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Name: Ariana
Age: 16
Country: USA


I’m a high school sophomore (10th grade) and I’m just looking for a few internet friends. I go to an art school, really only because the Science and Math Institute rejected me. :/ I don’t do much and I’m very shy at first, so if you do want to get to know me better please be patient as it is difficult for me to open up.

I love television shows. I usually watch drama and crime. I’m very into Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, Law and Order: SVU, and Empire. There are a few other that I cannot think of right now.

I mostly listen to Old School 90s RnB and rap, but I also have a wide variety of different types of music that I love. I play guitar, ukulele, and the keyboard (Self-taught, although I’m more advanced in the ukulele than the other two.)

My hobbies include painting, writing, and photography. I’m no artist, but I love to paint! I also love writing, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. Photography is more of a passion rather than a hobby, along with music and songwriting.

I’d love to learn more about astrology. I really love science-related things, and I like makeup!

I could go on and on, but I’ll let you decide whether you’d like to get to know me more or not. :)

We can talk through email, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook! (I won’t add you on facebook if you’re older than 18)

Preferences: I’ll talk to anyone, but I prefer someone 15+, but no older than 25. Gender doesn’t matter, but I do find that it is easier for me to talk to guys. It would be cool to speak to someone who I could eventually meet in person, so if you are around Washington State, it would be cool to speak with you! Also, I have a dark sense of humor, so if you are easily hurt by *offensive* things, I do not recommend that you chat with me.

Donald trump became the principal of my old high school (which looked like my old elementary school for some reason) and my parents and I went to the high school to pick up my brother and ran into trump. I started yelling at him about how shitty of a person he was and he was like “lol, I like how you got the whole closeted teen thing going on but the running of the country is left to adults” and i was like bitch, I’m nineteen so barely a teen and out of the closet and fuck you and then he grabbed my arm and i was like if you hurt me physically i WILL sue you but he just pressed down on my arm, and said “this is called a pressure point” but it hurt. I said that did nothing and shoved him off me and we left. My mom said that I shouldn’t have done that because now the government would be watching me but I just said I didn’t care. 

makino more like emily post

I want this scene where they gotta get a thing/info/whatever from this real crochety old woman, right?

Aand thatch or someone is like “ok, grandma, we need–ow! Ace, what–?”

And foul-mouthed Ace steps forward and goes, “I apologize for my friend and beg your forgiveness for his thoughtless tongue and our trespass. We seek your wisdom, Honored Elder.”

And everyone is like, “whaaaaaaa” and she just cackles and invites him–only him–inside for tea because by all the Blues, lad, she ain’t seen no proper brats in ages and ain’t it nice when youngins know how to talk?

I feel like the tcc is becoming depressed and unorganized

I’m coming to the conclusion that I feel like I’m going nowhere in this community. I’m one of the many minorities with having a female Tc and I don’t even see my tc ever. I don’t even go to the same school anymore!!!!
I’m also sad to see a lot of you guys going, especially after messaging me for awhile, then I check and the blog is deactivated.

I’m also noticing a TON of depression with this Tc.
You guys, please understand you met this person for a reason, to shape you and provide growth for you. You all are so hopeless, which I understand why completely, but in the end, everything IS in fact temporary. And for you all who do have hope with your Tc, you are taking advantage of that and giving in to that seduction before you’re graduated- thus more of you guys deactivating because you know you’re troubling your Tc.

I can see why the true crime may feel ‘bad’ for us. I don’t even want a Tc anymore, not because I don’t like her anymore, not because I’m doubting her feelings toward me, but because I’m just tired of keeping up with it. I just don’t care anymore. I love her to death, and I feel it reciprocated, but I’m not even seeing her. I see her maybe once a week IF I go to the trouble to drive to my old school for that only reason.

What I’m saying is, I don’t even keep up with the teacher crush community anymore because I can’t even find you guy’s posts with it all mingled with true crime. And when I go to the alternate tag, it’s just a ton of posts that are years old. I want to see fresh content and more of your interactions with your Tc’s!!! And as for my YouTube channel, I’m probably gonna discontinue that because it’s only viewable via link (although the whole point was to share my advice with just this community).

A lot of new tcers came in this 2016 year and I haven’t been following very many of you. And a lot of tcers from 2015 (when I joined) are gone and another reason I feel disconnected from this community. I will not be deactivating my account, nor will I stop posting, but I will be continuing to be quiet until I see a new redeemed teacher crush community.

Thank you all…

I had a dream last night that j*ordie and i met in front of our old school, which for some reason had the architecture of a building in skyrim. It was snowing a lot, i could barely see him, yet we were talking right in front of the school as if it were spring. It actually kinda felt like spring despite the weather.

