was Mary’s lack of confidence in his future as a musician that instilled in him the drive to make The Cure (originally the Easy Cure) successful. Mary used to be a model and worked as a nurse with intellectually disabled children; but, as The Cure became more financially successful during the mid-1980s, she gave up her day job so that the couple would not have to spend so much time apart. Smith stated more than once that he was regarded within the couple as Mary’s boyfriend, rather than Mary as Smith’s girlfriend.

Almost 15 years after they met, a very successful Robert penned “Lovesong” as his wedding present for Mary. The two exchanged vows on August 13, 1988, and are still together to this day. They do not have children, as they decided early in life and in their marriage that they did not want them. They have 25 nephews and nieces.

She’s fab. My best friend. She’s got black hair and very striking looks. In fact she looks like Betty Boop. When I’m with her I just sit back and watch - I don’t have to perform any more.

  • octavia fucking loves it when raven comes home covered in grease and all sweaty from the shop but nothing compares to them banging after sparing together
  • lex is a music nerd, plays piano but loves old school jazz and blues. o plays drums and is a sucker for it too one of her afve skill styles. they dont talk much when they hang in the group together but they start jamming together and its this unspoken bond they have. 
    BONUS: clarke and raven dont realise they hang out like that, just like oh they must get coffee or compare knives of something then they come home one day and find them jamming, they dont realise they have an audience until raven starts feeling O up because they both fucking nerds and play with their eyes close so they ~feel the music~. O thinks its Lexa at first but then she realises that she can still hear piano
  • o and rae are the ass slappers of the friend group. But octavia loves ravens ass and is always casually just holding it. ravens just like lol same this ass is fine af
  • lex is v conservative in terms of pda but loves constant contact with clarke, so she always goes for the pinky hold. shes very respectful of boundaries and was raised to give lots of personal space.
  • clarke loves to wrap herself around lexa. starts with sliding her arm around her. she craves lexa contact and lex always takes a moment because shes not used to being so shamelessly loved but she just sinks into it like home. 
  • raven always been pretty open sexually and constantly talks about how hot everyone is and one day shes going off to lex and lex v stoically just goes “clarke is a beautiful girl, and yes breasts are heavenly but i admit raven you have quite admirable assets” and its the first time in a while raven catches her tongue and is just like :DDDDDDDDD ayyyyyyy
  • clexa catch octaven asleep spooning on the couch and take pics like aww cute so sweet and then the\yn realise o has her hands in raes pants, due to movement and clarkes just like guys you fucking serious rn 
  • o and clarke fall asleep watching a movie, lex is like “babe i um i gotta sleep” and clarke just like “just join us sour puss”, so lexa is in the middle of them clarkes got her from behind and o is snuggled into lexas chest because she little and lex sees her as one of her own, v protective. ravens just walks in like yoooo where the invite also cute bonding at lex/o. clarke stirs and like does head movement to say just come behind me and ravens just like hek yis. and thats how ot4 snuggle time happens




Section Leader Problem #210

When a trumpet who was a drum major at his old school transfers in and acts like he still is one and tries to tell people what to do, or tell you about your part. And you’re a percussionist.


Meet La Luz, an all-girl band with an old school beachy vibe. Shana on guitar, Marian on the drums, Lena on the bass, and Alice on the keyboard. During our interview they stopped for impromptu dance parties, discussed what it would be like to shoot a puppy out of a t-shirt cannon (don’t worry, they’re not actually gonna do it), and talked about how this is the best band they’ve ever been in. If they turn out to be your new favorite band, well, you can thank us later.

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Who’s That Vans Girl?: Lauren Webster of Lauren & The Lost Boys

Sydney-based painter Lauren Webster made us do a double-take with her bright, colorful paneled paintings that have a Southwestern twist. With a love for all things vintage and retro, we knew she must have a killer story behind those eye-catching cacti. After exchanging a few emails to the down-under artist, we found out more about her adventurous spirit and whirlwind of current projects.

