old school raver

Raver Rant

So this weekend was EDC NY. I know a lot of people who went (I did not). It irks me that some of these so freely call themselves ravers. I’m not hating on raver styles or raver groups. What I am talking about are those that just go to this one event once a year and call themselves a raver. I’m sorry but you are not a raver. You want to go these huge venue events, by all means. If you enjoy these massive events, use them as a gateway to an amazing world that you haven’t fully experienced yet. Go to your local parties and support your local DJs who are amazing!  One event once a year does not constitute a raver…it’s a poser. You are not a raver until you’ve gone to a local party (note: rave) and partied all night till sunrise only to continue partying at the after-party. You are not a raver if you cannot explain the differences between the different styles of techno you claim to love (ie: hardcore, darkcore, nightcore, gabber, jungle, drum and base, terrorcore…etc).(notice how dubstep is not in the list and it’s not on any list because dubstep doesn’t count as rave music). Even if you can’t verbally tell the difference, you can hear it. Being a raver meant you went to one party at LEAST once a month (for me…I went to about 4 different parties a month).

It sucks that when I was a raver, back in the day, I was made fun of and ridiculed for my taste in music and raves. Nowadays, it’s become mainstream and those same people who once ridiculed are now calling themselves ravers because they attend one event, 

Back in the day, parties weren’t fashion shows. It wasn’t a “who can come dressed more half naked than the other”. You were one of the rare girls who would come half dressed and it really wasn’t cute. Big pants, tank tops…that is what you mostly saw on girls and guys alike. Parties were in  warehouses and small venues. Some got raided by police, At the end of the night, our bags and pockets were filled with promo cds from our favorite DJs. Over time, these DJs because friends. Our DJs were never on the radio though we knew deep down they should have been but society never accepted our kind. Our big named DJ stars were Neophyte, Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, Rotterdam Terror Corpse, DJ Irene, Spacegirl, Aphrodite, Dara, Diesleboy and so on; names you wouldn’t even hear at today’s parties. 

I had to earn the title of party kid (raver). I didn’t become one after one party, it became me after several and I showed it proudly with the music I listened to and the clothes I wore. (not saying you have to dress up like a party kid all day every day…but staying in the closet for 363 days a year and then proudly exclaiming you are a raver, means crap) We are a tight community united by one big interest and once you are a raver, you are a raver for life, in  your heart. It is an insult to old school ravers when the term “raver” gets thrown around for any old person who attends their yearly festival. If you want to be a raver…earn it! Go out and support your local parties and DJs.