We walked up a path that went on for about ten or twenty minutes until we got to a car, his mom’s car. But instead of his mother being inside, there was a chauffeur. I guess his mom hired them so she wouldnt have to drive up that path. The windows were tinted so I could barely see out of them. Not that I cared, though, because i was just focusing on him the entire ride.

I was surprised by how easy it was to make conversation with him. It was like nothing had even happened between us. We laughed and laughed and caught up on so much, there wasn’t a single moment in that car where i may have doubted him or his intentions. The chauffeur was grinning and adjusting his cap, as if he knew our whole story and was glad that things were mending with such ease.

J*ordie reminded the driver to take me home first. We kept talking about things i can’t remember until we pulled up to my house. We said goodbye, but before i closed the car door, i stood in the snow and asked for his number. He was quiet for a minute, but smiled to himself. After thinking about it, he wrote it down on scrap paper for me. He didn’t say anything, but i took the exchange as a silent “i forgive you, and im ready to be friends again”.

I almost cried, but i was too happy and yelled instead. I hugged him and went inside my house, which looked like my dad’s house (that was the only bad part). I watched him drive away, somewhat sad that I had to see him leave again, until i realised i had no reason to be sad because i could finally make more memories with him. It felt so real…. I thought that the struggle was finally over. I havent dreamt about him in ages..

Legacy Part Thirty Five

Summary: You go undercover at an all girl’s school, and start looking for answers.

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[Part Seven] [Part Eight] [Part Nine] [Part Ten] [Part Eleven] [Part Twelve]
[Part Thirteen] [Part Fourteen] [Part Fifteen] [Part Sixteen] [Part Seventeen]
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[Part Twenty Five] [Part Twenty Six] [Part Twenty Seven]
[Part Twenty Eight] [Party Twenty Nine] [Part Thirty] [Part Thirty One]
[Part Thirty Two] [Part Thirty Three] [Part Thirty Four]

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been updating a lot! I’ve been really busy with school lately.

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I HAD THE WEIRDEST FUCKIN DREAM MOM LET ME TELL YOU aight so I was in my old school for some reason and I ran into ARIANA GRANDE in the hall except she had like the red hair from when she was in victorious so I was like "hOLY SHIT HI!!!!!!" and we HUGGED for A REALLY LONG TIME and somehow We were having a SLEEPOVER! and I'm like "yo holy shit I gotta tell you about EMILY from TUMBLR" and she was like aight so I was telling her about you [to be continued in different ask bc ykno the limit ok]

[continue] SO I WAS TELLING HER ABOUT YOU and I kept trying to open tumblr but my phone kept opening anything that wasn’t tumblr so we took like a bunch of selfies and then MY PHONE FINALLY LOADED TUMBLR so I went to UR BLOG and she’s like “ok wow that theme is 🔥🔥💅” and then I woke up

“ok wow that theme is 🔥🔥💅” ariana grande complimented my theme in your dream wow looks like i can never change it again

so Manson leaves a couple 2-word replies on an 18 year old fan’s Instagram photos and gets her backstage passes and that automatically means they are dating according to the tons of bullshit I’ve seen the past hour and he’s a pedophile even tho she’s 18 and legal.

i don’t say this out loud very often because i don’t (usually) want to offend people but i fucking hate 95% of the current Manson fan base.

because all you do is talk shit. whether it be about what he does in his personal life,his physical appearance,his musical output,or the million other things about him you get off on tearing down.

i don’t know when it started but this modern definition of ‘fan’ where you get more enjoyment out of insulting the person you claim to love so much than you do listening/watching/etc their work really sucks.

i really wish you would go find another band or artist to be a “fan” of because your constant snark and hipster mentality is old. NIN are still around,go there and drink some sparkling water and discuss Reznor’s rock opera’s and apple products and the watered down soulless,emotionless albums he decides to slap his name on next(and you say Manson’s music deteriorated) since you’re all “above” Manson.

i miss the old Manson fan base. the one that read books and discussed his work and wasn’t obsessed with his weight or who he’s dating and if they disliked an album/song/era they had valid reasons why instead of the “Manson suks nao lolz  fat ass” you get now.

not to say that’s exclusive to the Manson fan base because it’s not,that’s rampant among wrestling “fans”,KISS “fans” and other things too. sadly that’s just how most people today are. but Manson is the artist most near and dear to me so it bugs me more with his “fans”

this “I’m too cool to enjoy the things my favorite artist/wrestler/entertainer does so I’m going to insult them constantly” mentality is something I’ll never understand. i guess I’m old school,when the reason you were a fan of someone was because you enjoyed them.

silly me.