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anonymous asked:

Hey i really love your writing and was hoping maybe you could do an imagine for me? One with Ashton where hes not famous and him and his family move from Australia to Ireland (where im from) and become your neighbors? You start to become really close and he starts to get feelings for you. Thank you x

“What’s happening, mum?” I asked, walking sleepily out of my room and into the living room to find my mum staring out of the window. “New neighbours. Did all the noise wake you up?” She asked, walking to me and giving me a hug. “Kind of. And I have to study” I said, hugging her back. “When shall we meet them then?” My mother asked me, stepping away from me. “Why would I do that? I’m fine this way” I said, shrugging. “Come on! They’re our neighbours! If our house is burning down, we’ll probably have to run to theirs. So it’s always better to talk to them a little, Y/N” my mother replied, laughing a little. “Maybe in the evening then. If our house doesn’t burn down by then” I said, walking back to my room.


“Come on! Let’s go” I said, to my 8 year old sister who was watching some cartoon on TV. “You’re taking me to the park?” she asked, excitedly. “Yep! Let’s go!” I yelled, pulling her up. I quickly told my mother and held my sister’s hand as we walked to our favourite park.

“Thank you so much!” I heard a blonde woman saying to the driver of one of the moving trucks. She had such a strong accent. She looked at me and smiled. ‘In case our house burns down’ I though and smiled back at her.

“Those are our new neighbours” I said to my sister. “She sounds weird” she said, laughing a little. I patted her head and said, “That’s mean! They’re from another country. Australia, I think” “Is that the kangaroo country?” “Yes” I said, laughing. “Here we go” I said to my sister after a 10 minute walk to the park. “SWINGS!” She yelled and ran past a bunch of trees towards the swings and I followed her slowly, until she suddenly slowed down. “What’s wrong?” I asked, walking to her. She pointed at the swings and murmured, “They’re both taken..” And I noticed that there was a boy around my sister’s age on one swing, a slightly older girl on the other and a boy around my age standing behind them. “Those are my swings” my sister said, sulking. “Come on. Maybe they’ll share” I said, holding her hand and walking up to them.

The 3 of them seemed so happy I actually felt kind of bad walking up to them and asking them to share. “Hi” I said, looking at the oldest boy. “Hey” he replied, looking at me and then at my sister. “Um I’m Y/N and this is my sister, <Your sister’s name> and-” “I’m Ashton, this is Harry and this is Lauren” he said, cutting me short. “Ashton. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to share these swings with my sister. We come here a lot and she kind of thinks the swings are her property” I said, smiling a little. He nodded at me and said, “Hey Harry. Why don’t you play on the jungle gym for a while. Then you’ll get tall like me when you get older” “Really?” Harry asked, and Lauren looked back at Ashton and raised her eyebrows. She was a smart girl. “Obviously! Go on!” Ashton said, and helped Harry off the swings. “Thank you, Ashton!” my sister squealed and ran to Ashton and gave him a quick hug before sitting on the swing.

I walked behind her to help her push the swing. “Thank you” I said, pushing the swing. “No it’s okay” Ashton replied, smiling at me, bringing my attention to his insane dimples. “I can take it from here!” My sister yelled and I stepped away from the swings. “You can leave my swing too, Ashton” Lauren said to Ashton, making him step away. “What now?” Ashton asked me. “Come on” I said, walking towards a little park bench that was close enough to the swings to run to your sister if she fell off but far enough to give you some space. “This is my little place” I said, sitting down. “It’s tiny” Ashton said, trying to sit comfortably next to me. I laughed moving to the corner giving him a little more space.

“So you’re not from here?” I asked. “Clearly not. I’m from Australia. I just moved here with my mum and Lauren and Harry” he said. I laughed and said, “You need to talk slower. I understood maybe 4 words you just said!” Ashton laughed and said, “I’ll slow down if you slow down too!” “Fine” I said, smiling at him. Ashton sat close enough for me to smell the deodorant he was wearing mixed with the smell of sweat for probably helping his mum with the boxes. “Why did you move?” I asked, looking at Lauren and my sister on the swings. “It’s a bit of a long story. Maybe some other time..” he said, smiling at me, but it was hardly a smile. “Okay” I said, knowing it wasn’t something he wanted to talk about. “Do you go to school?” Ashton asked me. “Come on. Do I look like a 15 year old? I’m in college, Ashton!” I said, laughing softly. “I love the way you say my name” he blurted out. “What?” I asked, looking confused. “Your accent makes my name sound nice” he said, smiling at me, the smile with the crazy dimples. “Do you go to college?” I asked him. “I’m going to. I’m going to become a music teacher” he said. “Music teacher? You sing?” I asked. “Nope. I play the drums but people in my old school were pretty idiotic and I couldn’t do the whole band thing anyway because I figured out some time last year that we were most probably moving” he said, looking into his lap. “What about you?” he asked, looking up at me and turning around on the park bench so he was sitting facing me, one leg tucked under the other’s knee and the other hanging off the bench.

