old school system


System Of A Down-Sugar @ Chicago ‘98

Moon Signs As A System Of A Down's Songs


Chic ‘N’ Stu
Sad Statue

Holy Mounains
Prison Song

Kill Rock’ N’ Roll
Lonely Day
Mr. Jack


Chop Suey
She’s Like Heroin

Deer Dance
Jet Pilot
Vicinity Of Obscenity


Highway Song
Lost In Hollywood
Radio / Video
Violent Pornography

Soldier Side

Fuck The System
Old School Hollywood
Stealing Society

Ego Brain

  • Adult: Stop complaining about the school system and do your work! If you didn't spend so much time on the internet-
  • Me: Shut up. Now, stop talking and listen.
  • Me: Now I don't care if I'm being disrespectful anymore because you are all frustrating! Look, even if I didn't spend my time on the internet at all I still would have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Me: Want to know why? Because they don't care! They don't care how you learn or if there's some sort of something wrong with you that prevents learning! They just like their numbers, and because I get a C in math I don't matter anymore!
  • Me: This entire world is messed up, and everyone is mean and nasty! I can't, like, tell anyone what I'm feeling or I get made fun of! I can barely move without being harassed!
  • Me: My 'stupid internet friends' are sometimes the only ones who listen! Who I feel okay telling things to! Don't tell me to stop that. Tell the big white rich men in office to stop ignoring the problems and helping other big white rich men. Fix the system, don't blame the students!
  • Adult: Unruly disrespectful kids! This generation is horrible!
Who he listens to (Bruce Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: What kind of music would Bruce be into?

  • He would be into some heavier shit
  • But also like more old school things
  • ACDC, Metallica, System of a down, Led Zeppelin, black sabbath, Rammstein
  • Probably loves the beatles
  • But he’s also open to other styles
  • Probably loves classical just like Damian
  • Doesn’t get the appeal of EDM unless its for like a disco
  • Might like rap at least a little bit
  • Would totally be that dad that asks what their kids are listening to


With love,

  • Hey man don’t you touch my belt,
    Old school Hollywood,
    Washed up Hollywood. ”
10 things they don’t tell you about Greece (in no particular order)

Recently I saw a video about things they don’t tell you about Korea and I thought it’d be fun to do the Greek version

Most foreigners know Greece as a beautiful sunny country with amazing islands and beaches that also has a lot of ancient monuments. In this post I’m going to take you behind that facade and present the problems of a permanent resident.

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anonymous asked:

URGENT So, my old school used a system called Aeries and because of that they said I couldn't have my actual name in the computers (this caused a lot of issues, lol) but I'm transferring this year and I'm not sure if they use a system like that or not. If they don't and it's all just like local stuff do you know if they might be able to change it? I'm in California if that helps

Lee says:

In the school district I attended, you can only change your name in the computer if you have parental permission and if you go to town hall so your guidance councilor or teacher can’t do it.

You can try emailing your councilor to ask how to change it as procedures likely vary between districts, but going to the town hall could be a good place to start. Again, it’s really all variable by district!

It depends on the school district, but in most you can change your name in the computer and report cards without legally changing your name. You just need a signature from your parents.

All Your Favs Are Ace: Negan

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Bad Moon Rising-Mourning Ritual//One of a Kind-Breaking Point//Disease-Hollywood Undead//The Sound Of Madness-Shinedown//Dirty Rotten Bastards-Green Day//Old School Hollywood-System Of A Down//Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher-Coheed and Cambria//Atomic Punk-Van Halen//Cruel Man-Intwine//2 X 4-Metallica//Party By Myself-Hollywood Undead//Do I Have To Dance-Simon Curtis//When You’re Evil-Voltaire//Pa Pa Power-Dead Man’s Bones//Human-Rag'n'Bone Man//God’s Gonna Cut You Down-Johnny Cash

Negan’s a busy man. He’s got the Sanctuary to run and enemies to exploit. Good thing there’s no sexual attraction getting in his way.

I personally headcanon Negan as a sex neutral asexual biromantic who is up for sex if you are, but if he’s busy bashing in heads, it’s the last thing on his mind.

Any suggestions for the next All Your Favs Are Ace character?
My other ace character playlists: [xxx]

ok so i told you guys about how my little brother’s class is reading American Sniper? well, he tells me they have these “discussions” where they talk about the book, and apparently the other day, when another kid who didn’t like the book said “but it’s still not a good thing to kill people” the teacher responded “well, what if the Devil was right in front of you? would it be ok to shoot him?”

the kids went “yeah”

and she said “well, what’s the difference?”

what’s the difference between human fucking beings and the Devil, she asked a bunch of eleven year olds. 

Little things to live for;
  1. All types of art
  2. Happy music
  3. Sad music
  4. Loud music
  5. Soft music
  6. Music in general
  7. Fluffy bunnies
  8. Kittens
  9. Puppies
  10. Vitamin water
  11. Neon lights
  12. Journals
  13. Poetry
  14. Beanies
  15. Dream catchers
  16. Paint fights
  17. First kisses
  18. Meadows
  19. Jogging
  20. Cartoons
  21. Spring break
  22. Falling in love
  23. Ice cream
  24. 11:11 wishes
  25. Dressing up
  26. Slow dances
  27. Cuddles
  28. Long hugs
  29. Cotton candy
  30. Pillow fights
  31. Sleeping in
  32. Rainbows
  33. Kissing in the rain
  34. Stuffed animals
  35. Big t-shirts
  36. Making someone smile
  37. Getting someone to laugh
  38. Comfortable silences
  39. Getting close to people you never thought you would
  40. Pillow forts
  41. Long, meaningful conversations with the one you love
  42. Deep conversations with your bestfriend that mean the world to you
  43. Getting close to an old friend
  44. Freckles
  45. Concerts
  46. Movie dates
  47. Splash fights
  48. Energy drinks
  49. Coffee
  50. Tea with honey
  51. Playing with little kids
  52. A babys giggle
  53. Photography
  54. Dandelions
  55. Roses
  56. Flowers in general
  57. Lazy days
  58. Working out
  59. New video games
  60. Old school gaming systems
  61. Old fashioned cameras 
  62. Getting lost in a good book
  63. State fairs
  64. Carnival rides
  65. The way everything looks in the winter, when its all dying
  66. Spring
  67. Fall leaves
  68. Summer break
  69. Sweet texts
  70. Visiting new places
  71. Traveling
  72. Family vacations
  73. Tattoos
  74. Piercings
  75. Hugging someone who smells good
  76. Dying your hair
  77. Being correctly gendered
  78. Good days
  79. Good hair days
  80. Messy hair
  81. How silly people get when theyre sleepy
  82. Singing
  83. Flannel shirts
  84. Donating blood
  85. The way Christmas lights up a kids face
  86. Coloring Easter eggs
  87. Camping
  88. Waterfalls
  89. Bracelets
  90. New glasses
  91. Face paint
  92. Onesies
  93. Kool-aid
  94. Bonfires
  95. Tree swings
  96. Tire swings
  97. Cologne
  98. Swimming
  99. Refreshing showers
  100. Feeling well rested for once
  101. New shoes
  102. Bowties
  103. Birdhouse
  104. An ocean view
  105. Bay windows
  106. Long walks on the beach
  107. Picnics on the beach