old school pinups

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xenotekk  asked:

Hey Wil. I see you've been posting some lovely pinups lately with Mosh and Dita. Any others you like? And are you mainly old school pinup or fetish too, like Starfucked or Dani Divine? Thanks :)

I have loved old school pinup since I first saw a photo of Bettie Page when I was in high school. I really love modern old school pinup, as you can see from the pictures I reblog. Some fetish is really beautiful, but some of it goes to a place that isn’t my jam. I do love the aesthetic of latex in modern pinup, where they intersect. 

In addition to Dita and Miss Mosh, I’ve long admired Masuimi Max, Dani Divine, and a ton of Suicide Girls.

atagotiak  asked:

Any opinions on which clones have the mom tattoo?

There’s two versions of the Mom Tattoo:
1) Heart w/ Togruta-striped Ribbon
2) Kaminoan Gestation/Growth Tube w/ Plain Ribbon

Both are more or less Sailor Jerry style, which version a clone has depends on how much of a cynical, sarcastic bastard they are.

Boost has #2 on his chest. (He also has a variety of old-school pinups (Two girls, two guys. One of the guys is a merman, and it’s not Kit) on his arms, which may or may not see the light of day, depending on whether or not I ever finish & publish the RIDICULOUSLY self-indulgent​ Catch Gets Gangbanged, Lives The Dream fic I’m poking at)

My OC Razor has the heart, because he’s a sap. Kix seems like the type to have it as well. Fives might, or he might have an entirely different sort of Shaak Ti tattoo (wink wonk)