“I’m a pretty boring person. I start college too and I’m going to study economics and maths” I said, suddenly feeling like what he was doing was way cooler. “You’re smart, huh?” he asked me, laughing. “I might be but it’s not like I can play the drums or anything” I replied. “Can you play anything?” He asked me, his fingers peeling whatever old paint was left on the park bench. “I play the guitar but there’s hardly any time any-” “That is so cool! We should hang out together with our music one day” he said, cutting me off for the second time since we met. “Sounds great” I said, smiling at him. “Y/N?” I heard my sister yelling and running towards me, followed by Lauren and then Harry. “ASHTON THERES ICE CREAM HERE!” Harry yelled. “PLEASE Y/N! PLEASE!!” My sister begged me. “There’s ice cream here?” Ashton asked, looking at me. “There’s this ice cream truck that comes here every day and looks like he’s here now” I said, standing up. “Can we?” My sister asked. “Yes we can, sweetie. Come on” I said. “Ashton! Please!” Harry pleaded. “Let’s go then” Ashton said, walking up to me, our siblings walking next to us.

I don’t know why but I felt so tempted to slip my hand into Ashton’s and lean into his side as we walked towards the ice cream truck but I knew nothing about him. Maybe he had a girlfriend. Maybe he wasn’t even into girls. “Hi!” I said to the man selling the ice creams. “The usual?” He asked me. “For us, yes” I said, smiling. “And for you?” he asked Ashton. “Um 2 chocolates for these two and vanilla for me” he said, reaching into his pocket. The man gave us our ice creams and went away. “Vanilla? Really?” I asked Ashton, as we all started eating our ice creams. “Why does no one like it?” he asked me, his voice a little higher than it was before. “Because it’s boring” I said, laughing. “Can we go home? I’m tired..” my sister asked from behind me. “Yes we can. Where do you guys live?” I asked, looking at Ashton, even though I knew he was our neighbour.

“That way” he said, pointing in the same direction as our house. “THATS HOW WE GET TO OUR HOUSE TOO!” My sister yelled, getting excited. “Then let’s go” I said, stepping back and letting my sister and Ashton siblings walk in front of us. “Give me some of yours” Ashton said, as he walked next to me. “No way” I said, pulling my ice cream away from him. “Come on. You said vanilla is boring. Let me try other things” he said, laughing. “You should’ve thought of that before, Ashton!” I said, eating my ice cream. “Please” Ashton said, bumping his shoulder gently into mine. “You can have my boring vanilla” he offered. “Fine” I said and handed him my ice cream cone and he gave me his. I took a tiny bit of it and looked over at Ashton. “The vanilla is all yours. I love this” he said, eating my ice cream. “ASHTON” I squealed and bumped my shoulder into his, like he did before and grabbed my ice cream from him, both of us laughing.

