old school tattooing

Tattoo by James Armstrong


ok so on twitter i threw out art student/model au w/ fenhawke n al n rev started headcanoning so i just,,, 
hawke is that model that everyone hates bcuz he can never stay still n his pose shifts (n tbh he probs falls asleep a lot) its rly annoying, but hes also rly sweet n talks to u on ur break n ur like ‘oh no hes rly cute wtf plz stop moving tho im trying to draw u’


I’ve got 10 of these sailor jerry panther sheets available, they’re 8 ½ x 11.

If you’d like one, all you have to do is PayPal $15 to caitiestell@gmail.com, please include your address.

& please choose the option “friends or family”

Add $5 if you’re outside to the U.S. please (international shipping is quite pricy)

If you have any questions than just shoot me an email or message me on here.