“Um guys. If everything is sorted back there, can you tell us where to go next?” Lauren asked us. “Our house is that way” Ashton said, walking faster so he could catch up with our siblings. “So is ours” I said, walking next to him so my sister was to my right and Ashton was to my left, along with Harry and Lauren. The rest of the time we walked in silence until we were very close to our house. “Are you following me home?” Ashton asked. I shrugged and asked, “Are YOU following ME home?” “Wait what?” Harry asked, peeking from the extreme left at us. “I think we’re neighbours!” my sister said, looking back at him. I looked up at Ashton and smiled when we walked into our street. “Hi, neighbour” Ashton said, smiling at me. “Oh my god! That’s why you sound like that lady we saw before we came here!” My sister yelled. “Who lady?” Ashton asked. “Your mum, I think” I replied, as we stood on the street, finishing up our ice creams. “Go on in, guys” Ashton said to Harry and Lauren. “Bye, Y/N! Bye, <your sister’s name>!” They both said, almost collectively and walked towards their house. “I’m going in too” my sister said and hugged Ashton’s legs and walked towards our house. “Last bit of chocolate. Want it?” I asked, looking up at Ashton, the street lights making his eyes look even brighter. “Obviously” he said, and handed me his ice cream and took mine. “Looks like I’ll be seeing you a lot, Ashton” I said, finishing up the ice cream. “I’m not going to be complaining” he replied, smiling at me. “Where do your dimples end?” I asked, laughing. “They don’t” he replied, throwing his head back and laughing. “ASHTON! MUM’S CALLING YOU!” Lauren yelled, opening their door. “Time for me to go. When can I see you again?” Ashton asked me, walking closer to me. “If you peek out through that window” I said, pointing up at one of his house’s windows, “You can look at my room’s window” “Then I know which room’s mine now” Ashton replied, smiling at me. “ASHTON NOW!” Lauren yelled again. “Bye, Y/N” Ashton said, leaning down and kissing my cheek, and I felt his slight stubble tickle my cheek, making me giggle. “What?” he asked. “Your stubble is tickling me” I said, still laughing a little. “You should laugh more. You look prettier” he said, quickly smiling at me and running towards his house, leaving me standing in the middle of an empty street feeling all stupidly warm and gooey inside. “Y/N? WE’RE VISITING THEM IN 30 MINUTES! COME INSIDE!” I heard my mother yell. “I spoke to Anna-Marie, she’s our new neighbour, and she told me we can visit them in half an hour and invited us for dinner. She has 3 kids okay? So get ready” my mother said to me. “Dinner?” I asked, getting excited. “Yes. Since when do you get excited about eating with a bunch of new people?” my mother asked me. I shrugged and said, “Since now” and ran up to my room to get dressed.


This turned out very long and it hasn’t even got to the good parts yet so if this gets enough notes I’ll be doing a part 2 (and maybe a part 3!)


Mike's DCI Atlanta Awards

After some time to let things settle, I’m going to hand out some theoretical awards for yesterday’s performances. And just like peewee football, no one leaves here empty handed.

Most Improved: Cascades. Huge step up in just about all aspects thks year compared to last which is a great sign for things to come seeing how last year was a big step from the year before as well.

Best Guard Equipment: Crossmen for the giant paper airplanes. Little on the goofy side but that’s just good old fashioned fun there.

Best Tassel/Waist Cape: Mandarins. The red really stood out well with the dark purple and black uniform. It also looked a good deal longer this year which added to the coveted woosh effect.

Best Non-World Class Show: Heat Wave. Probably the smallest group of the day but they put on a fun show with a great old school drum corps feel.

Cutest Show: The Academy. When you’re doing a Mary Poppins show, you have to go all in on that and by God The Academy did all that and more. A real treat.

Oddest Uniform: Jersey Surf for the orange raincoats. With a show all about the sun, this feels like an odd choice. They did change out of them so that might be the idea, but still.

Long Time No See Award: Southwind. First year back in DCI for this group. Good to see them make the full comeback. Gives hope that we just might see some more old faces make a comeback.

What Is A Name Anyway? Award: Carolina Gold who I don’t think had any gold in their uniform this year after replacing it with a powder blue to match the guard costume

I SEE What You Did There Award: Atlanta CV. You know, I’m gonna look real dumb if it turns out I’m wrong on the whole EYE-conic thing but with all the eyes in this show it would be a huge missed opportunity otherwise.

Huge Missed Opportunity Award: Pioneer for not including any music from The Prince of Egypt in their show about The Exodus. Hans Zimmer put together some great stuff for than movie but the corps only used stuff from the live action movies.

Holy Bass Drums Batman Award: Oregon Crusaders. Show itself was sorta meh, but the bassline feature was legit. Talk about a section stepping up and demanding attention.

Most Shocking Moment: Santa Clara Vanguard. I won’t spoil. This in case the ending is new but this moment made my jaw hit the floor. The whole show is great but you could say I really saw the light after this happened.

Learn Something New Everyday Award: Spirit of Atlanta whose show is inspired by the 1917 Atlanta fire. Did you know there was a major devastating fire in Atlanta in 1917? Neither did I but it inspired this show so it seems legit.

We Live Here Too You Know Award: Alliance. Maybe it’s because they were the first corps on or maybe they’re just too new but this home town corps didn’t get nearly the ovation it’s fellow Atlanta corps did.

Back In My Day Award: Bluecoats. No other show this year gets the old timers as riled up quite like the Coats.

The Undertaker Award: Carolina Crown. No one makes an entrance quite like The Dead Man but Carolina Crown’s giant opening banner sets the mood perfectly and gets the blood pumping. What better way to set the stage than a giant black and red tarp that proclaims “Abandon all hope he who enter here”?

Most Impressive Non-Musical Feat: Blue Stars juggler. This dude is actually really impressive and has to have ice water in his veins to pull this off when every eye is on him. He even did an encore when Dan Potter interviewed him.

Arkham Asylum Award: Phantom Regiment. Arkham prides itself on reforming mass murderers and what better success story is there than Phantom who managed to go a whole show without killing anyone this year! (No word yet on whether or not they’ll be adding a guillotine for finals week.)

Phantom Regiment Award: Boston Crusaders. Maybe it’s fitting that the corps that started out as the Most Precious Blood Crusaders celebrates its 75th anniversary Game of Thrones style. Phantom May have kicked the murder habit, but they kicked it to Massachusetts.

Best Intermission: Intermission 2: Electric Boogaloo

Best Seat Neighbor: Jeff. I had a single seat for myself at the end of a row and beside me for most of the day was a kind man by the name of Jeff. Jeff introduced himself and his group to me when I first sat down. I asked him if he was there to see anyone in particular and he started telling me about how he and his friend Greg were old time fans who used to go to championships every year but was then cut off by the first corps coming on to the field. That was the last I heard from Jeff until late in the night when he and his group left early to beat the traffic and he said “Good seeing you.” It was good seeing you too, Jeff.

Most Moving Show: The Cadets. I was on the 50 yard line most of the day but when this show started I was suddenly on the 10. Hard to move someone more than that.

Best Actor: Angry Cowboy Guy from The Troopers. I’ve never seen someone forcefully close a giant fence gate in time with music bit this guy found a way and delivered a heartfelt performance when the horses broke out again anyway. Have to say, this is really kind of an upset seeing as how the Colts show has… wait, what is that guy in red holding? *Gunshot rings out* Ha! Missed!

Them Hips Don’t Lie Award: Blue Devils for the dance they do during the weird voice thing part. I don’t know what’s going on in that part but…

“They’re Action Figures, Not Dolls” Award: Madison Scouts. They have enough mannequins to model a whole guard catalog and one of them even has an opposable leg

Glow Cloud Award: The Box from Pacific Crest. No show had a strange, vaguely threatening idol-esque figure quite as good as Pacific Crest. I for one welcome our new cube shaped overlord. Will that get me in on the ground floor on this cult?… The Box says no.

Wish You Were Here Award: The Cavaliers. Here’s hoping everyone gets well soon. I can’t imagine performing while you’re sick, much less rehearsing.

Best Built-In Snarky Comeback: Blue Knights. Why are all the props mirrors? Why can I vaguely hear song lyrics? Why did they blast that one chord for a whole note then act like nothing happened? Because…

Best Drill Set: Colts for the body outline. Great effect and the timing on it was perfect. But you know… The Troopers had a good one too with the horse head… maybe I should *gunshot*



Translations : timthemine@icaruswalks.com & zetsuu@icaruswalks.com

Shoebox. The place where a day’s journey begins. A place where the difficult daily life stops. A place where meeting and parting occurs. You, who’s looking for a place to call ‘home’, we invite you, who wanders between loving and parting, to Epik High’s “Shoebox”. The excitement you get with new shoes and the familiarity you feel with old shoes is prepared in 12 different shoeboxes for you. Inside the album package is a CD with commentary that contains the thoughts and feelings of the Epik High members while working on the new album. ___ Track 1 | Raising The Curtain  “I smile for my dear mama. If I, who look exactly like dad, cry, I’m afraid to see him who cried” A song to cheer you on during difficult circumstances. We deliver a strong cry above intense music despite the sadness behind Epik High’s eventful past. Track 2 | Happen Ending [Title Track] “I’m in miserly happiness “The words I hate more than ‘give me money’ is ‘have strength’” This song, which is reminiscent of a French movie OST, will calmly comfort you who has suffered greatly over a breakup. We understand your hearts that are tired of encouraging words through shallow lyrics and rollercoaster voices of group members that seem ignorant. Track 3 | Rich “I can handle being hungry but I hate being sick That stomach is quick to be filled and quick to be hungry like a popular song” Rich in the mind or rich in materialistically, ‘RICH’ is a song that cheers you on, who dreams about becoming rich. This unique song is maximized by the vocals of Taeyang, who has collaborated with Tablo many times prior and established a “trust and listen” chemistry with him. TRACK 4 | Spoiler [Title Track] “Is this a suitable punishment for me, who has always wanted to love a movie-like love? However many times I ask your heart, the answer is always open-ended” The moments when you get the feeling he/she doesn’t love you anymore… Those moments snatch away your anticipation and happiness like “spoilers” to the end of a movie. This song is for you, who desperately don’t want the heart of the person you love to change. The sound of movie-music that suits this theme and the brilliant lyrics delivers an extraordinary punchline. TRACK 5 | Burj Khalifa “My bullshit attitude is as elegant as your truth” The deep ties within “Movement Crew” Epik High, Dynamic Duo, and TBNY members have gathered once again. We named this song after the current tallest building in the world in Dubai, Blues Hallipa (Burj Khalifa), is an anthem for you who is always dreaming a dream that reaches for a higher direction. TRACK 6 | Fighting Again “Except your faults, everything else is a crime. Lonely innocence that I protect with my worse crime.” This is a song that draws your heart that is tired of love fights that feel like a loss even after winning. Epik High and Younha are collaborating again in 6 years since the great love they received through the song, “Umbrella” with a song with deeper emotion and atmosphere. Track 7 | Amor Fati “to me drugs destroy more than what the big devils destroy” You don’t feel like agreeing with the world, it feels like the world is throwing you away; this song is a song that understands you.
The lyrics are full of resentment but inside, but it is inside where a warm hand is reaching out to you to give you a hope, with a mysterious Vibe. Epik High’s “Let it rain”, Infinite Flow’s “Rainbow” alike; it shows a fantastical chemistry , written by Tablo and Nell’s Kim Jong Wan who have known eachother for 7 years Track 8 | Born Hater “Whatever I does receive thousands of reactions. You don’t know you’re saying cruel words because it’s in your nature” A song that conveys your tired feelings on Haters,Obstructionists, Disruptive.
Epik High, Beenzino , Verbal Jint, Winner’s Song Minho, B.I,Bobby; Senior and rookie’s different perspective on ‘haters’.
Old school hiphop matched with drum and bass, together with Tukutz Dj-ing added with the rappers harmonious voices. Track 9 | Lesson 5 (Timeline) “when you have to earn money, you will finally get a good beating in the head about how it feels” A song that makes you feel like you’re looking at your SNS timeline while sighing to yourself.
A rap that was written like you were sending and/or receiving mentions (on twitter) showing a teamwork between Mithra Jin and Tablo.
A song for hiphop fans, this is the 5th series for the lesson series .Track 10| Life is good “Hug me too and see it ,
the difference between  your hot passion and the cold world” You can take revenge on others who wish upon you misfortune by showing your happiness.
This song is to encourage you to be positive and show your happiness as revenge.
Accompanied by groove and lively beat, epik high’s good rap and Jay Park’s sweet vocal , it will show what is “Feel good music” truly is. Track 11 | EYES NOSE LIPS
“They say that time flies
but you keep breakin’ its wings.”

Tests make you feel a strange emotion that is a mix of nostalgia and resentment. This song contains your heart that cannot wish for the success of that person you miss. This is a remake of Taeyang’s famous “Eyes, Nose, Lips” recreated with a new concept with Epik High’s style. This song which was released with a video has been changed to an uncensored version.

Track 12 | Shoebox
“The first train and the last train, there’s nothing in between.
Work is a treadmill. Walking in place.”

This song has the same title as the album title, “Shoebox” and it is a song for you, who simultaneously feel the weight on your shoulders whilst feeling your heart becoming light with the word “family”. This song delivers your heart in your place, to the person who is missing you in a place you could call “home”. This project has a deeper meaning as MYK from one-man-band, Salt N Pepper, who is receiving the limelight in the indie scene and a family-like friend to Epik High, took part in it.

* Just like previous Epik High albums, there will be 100 limited edition albums with autographs and authentication shipped randomly.

Album Package Info;

1. Contents: Lyric book (100P) + 2CD + Tag 1SET + Double Sided Poster + Art Book 2. Poster:  Initial production quanities 1:1 (only available in album) First Press Only 3. SIZE: 135*135*30 4. Other: Not available to listeners that are under age 19 100 limited edition albums will have autographs and authentication and these will be sold at random. (*The ordinary edition with the special edition will be sold at random on reservation sales along with non-reservation sales and on online/offline purchases.)